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gaihonjin comments

Posted in: Japanese man jailed for attacking Thai dissident See in context

Thais loved their recently deceased monarch. Has the current monarch soiled his reputation? Does he have much more to fear from criticism because he has not earned the respect and devotion of the Thai people?

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Posted in: Panel recommends no change to male-only emperor system See in context

All so-called "royal" families around the world need to go the way of the horse-drawn carriage. Every one of them.

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Posted in: Russian PM visits Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Those that say Japan's Quixotic attempts to win the islands back are ill-founded and pointless do not understand the strategic importance of those Nothern Territories. Russian occupation will always be a security liability to Japan.

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Posted in: Osaka request for emergency will include store closures, online school classes See in context

Why school closures? It's not the kids who are spreading the virus.

In fact, the predominant strain is N501Y spreads among children. It is also hospitalizing many younger adults in their 30's and 40's. This is not like the original Sars-cov-2 that we have been living with for the past year. It is much more virulent and, notably, is spread by children.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

Anybody else remember when shrooms were legal in Japan and you could buy them over the counter?

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Posted in: China launches bold attempt to land rover on Mars See in context

Never trust the CCP.

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Posted in: Olympic delay and coronavirus add fuel to Abe-Koike political rivalry See in context

Cricky forgot intimidation and legal suppression of the free and independent press. The PM has done so personally as well as through legislation of the State Secrecy Law, officially the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (SDS) (特定秘密の保護に関する法律, Tokutei Himitsu no Hogo ni kansuru Hōritsu)

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies in Japan at 112 See in context

His advice for a long life: "smile." He told the people of the world, "Ganbare!"

What an inspiration!

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Posted in: Gov't to ask companies to promote telework as virus spreads See in context

The Japanese government is going to play catch-up during this crisis; it is not in their MO to get out ahead of problems. The government doesn't want to jeopardize the Olympics and Japan's image. So, they release hundreds of people into the general population who should still be quarantined, if we are to accept that the virus possibly has an up to 24 day infectious incubation period.

I'm afraid this is going to get very bad soon, leading to an unhappy springtime in Japan.

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Posted in: Tourists in Japan cautious but upbeat amid virus outbreak See in context


Corona virus seems to be just another influenza

It is not like influenza, which is highly contagious only when people are symptomatic. With Covid-19 people are contagious long before they are symptomatic: from 14 to 24 days! That is practically a month that people can be walking around and spreading it.

Depending on the data that pans out over the next few months, the rate of infection could be 5 times or more the rate of infection of influenza.

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Posted in: Pentagon successfully tests U.S.-Japan missile interceptor See in context

land based ballistic missiles site locations are known


Not so. Potential adversaries use mobile launchers.

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Posted in: Search ends for 3 U.S. sailors missing in Navy aircraft crash See in context

Another sad day for the USN. I hope the families can find solace. And let's find out what needs to change to avoid all these accidents going forward!

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay Y610 mil damages over noise problem at U.S. Yokota base See in context

Toasted, you do not seem to have read the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty:


This Treaty shall remain in force until in the opinion of the Governments of Japan and the United States of America there shall have come into force such United Nations arrangements as will satisfactorily provide for the maintenance of international peace and security in the Japan area. However, after the Treaty has been in force for ten years, either Party may give notice to the other Party of its intention to terminate the Treaty, in which case the Treaty shall terminate one year after such notice has been given.


Japan can tell the USA to leave away from this blessed land any time they want to; in actual fact, they very much want the US military here.

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

NK is making Japan look very weak, indeed.

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Posted in: Record rain as typhoon batters southern Japanese islands See in context

stocktrader / cucashopboy

You're best off going to the US government's Joint Typhoon Warning Center when you need detailed information on approaching typhoons: https://metoc.ndbc.noaa.gov/web/guest/jtwc

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Posted in: Okinawa to file fresh lawsuit next month over U.S. base relocation See in context

The CCP is very active in Okinawa. The Chinese Communist Party would love nothing more than to have the US lose its presence in Okinawa. You can be sure that there is a lot of cash under the table going to Okinawa these days.

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Posted in: Murder suspect extradited from Argentina See in context

How did the person who spotted him in BA know who he was? There are a lot of gaps in this story (as usual).

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Posted in: Actress Makiko Esumi announces retirement from showbiz; denies affair rumors See in context


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Posted in: Paramount signs $1 bil film co-finance deal with 2 Chinese firms See in context

More American money, siphoned out of the country, being used to buy pieces of it. The USA needs to wake up and realize that the status quo is bad for ordinary Americans.

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Posted in: Kiss Expo Tokyo 2016 See in context

I'm the King of the Nighttime World!

Yeah, KISS was pretty awesome until Gene and Paul kicked out the only cool guys, Ace and Peter. Gene had it all together, though, and kept his eyes on what he really wanted: Money, and more of it. Now he's out here in 2016 for another cash grab. Once a again, art loses to avarice.

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Posted in: Weak spending, inflation data hit Japan recovery hopes See in context

Liberalize the market! There are so many hurdles to going to market with a product/idea. The middle class isn't going to spend the way out of this financial mess. People with new and novel ideas and a free, open market will be the key to growing out of this morass.

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Posted in: China warns Japan not to 'play with fire' in South China Sea See in context

This is brinksmanship and bluster. There is nothing to fear. China doesn't want war, nor does anybody else. If there is a skirmish, it'll get quashed. War would be very bad for business, making the people of China, Japan and the USA poorer.

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Posted in: Birthday boy See in context

More scions for the public teat. Hooray.

P.S. I really, really like the current Emperor.

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Posted in: Obama presses China's Xi on South China Sea See in context

China has been making a lot of strategic moves in efforts to thwart the USA, ranging from bilateral deals with countries in Africa to nail down mineral rights and access to ports, to deals with Russia and countries of the Asian steppe, to the obvious military push into the SCS.

President Obama's "pivot to Asia" has been very successful and progress has been made. South Korea (and Taiwan) has been pulled back from the brink of falling completely into China's orbit, Japan is an able and active partner in deterring Chinese expansion into the East Sea.

This G20 snub won't be forgotten and the CCP will rue this action when their party is confined to the dustbin of history, along with the WPK in NK and the USSR's CPSU.

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Posted in: Abe says it is his duty to revise constitution; calls for debate See in context

The ruling coalition has not been open with its motives and has yet to clearly explicate their rationale for rewriting the Constitution. Thankfully, Nippon Kaigi has made no secret of their motives. Look no further than their mission statement and you will understand the orchestrations of the Abe government.

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Posted in: Let's not go places See in context

More bad news for Japan, Inc. My goodness, how the mighty have fallen! Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic are practically crime scenes for the working over they got from competition and Toyota is having its former sterling reputation stomped on...who's next, Toto?

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Posted in: Abe visits Shinto holy site before G-7 summit See in context

sf2k, you are absolutely right to recognize that the separation of church and state has been challenged by PM Abe and his government. In fact, the invalidation of the constitutional prohibition against favoring a particular religion has been a priority of Abe and his cabinet.

Shinzo Abe is Head of General Affairs for 神道政治連盟国会議員懇談会 (Shintou seiji renmei kokkai giin kondankai ­– Shinto Political Alliance Diet Member’s Roundtable).

Further reading from 2013, still relevant: http://apjjf.org/-Matthew-Penney/4747/article.html

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Posted in: Obama arrives for summit See in context

Who are those total randoms meeting the POTUS?

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Posted in: Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White dead at 74 See in context

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. White around ten years ago or so, in Japan, no less. He was in the VIP area of the after-party and I said a few words to him and to his brother Verdine. They were all there, but I kept it short and just said that I was a fan and thanked them for their music.

Maurice was sincere and generous in his response. I was so glad to meet those people. I think that was the last time that Maurice toured with the band.

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Posted in: SMAP members say they will remain together See in context

They were all, no doubt, summoned to a meeting with serious men with thin mustaches, tinted glasses and punch-perms who advised them to reconsider their actions "for the sake of their fans."

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