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GaijinDad comments

Posted in: Bicultural jazz singer Emi Meyer explores her Japanese side See in context

The term "half" is absolutely not ok. The implications are that mixed-race people are somehow "less," and therefore inferior, or that it's only their Japanese side that matters.

Like grandtheftauto, I have two mixed-race daughters, and I agree - it pisses me off when people refer to them by the demeaning term "half." As if it's only their sacred Japanese DNA that matters, & not that filthy Caucasian blood they got from me. I supposed it shouldn't piss me off - there are plenty of ignorant people in every country, and there always will be.

If we can agree that people are people and that it should be their character and their actions that matter, not their race, then it seems pretty obvious that you shouldn't refer to people as a fraction derived from their ethnic origins.

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