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Posted in: Global protests held against Japan's dolphin hunt See in context

@Daisybell ... it is irrelevant whether @ChopriCana has any business interests or not ... as long as he is talking some good logiclaly correct stuff you have no right to point out at business interest etc... u shd. argue with his point / logic rather than diverting the attention to some other meaningless points...

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Posted in: Ishihara calls Kan, cabinet 'not Japanese' for not visiting Yasukuni Shrine See in context

What's so great about it? It is NATURAL for anybody to visit your country's x-heros... Why are Japanese so shy about it ... I myself have visited Yasukuni n number of times... If we have to follow the chinese / korean logic ...then bush is no hero in Iraq.. . so if iraqis protest, shd. US people stop praising Bush (OR any US leader?)? Answer is - NO......

Ishihara is very right when he says - "no japanese" to all those (japanese) who dont visit yasukuni.

Wake up japan, be proud of your countrymen...

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