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Gaijindesu comments

Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

Red suns at Mar. 12, 2017 - 08:25AM JST Without Panasonic's expertise, Elon Musk's quest for cheap electric cars will still be just a dream.

Hardly relevant to this moment in time.

Li-ion battery technology in 18650 and the upcoming 2170 format Tesla will be using are mature technology. Both LG and Samsung are more than competent to replace Panasonic products.

Also, cutting edge research into safer and higher density energy sources are being carried out by mostly American companies, not Panasonic.

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Posted in: China says 2,500 wartime Japanese chemical weapons destroyed See in context

jj1067 at Jan. 18, 2017 - 11:58PM JST It's just politics. When China becomes a free country with freedom of academics then I would start listening to them. But now, it's just politics as everything is only politics under communist control.

How is this news 'just politics'? The facts are clear and the Japanese government is involved and it is reported on JT, a site NOT known to side with China at all.

What is the matter with people who can't deal with a pretty normal piece of news for once?

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Posted in: Indonesia, Japan affirm deeper ties during Abe's Asian tour See in context

toshiko at Jan. 16, 2017 - 10:18PM JST If Indonesian people do not mind to live and work in Japan, Japan can reduce griping labor shortage.

Not happening. Indonesians lack the 'work-to-death' work ethics, and their skin tone is three shades too dark for the Japanese' liking.

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Posted in: Japan seeks way out of Trump's bad books on trade See in context

ebisen at Jan. 13, 2017 - 05:28PM JST Donald Trump is an idiot and the Americans are not responsible enough to be allowed to vote seeing that they just gave the Red Button to such a person.

Thanks for the indiscriminate jab in the eye of ALL Americans. If only you know the fact that more American voters chose Clinton than Trump, maybe you can go back to some closet self-loathing, or whatever tickles your fancy.

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Posted in: Putin tries dog diplomacy before Japan talks over islands See in context

“We think that we have no territorial problems. It’s Japan that thinks that it has a territorial problem with Russia,”

Hmm...where have I heard that line before...that's right, Japan keeps telling China the same thing about Senkaku/Diaoyu.

Must be a funny feeling to be on the receiving end of it.

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Posted in: Japan and China seek improved ties in impromptu APEC talks See in context

Ties between China and Japan...have long been strained by a territorial dispute.

I don't know what's their definition of 'long' but I wouldn't call 4 years (since 2012) 'long'.

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Posted in: Japanese news program criticized for translating Lady Gaga’s protest message as 'I hate Trump' See in context

Striving for simplicity in translation is fine, but not if it completely distorts the original meaning.

In this case, just translate it to 'love overcomes hate', and let the word play on 'trump' be lost.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

bass4funkNOV. 10, 2016 - 02:05AM JST Apparently, you didn't see the map, it looked like a giant red tomato.

Your failure to grasp logic is astounding. If there are a grand total of 10 people living in Hokkaido and they all vote one way, and all ten million people in Tokyo-to vote the other way, did Hokkaido win because it is much larger on the map?

Number of voters count, not land area.

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to White House win See in context

Web site on immigrating to Canada keeps crashing due to high traffic.

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Posted in: Video shows man playing Pokemon GO while driving sightseeing bus See in context

bones at Nov. 07, 2016 - 06:21AM JST I just hope pilots aren't doing things like this!!!

There's two pilots in the cockpit, and once airborne, it doesn't require their constant attention.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan surpasses 20 mil target for year See in context

I don't think the number of tourists is related to the value of the yen. It is because Japan is the only safe place in the world to travel to at the moment.

Someone recently posted on the safest countries in Asia alone, and Japan didn't even crack the top 3. Don't kid yourself, Japan may be relatively safe, but claiming to be THE ONLY safe place in the world is a little cocky and untrue.

As for visiting Japan, I avoid Tokyo and Osaka like the plague. Much prefer smaller cities like Sapporo or Fukuoka.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer placed in safe house after rape threat See in context

Again, takeda-shingen points out that this stalking-attacking thing is really an issue for the idol business and not really in other more normal industries.

Do you have stats to back this up? That stalking is an issue for the idol business and not others?

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating woman with bat outside Saitama convenience store See in context

surely there must have been people around getting coffee and such

How do you know that? I've been outside many konbinis, at all hours of the day, where I'm the only person outside the store.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer placed in safe house after rape threat See in context

For me the idol industry would be fine if the girls were at least 25 and married or with partners

Oh my, that's hardly fine. We need an idol industry with 'girls' that are at least 65 year old wrinkly grandmas with missing front teeth.

No fans will ever threaten these idols.

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Posted in: Nigerian activist held in solitary confinement in Japan, prompting calls for her release See in context

If it were any other nation, such actions to control illegal immigration would be applauded,

Baseless assertion. Show proof or zip it.

but since this is Japan, majority opinion should be against this 'xenophobic' act.

What majority?

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Posted in: Abe has chance to be Japan's longest-ruling PM after rule change See in context


Never before have I felt so concerned and worried about the people running the world.

A few more came to mind right away: Putin, Mugabe, Kim.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Sorry to depress your day further.

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Posted in: Consumer prices in Japan fall for 7th straight month See in context

EVEN BETTER: next stop Abexit

That'll be 2021. Possibly longer, given what LDP wants to do for their dear leader.

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Posted in: Father of missing 4-year-old boy says he threw body into sea See in context

Subhuman scum, please drop these so-called parents, into the sea, preferably with concrete boots.

The parents committed fraud, lied to the authorities, didn't give their son a proper burial and treated his body with disrespect. But I don't see from the article that they actually killed him.

Surely what they're guilty of (so far) don't call for the death penalty (drop into the sea with concrete boots), do they?

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Posted in: 2017 Miss International Japan See in context

oldman_13 at Oct. 27, 2016 - 12:20PM JST While some may find her attractive, I think Priyanka is way more beautiful than this woman here.

Priyanka - can't sing, lips that are way too thick, sorry excuse for an actress. You have strange tastes.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to death after her 16-year-old son found fatally stabbed See in context

While any killing cannot be condoned, it is especially heinous for a parent to kill her own child as this goes against the natural order of continuity of the species through your offsprings.

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Posted in: Suicide of overworked Dentsu employee prompts company to order lights out at 10 p.m. See in context

I get off work at 2pm, everyday. That's like an entire extra shift for me, lol. If they're sincere about this, perhaps lights out at 7pm, unless specially authorized for rush projects.

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Posted in: Japan wary over Philippine leader's policy, manners in front of emperor See in context

Tokyo is a major ally of the United States

Caught between the crossfire between a current superpower, and an emerging one, as Japan and many other smaller Asian nations are, is it wise to totally ally with one, and completely alienate the other, as Japan seems hell bent on doing? What if you bet on the wrong horse?

Call it playing both sides, or just trying to maintain some sort of neutrality, countries like the Phillipines, Singapore, and to a lesser extent, South Korea, may be making wiser choices.

Perhaps the ghost from Japan's imperialist past is preventing it from ever trying to do so.

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Posted in: Brazil plans to waive visas for visitors from U.S., Japan See in context

The Brazilian fee was levied in retaliation for exclusion of Brazil from the U.S. visa waiver program.

Pride got in the way and they were only hurting themselves in the end. At least they came to their senses, after losing millions to competing nations welcoming tourists without imposing such expenses and hassle.

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Posted in: Japan to lend to sanctioned Russian bank to push island talks: Nikkei See in context

The US paid Iranians at leats 400 mil. USD as ransom for its citizens,

No it didn't, no matter what Trump says.

It was Iran's money frozen by the US after the 1979 revolution. The US was simply returning what belongs to Iran in the first place.

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Posted in: Whalers in crosshairs at IWC meeting this week See in context

Schopenhauer at Oct. 24, 2016 - 08:44AM JST It is strange that the Chinese who eat dogs and monkey brains do not eat whale meat.

off topic and juvenile. I hope your dumb posts gets deleted and your sorry ass banned

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Neither Hong Kong nor Tibet is a 'country'. thats not the point, they were once a sovereign territory/region , Tibet with its own specific culture, now they're under Chinas puppet control, just as the Philippines is becoming.

Hong Kong was a sovereign territory/region? According to who? Hong Kong was Chinese land until it was leased to Britain as a crown colony. When the lease was up, it was returned to China.

"Tibet with its own specific culture" - so do the Ainu people in Hokkaido and the Ryuku people in Okinawa. By your reasoning, Hokkaido and Okinawa are under Japanese puppet control?

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Which country is under Chinese puppet state control?ah Hongkong and Tibet

Neither Hong Kong nor Tibet is a 'country'.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Stand up to big brother? Hardly. More like drop to his knees for China

He's doing both at the same time. They don't have to be mutually exclusive.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

You may not like the man, or what he says or does, but you'll have to admit he has the guts to stand up to the big brother and fight for what he perceives as is in the best interest of his country.

Look what blind submission got Japan. Controversy military bases aside, what did the Plaza Accord do to Japan and its economy? Many argue that Japan has never recovered from the repercussions.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

kamejima47 at Oct. 22, 2016 - 09:22AM JST Schopenhauer: With all due respect, America is the name of the entire continent from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

That's TWO continents - North America and South America. 'America' by itself customarily refers to the country of USA.

Why are you bringing up third grade geography lessons?

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