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Posted in: Man arrested for stretching rope across road, injuring motorcyclist See in context

Few of them still exist in Japan !!!

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context

First of all train your own people on how to behave with Foreigners.

They are working in Japan to help you people, you useless oldies.

You are not great people anymore, Foreigner are not your slaves.

I have been working in Japan for last 12 years, seen so many assholes.

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Posted in: Japanese consulting police more than ever on non-urgent matters See in context

If you cannot talk to your neighbour over simple matter that indicate a problem with society, it also indicate there is no community left.

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Posted in: In Japan, fruit is treated more as a luxury than a meal item. See in context

Thats why Japanese never ever enjoy fruits.

For me Fruits are half meal for day.

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Posted in: Trump to send more troops to Afghanistan as part of new strategy See in context

Afganistan, soon, will be a battle ground for American and Russian backed forces.

Will see a RAMBO movie again after that battle.

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Posted in: Japan's energy drink makers seek to lift sinking sales See in context

Irrelevant TV commercials are the main cause of sinking sales. Very confusing.

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Posted in: Vegan in Japan: 5 tips for keeping to a plant-based diet See in context

A few of my favorites are T’s TanTan vegan cup noodles, almond milk-espresso from 137 Degrees (as well as other nut milks, including pistachio), Happy Date bars and Biokura cookies. Gluten-free bread from Maisen is also available at many branches.

I think there is still a difference between vegan and vegetarian. I am vegetarian thou not vegan.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing wallet handed in at koban See in context

Koban are good usually and cops are very helpful. In last 10 years I visited koban 4 times with friends and family, good experience all the time, no bad memories.

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Posted in: Japan's frugal households offer no respite for BOJ, retailers See in context

Lonely peoples think this way... Peoples are jealous of other's happiness... Peoples are not supporting peoples. Family members are meeting like strangers...

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Posted in: Who is more unpredictable: U.S. President Donald Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? See in context

both are predictable : dumb

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Posted in: Do you think the U.S. missile strike against Syria was also a warning to North Korea? See in context

In what sense you are comparing Syria with N Korea ?

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Posted in: Japan supports U.S. missile strike in Syria See in context

Japan joins NATO !!!

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Posted in: 1 in 4 Japanese men remain unmarried at age 50 See in context

3 in 4 Japanese Men are married but they are doing nothing ..

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

Even the layoff criteria in a Japanese company is totally different. They first looked for pure gaijin means whose spouse is also gaijin. And then they start from there. If you resist your bad days will start. HR of company start threatening you about some red marks references and that you will not get visa extension, housing, we are organized and no company will offer you job in future in Japan. I saw many of those ran out of Japan in frustration with anger.

No respect at work place, treat you like a stray DOG, still people works for so many reasons.... Natorious labour laws. Even you will not get legal help.

Worked more than ten years but still fill like I came just day before yesterday. No community, not so many friends, feel like I waisted all my good time.

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Posted in: Accused groper on train escapes by jumping onto tracks at Tokyo's Akabane Station See in context

He is a Jumer or Gropper !!! and why not he go to Shinjuku ?

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Posted in: Two men stab themselves to get out of going to work See in context

I guess his company is not participating in premium friday. Ask him the movie name from which he got inspiration. Such incident push companies to think about 24X7 AI Robots to deploy at work, which will make job condition more worse.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

h h h Premium Friday !! A country where company send employee for a medical checkup if one consume all sick leaves. And now they are discussing about Premium Friday ha ha ha what a joke. Japanese bosses still behave like Yakuza Gangsters.

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Posted in: Thai official arrested in Japan after taking 3 paintings from hotel See in context

Useless news. The three paintings were worth 15,000 yen - huh. At flea market you will get better deals.

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Posted in: Russia calls U.S. move to better arm Syrian rebels a 'hostile act' See in context

If Russia send arms to people who hate Trumph in US, is that acceptable? Asad's govt in Syria is an elected govt then why US is interfering in Syria. When ever we heard aany trouble in any part of World, 99.9% of time US is behind it, Why so?

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Posted in: Company president, employee beaten and robbed in Tokyo See in context

The two assailants ran off and got into a taxi.

Just check CCTV then will get clue from there.

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Posted in: Dentsu's 'power harassment hell' See in context

This is NOT the only company which behave in this way. There are more name definitly.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 3 injured in 2 blasts in Tochigi park See in context

Okay so it is clear that no ISIS behind it !!!

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

i never heard such meme in tokyo metro. i thought thats because of difference in genre at two places in japan. i think metro will operate separate train during olympic game.

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Posted in: Snake on bullet train causes unscheduled stop in Shizuoka See in context

Yaa its definitly a pet snake. hisssssssssss

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Posted in: Doubles day See in context

1.2 billion Indians must be celebrating as this kind of thing rarely happens.Lol

Saniya Mirza world rank 1 in doubles. Lol are you Pakistani.

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Posted in: Unable to keep pace with change, salarymen over 50 'destroying their companies' See in context

when I developed a software for my company ( a financial giant) and said it will be capable of doing 10 peoples job my manager immediatly intervent and said dont talk like that. He took me to a place where 16 people were working and doing all paper work and doing manual calculations. Manager then said its not 10 its 16 and your software is going to take jobs of all of these people who are in their 50's. I thought thats why they hire me, out of curiocity I asked so I will get double bonus this year. NO manager replied, probably you will be kicked out form this company as they have very strong lobby in this company.

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Posted in: 40% of young Japanese single adults are virgins: poll See in context

Thats because of difference between Reality and Virtual Reality. I met so many girls in Tokyo and 80% of them were ready to do everything for you but in return they want Social Security and financial stability. No one dare to own responsibilities and there start problem. While Akihabara and Shinjuku flooded with shops selling silicon boob and automated masturbaters, guys who didn't get chance, live with it.

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Posted in: Policewoman grabs man trying to grope her while dozing on train See in context

I spent more than 10 years in Japan and belive me all type of services are available in Japan. But you need to shell out some bucks to get it. There is no need to grope, hop, overlap anyone forcefully.

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Posted in: Taiwan misfires anti-ship missile, kills 1 fisherman See in context

Thats good !! It was not fired toward North Korea.

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Posted in: 3 men rob Chiba love hotel See in context

This shows Love Hotel business in Japan not going well. No more profitable business.

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