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Posted in: Man suspected of filming up girl’s skirt jumps to death from 20th-floor apartment See in context

To the people who are saying that women who dress provocatively deserve to get molested...

There have been studies done that show that women who do dress provocatively are the least likely to get molested. The ones most likely to be targeted are the ones who are dressed modestly... who look like they won't cause trouble if they're groped.

Makes sense, though. Most of these perverts are cowards who don't want women fighting back or causing a scene. Thus... young girls/teens dressed in conservative uniforms are most at risk, and women who look like they might cause trouble are avoided.

It's not the victim's fault. It is NEVER the victim's fault.

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Posted in: Fujifilm to start phase II clinical trial of Avigan for COVID-19 patients in U.S. See in context

Badge213... perhaps you missed the last line, in which they said they're doing stage III trials in Japan...

Pharma companies need to get approved for any country that they do business in, and usually that means doing trials. They can point to success in trials done in another country (ie. Japan) to help get approved in another country (ie. the US), but given that the stage III trials aren't done yet, it won't help much in getting approval in the US.

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Posted in: Japan discovers 'good' corporate governance, American style See in context

And so, as is often the case nowadays, Japanese companies get to have the worst of both American AND Japanese style management. I wonder if Japan will survive?

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl survives suicide attempt at Mie school See in context

Disillusioned has it right. Too many parents just expect teachers to also do their parenting for them, and an education system that only cares about whether the kid can pass the entrance exam. I don't know any teacher that has the time or energy to know if a kid is considering suicide. which isn't an easy thing at the best of times.

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