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Posted in: Would legalized gambling ease Japan's economic woes? See in context

Will the pachinko parlors fight this? Of course.

Will the casinos be run like parlors? Unlikely. Parlors use a loophole in the system that allows them to run, even though gambling is considered illegal. If anything, the parlors would run more like casinos if it was legalized.

My only concern in all of this would be if foreign casinos came in, made money and then took it out of Japan. Yes, revenues from taxes could turn into an invaluable source for reconstruction efforts, but at the cost of capital leaving its borders. If measures were put into place to prevent this, then it could be a good thing.

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Posted in: 7 insurers sue Toyota over acceleration crashes See in context

Actually, this failsafe method sounds like a great idea, probably relatively easy to add to future cars/models and probably cheap, too.

Too bad that creativity is put into making money for insurance companies(ahem, and their lawyers).

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Posted in: Mariko Ishihara vanishes after 3 months’ marriage to Koji Tamaki See in context

So what? They're not home! This is not a crime. This is not a big deal. This is not news. This is speculation without any facts.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro tries interactive map at Ginza subway station See in context

in English for the millions of torists trying to find their way around ginza? betting on no for that one.

Actually, it sounds like it's in a trial stage. Adding an English layer to a well-designed database wouldn't be too difficult. I'm sure it's on the list of possible upgrades. Of course, the producers might determine that the costs outweigh the benefit of customizing the system for a rather small percentage of the population.

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Posted in: Man held for stealing women’s underwear; police find 1,600 items in Tochigi home See in context

Underwear fetishes, child porn, 30,000+ sucides a year, infanticide, random slashings. Is it just me or is there a pattern here? There seems to be a very large percentage of seriously dimented people in Japan. Or, is it just culture?

That's just it-culture. In a culture where things are very trendy, so is the news. Many of the events we read about come in spurts not because they occurred in spurts, but because the stories are trendy. Many of the events you see here are happening all the time and the news is just jumping on the bandwagon of a trendy story.

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Posted in: What behavior by passengers or staff at airports annoys you the most? See in context

Separate airports for domestic and international, i.e. Haneda/Narita.

Canceled international routes from Nagoya. Taking a flight to Nagoya (a beautiful airport, BTW), and leaving from the same airport WAS very convenient.

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Posted in: LAPD says Miura hanged himself with shirt in cell at detention house See in context

In 1994, Miura was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison by the Tokyo District Court, which ruled the triggerman was an unidentified third party.

So they ruled that the triggerman was an unknown third party but still convicted him?

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Posted in: Despair led Fukuoka mom to kill 6-year-old son See in context

Right, Betting.

The fear of retribution or shame is often a detriment to progress forward here. It's clear from the statements in this article (albeit JT) that this ex-mother had a major complex about things that weren't what she thought "normal". Perhaps she is just an extreme product of that environment (not to condone her terrible actions or anything... just a thought)?

On a different note, what is Josei Seven?

Moderator: Josei Seven is a magazine.

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