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Posted in: 12 Pacific countries seal huge free trade deal See in context

yes, BUTTER. I never thought I could fall victim to this wonderful dairy product.

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Posted in: Man stabs 16-year-old boy in neck with umbrella See in context

A kind gesture with an 'excuse me' said makes yours and other's ride more enjoyable.

All it takes is a little common courtesy.

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Posted in: Woman stabs 8-year-old son, then herself See in context

Is there something I'm missing as to why people feel the need to kill their children then suicide?

How do you kill innocent children?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for making 7,000 false claim calls to 1,200 shops See in context

That scam really sounded like a cake walk...until she got caught!

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Posted in: Abe meets Putin to discuss territorial dispute See in context

Now that land has increased in value in this world, we know that Russia will not give that land. Only in the unfortunate event of another war could it be taken back, if at all. For it was during war that it was taken. Diplomacy shouldn't give up, though.

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Posted in: Doctor punches patient in stomach after his third visit to ER in one night See in context

Holy smokes, that punch in the stomach should be a wake call for both the doctor and the patient. 15 times in the ambulance this year means the guy is either lonely, or wants some friends that will help him.

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Posted in: Girl stabs stepmother for hiding her smartphone See in context

This goes deeper than just a smart phone being taken away. It speaks of where they were as a relationship of step mother and daughter.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Japan take in asylum-seekers from the Middle East to help alleviate the crisis in Europe? See in context

Now, I wish to detract my previous post. The migrant issue is not 100% of the U.S.'s problem, since the countries involved are mostly from Europe. Why don't they step up militarily in order to make a more stable country from which the people flee?

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Posted in: Would you like to see Japan take in asylum-seekers from the Middle East to help alleviate the crisis in Europe? See in context

I haven't read the previous posts, so please bear that in mind.

That spoken there is a theory that if Obama had been more aggressive militarily, that the conflict might not have grown to the size it has. That would mean less refugees going abroad for safety. But plz do make your own conclusion, mine may need more information in order to change what I've stated.

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Posted in: Runny curry, no pudding spoons among complaints of Japanese prison inmates See in context

Get them some pink uniforms, and double up on the runny curry.

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Posted in: Car fleeing from police goes off road, injuring five See in context

Wow, what foolishness. I'm glad noone was killed.

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Posted in: Camerawoman in Hungary fired for kicking, tripping migrants See in context

I have never seen so much hate. I didn't read anywhere in the article that it was a Fox News reporter. Show ONE example from a video where Fox News reporter has done this. And the articled DID say that she was FIRED.

What... liberals can't practice what they preach?(which is tolerance. ANY opinion that differs from theirs, and it becomes 'bigotry' or 'hate' or 'racist'. ). They don't understand that people have a different view is allowed, other than their own. It doesn't always line up with the conservative thinking either. I had to explain that b/c liberals are unable to do so.

Let the negative marks come, it only shows the true liberal heart. You people are not always right, please try to understand that, instead crying for your own way until you get it.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context

Please do clamp down Japan. I don't want to the problems in Japan that the other countries have.

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Posted in: Fed-up and angry Republicans let Trump defy political gravity See in context

Trump will win, and the greedy party lined people will smear, hate and demonstrate the like in any way they can. Democrats, Republicans etc... Need to grow up.

I'm not a favorite of Trump, but it seems he is breaking both parties traditional routine of ruling the country for their party, and not for the people.

I'll bet you that hardly any of you have read the constitution, and could care less if you did or not, seeing some of the posts I've read. Your lack of 'taking time to read' is showing.

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Posted in: Obama stares down melting Alaska glacier to sound alarm on climate chang See in context

Climate change, economic change...Yes, we can!

Oh, wait...

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Posted in: What are some of the most unpalatable sandwiches, pastries or other food items you have seen in Japanese convenience stores? See in context

When I first came to Japan, I bought a curry pastry, thinking it was something like a donut. Boy was I wrong, and disdainfully suprised.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context


Here is an article where JOE BIDEN reassures Abe about the U.S. spying on Japan. You think within the box, these political elite do not.

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Posted in: Over 10,000 taken to hospital for heatstroke in one week for first time ever See in context

I usually drink Pocari Sweat when out and about in the hottest times of the year. I also use a bit more salt from time to time. If the USA had a good sports drink, I would boast about it. But hey, Gatorade? High fructose corn syrup was in Gatorade where I would buy it. Sometimes the ingredients label had a different type of sugar, but Japan has it beat with Pocari Sweat. I'm a believer!

I've had years of training from the military about keeping hyrdated.

Too much water can flush out the electrolytes from your body, which can be harmful.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

Ha, I thought that to be the case.

All with the approval of the president. I wonder if other countries' citizens ever think of that.

They all think so highly of him, but he spies on their country to gain financial gain, and prowess.

I'm independent btw, NOT a republican.

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Posted in: Osaka police order mandatory bicycle safety course for traffic violations in nationwide first See in context

The price of a breakpad is what 500-1000yen? If it was my first violation, then yes buy the breakpad.

TY JT for this article. I'll be much more careful and mindful as I enjoy riding around.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo design ruffles feathers abroad See in context

Isn't the similar design sort of like free publicity for those companies?

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Posted in: Woman's body found in bay in Kanagawa See in context

Very tragic. Let's hope this is resolved soon.

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Posted in: Empress may have heart ailment See in context

I hope this is not the case for the empress.

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Posted in: Old and tired, some Japan farmers see trade pact jolt as only answer See in context

With the population in decline, why not make families tax exempt with 2 or more children. That would encourage marriage, more babies, and then the farmers would be back in demand within a short time.

If not tax exempt, then a tier for however many children you have. 1 = 30% tax reduction, 2 = 50% and so on.

Just an idea, but hey I'm no economist.

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Posted in: Tooth found in stew at Tokyo hotel restaurant See in context

Freeze dry the tooth, grind it up...voila, you now have DNA to point to the toothful owner!(sort of a CSI joke for those of you who like CSI)

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after falling from 12th floor See in context

Isn't 4 years old a little early to leave your child alone? I assume the child was alone.

Either way, that is terrible that one should lose their child.

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Posted in: Woman who stabbed 15-month-old grandson to death ruled unfit for trial See in context


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Posted in: China says Japan complicating regional security with new bills See in context

Sounds like power hungry China is not happy with Japan facing up to the challenge of maintaining security.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against 'crippling regional peace' See in context

“It is fully justified to ask if Japan is going to give up its exclusively defense-oriented policy”

Haha, I love arriving to work and starting off with a good laugh. Such simpletons in their grasp for power.

Do they really think that building more islands, and bullying other countries from their territories that they themselves did not spark off their own arms race in the region? Instability, HAHA.

"If passed, the bill will “tarnish the reputation of a nation that has earned international respect for its pacifist Constitution over a period of nearly seven decades”, it said.

Wow, so now they actually admit their respect-well....maybe-for Japan's pacifism, but yet they are a bully nation that has displayed brute strength and verbal threats to other world powers. They themselves cannot 'do the right thing' by becoming a pacifist nation, but instead choosing to be intimidating and bullying for land and territory.

Japan has no other choice in such a situation of hostility. I feel that Japan has the right to build up, and if need be, take it to other parts of the world if need be.

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Posted in: Muslims in Japan observe Ramadan See in context

Muslim news is sorta old, and I'm not a fan of the new spotlight they have.

Why the preferential story coverage?

The only reason I can think of is Japan trying ( and doing) a non-aggressive stance from a religion that has been hostile against them.

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