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gaijin6000 comments

Posted in: JR Central employee overcharged foreigners for bullet train tickets See in context

It could be that the firing is considered the punishment.

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Posted in: Half of students find primary school English education less than useful: survey See in context

I've got private students, as wel as teaching as an English teacher in public schools.

One of my private English students is a doctor. He was honest with me one time about English in public schools. He said that it was a joke.

English will never fit within the confines of Japanese thinking imo.

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Posted in: Sex and marriage with robots: science fiction or new reality? See in context

How does it even arrive to this point?

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Posted in: Jackie Chan reflects on 50-year career and honorary Oscar See in context

He has saught a position in the Chinese government before. He had bad words to say about the US. And yet he can still go to the USA and enjoy the freedom of speech. Doubt he could do that in China.

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Posted in: Some women find escape from poverty in sex trade See in context

This sounds all nice and glamorized until someone contracts a new disease, or some crazy person commits a crime, then only to be shunned by the media exposure.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Looks like the Philippines didn't have a good relationship with Obama. According to some other media, Duterte called Trump and is looking forward to a better relationship than the current administration.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Maybe he had enough of Obama? Maybe Obama should have polished up on his diplomacy skills? It seems to have been the case.

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Posted in: New allegations of sexual misconduct rock Trump campaign See in context

Hillary is guilty by association, with Bill's accusers saying Hillary helped to cover it up.

Trump is no ace either in this category.

Why does Hillary's side fail to bring it up? Are they really level headed people that understand right from wrong?

What, just pour me another cup of that utopia that Hillary is serving and drink it no matter what?

And ppl mistake me for liking Trump. Why? Because I don't turn a blind eye to Hillary and take whatever she serves?

Bring on the negative score, I'd be disappointed if it didn't turn out that way. It would prove me wrong on Hillary's people.

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Posted in: New allegations of sexual misconduct rock Trump campaign See in context

The part that is most foolish is both sides claim superiority over the other. After all, both sides are guilty of the same offense.

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Posted in: New allegations of sexual misconduct rock Trump campaign See in context

Wow, sexual misconduct? Shouldn't that disqualify him?

I think even after his apology, he should still resign and say sorry to Hillary Clinton for all the terrible, terrible things he said and just let her win. Then they should examine all his emails to see if he sent any damaging, classified information to his businesses from his own private server.

Next they should investigate his wife to see if she has violated any human's rights laws.

There, that should do it. That will get rid of that big mean guy who won't let Hillary Clinton win.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

Is this to be expected for the Olympics?

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Posted in: Woman, 4-year-old daughter in comas after being hit by motorcyclist See in context

Wow, 12:30AM. There needs to be more info than what's presented in this article.

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Posted in: Clinton returns to campaign trail after pneumonia See in context

By the comments written, everyone has a stronger sense of their own party above common sense of the party's capability. I am neither for or against either party, but to bring the same standard of questions to BOTH parties presented.

There are definately hings I DON'T like about both parties.

Members of both parties exhibit the inability to bring up better questions, other than 'just because that's the way ai want it' childish views.

Both parties ppl, plz grow up

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Posted in: Man killed in avalanche while back-country skiing See in context

Those areas are risky. RIP.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says 'comfort women' were prostitutes See in context

Is Japan still trying to justify it's past wrongs still? Eventhough the current generation is not responsible for doing this past crime themselves?

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Posted in: Armed Chinese ship seen near disputed isles See in context

Big China has to flex those mighty muscles. Gotta feel big, eventhough Japan beat them to the punch.

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Posted in: Olympus integrates visible, infrared image sensors See in context


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Posted in: Restaurant tells couples to stay away on Christmas Eve so staff won’t feel lonely See in context

There are adults who have families, and yet are still lonely. Loneliness is a choice.

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Posted in: S Korean man arrested over Yasukuni shrine blast See in context

How will it be during the Olympics, I wonder. They're gonna need double or triple security.

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Posted in: Abe vows to make Japan world's safest country See in context

Give the people something they already have, and look better for doing it?

On another note, don't foolishly boast of something you already have. It will encourage cowards to try harder.

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Posted in: Russia building new military bases on islands claimed by Japan See in context

I think this also reveals how Japan thinks of the rest of the world. All, or everything(make your choice) for them, but nothing for you. 2 islands was a very generous offer, if it was coming from Russia.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

In five years they'll have a meeting to talk about when their next meeting should be to talk about the refugees. That meeting will just be talking about the refugees, not being hasty to make a quick decision about receiving the refugees not just yet. Then they'll have a meeting talking about the Japanese interest of the situation. They'll thoroughly talk about that situation until they feel 100% secure about their situation. By that time the refugees around the world would've had grandchildren and the problem would have been resolved and the meetings dissolved.

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Posted in: Russia and Turkey refuse to back down in row over jet downing See in context

Geographically speaking,

It is near impossible to use jets near that area without the jets having to violate Turkey's air space. They've been doing it for a while now, and Turkey had courage enough to stand up to that. It's a delicate situation when Turkey and Russia have different interests. It's going to create even more conflict.

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Posted in: Campaign cautions commuters not to use smartphones while walking on platforms See in context

Using them on bicycles is totally dangerous.

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Posted in: Republicans suspend NBC contract after its handling of debate See in context

Deal with the problems of the country, not the party.

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Posted in: China warns U.S. Navy after ship sails by Chinese-built island See in context

Ha 'provocations'. Don't build an island in waters that aren't yours, make it into a military base and then expect other countries to just let it go.

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Posted in: Indian girls aged 2 and 5 'gang-raped' in New Delhi: police See in context

Animals, not true people. These types need to be taken to severe prison, where they will be white haired after a couple years, and then ...

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Posted in: Several suspicious My Number phone calls reported See in context

This my number system....is probly very tempting for the government in the future to control every aspect of your life.

I hope they catch the scammers.

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Posted in: California adopts bill ensuring equal pay for women See in context


I presume that this 'epidemic' is no less than discrimination against women.

It's going to take more than just passing this bill to help women.

Women getting paid differently than a man, is not right IF she does the same work as a man.

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Posted in: Ichiro signs $2 million, 1-year deal to remain with Marlins See in context


The ONE player I can trust that has never used drugs to help him in his record breaking career. He has become my most favorite player for this.

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