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I was on an ANA 737-800 from Narita to Fukuoka two weeks ago that had about 30 passengers. How do they make any money doing this? In contrast, the return flight one week later was full.

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@David Van Cleefe - The Kancolle anime just introduced Yamato as their latest kanmusu. The other kanmusu marveled over her 46 cm guns...

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Jeez, how many times does Japan have to apologize for this. Yes it was horrible and wrong, but Japan paid the price with the destruction of its cities by nuclear and conventional bombing and occupation years after the war. Does Russia ever apologize for the thousands df women raped in Eastern Europe by the Red Army? Does China ever apologize for the millions who died during the Great Leap Forward or the radical excesses of the Cultural Revolution? He'll, they still have the mass murderer's image on their currency. I am sick and tired of Japan being held to a different standard. Just because some Japanese politicians make stupid comments is no reason for other nations to take advantage of the suffering endured by the comfort women in order to beat up Japan.

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