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I think it's just great! As a frequent visitor I can compare the relatively serene public face of the Royal Family to the scandals of the British royals, not to mention the goings on in America! Congratulations to them both!

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They say it will increase tourism but it will be the wrong kind. Not people who appreciate Japanese culture and history for sure. And of course, the profits will go back to the billionaires like Sheldon Adelson who are financing the deal. Japan will be stuck with the costs for increased crime and regulation. I don't agree with this proposal at all!

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60,000 homes were destroyed two years ago by the IDF. Now they "authorize" the construction of 1,200 new homes. Generous.

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I don't like it - way too busy, too many ads, you have to scroll down to find all the stories (in contrast to the old design). And what's with having no margins on the left and right side of the page? - very hard to read. Did the JT say what the purpose of the new design (or lack of it) was? Surely not to make it more readable! "Change" is not necessarily a good thing if there is no logic to it.

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