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Posted in: Tainted water: Fukushima still faces contamination crisis See in context

Great! Japanese people deserve the truth. If results are significant, the government should be held responsible for its continued lies and cover ups.

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Posted in: Voting underway in Myanmar's first free election for 25 years See in context

@Serrano It's free and fair under the current constitution. This is a significant change for Myanmar.

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Posted in: Upper house panel approves contentious defense bills amid chaos See in context

Democracy has deserted Japan. Japanese politicians should use their brains, not muscles, to get it back. Now, just look like their show to get votes in the next election. Abe and his cronies should be held responsible criminally once adverse outcomes surface in future.

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Posted in: Japan faces Y5.9 bil loss over scrapped Olympic stadium See in context

Those who involved in making decision should be held accountable. They cant just get away with their irresponsibility. We cant pay for their stupidity.

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Posted in: Abe mocked on Twitter over use of props to explain security bills See in context

Abe is stupid enough to think Japanese are stupid to be explained using his toys. Japan doesn't need explanation; just wants Abe and cronies, the US puppies, out of the government.

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Posted in: Architect Ando defends selection of Olympic stadium design as anger grows See in context

Why even Japan chose the design not representative of Japanese culture or values? Cost cutting by any means must be done as public is against this ridiculous amount going to be spent out of taxpayer's money just for show. Those who want to keep the design do not represent the public interest. Japan has a lot to spend for the past disasters and the disasters to come in future.

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Japanese people have been uninterested in politics (or irresponsible) for decades. Fortunately, Abe's craziness to be an obedient pet of US has waken up them. Wish politics will become a career choice for younger (smarter) generation and then we will likely see a change in such disappointing Japanese politics.

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Posted in: Abe says history will prove him right over security bills See in context

Abe, you do not own Japan. You must only represent people's will. You don't care about the future of our children because you don't have one. You must know how Japanese people hate wars and love peaceful life. Japan is so unfortunate to have you there following your own interests and fantasies.

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lack of interest in politics among younger generation is the greatest challenge for Japan to have a good leader.

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People who have no children like Abe should not lead Japan; they only think about themselves, not future generations. Japan will be safe only with no-nuke options.

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