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Posted in: Kono warns of slower pace of COVID vaccine shots for elderly after supply delay See in context

No surprise, everything slow as usual.


Considering the whole COVID issue, Japan’s pandemic response was a disaster. Low test numbers, slow action, the "Abe mask", insane activities such as the GO TO campaigns, the Diamond Princess cruise management......everything.

The pandemic was big reputation damage for Japan. The country that adorns itself as the most efficient country, did a total disaster. South Korea did better management (starting from contact tracing) and it is a great humiliation for the Japanese government.

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But, but..... a few months ago TV said that Japanese is the language that did not spread airborne particles and viruses. Do you remember the "これはペンです/this is a pen" ridiculous TV demonstration? Therefore, it is ok to talk in restaurants!

Rather, it is better to make panels to teach customers about to properly wash their hands (especially after going to the toilet). In restaurants, in malls, in workplaces, I almost saw people that just wash the tips of their fingers with few drops of water.

Properly wash hands is surely a better and effective way to prevent the virus.

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I hope we wont have another quake like this in the next 60 years.

It is sad, but it is quite probable that a massive quake will occur in the Tokyo area in the next years. Experts say the problem is not “if” but just “when” the big-one will occur.

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo fall to 618; nationwide tally 2,764 See in context

Ooooook Japan! Cases are falling down, but also the tests are falling down. Compared to the previous day report, the number of test change from 10796 to 7161.

10796 or 7161 are both ridiculous numbers for Tokyo (about 10 million citizens).

I went to work today and there were colleagues saying “yokatta. The SOE is working”.

Is it really so easy to cheat the Japanese citizens? Don't they do the math?

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Posted in: Couple arrested over death of 3-month-old daughter in Saitama See in context

What’s wrong whit japan society? I am always surprised and disgusted about how many violent crimes, especially related to children, occur in this country. Shouldn't it be the most civilized and peaceful country in the world?

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