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Posted in: Man jailed twice for sexual assault arrested again for same offense See in context

Company employee? Never understood why English media in Japan always uses that term. You are either employed or unemployed. Not really pertinent to the story. I'd be more interested in knowing the name of the company that specializes in employing ex cons.

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Posted in: Liam Gallagher talks solo rise, family feud and rock music See in context

Say what you want, but Oasis left their mark and will go down in rock history.

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Posted in: Shibuya bans public drinking for Halloween in some areas See in context

Yeah, they mentioned this last year. Old news.

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Posted in: Princess Mako, niece of Emperor Naruhito, turns 28 See in context


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Posted in: 'Clear risks' for stability in China's Pacific lending See in context

Well its never a good sign when southeast Asia's only real democracy, Indonesia, is moving their capital from Jakarta to Borneo. The moving company Indonesia is using? China. Enough said.

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Posted in: Abe calls on Suu Kyi to ensure Rohingya can return to Myanmar See in context

@Norman Goodman,

I'm a liberal but I'm not defending the Nobel prizes. That is why i mentioned Kissenger. They gave it to him but he, more than any other man (Trump is a close 2nd). screwed up the world order and made things worse for everyone to this day. I'm not going to argue about Obama but it was ironic that during his acceptance speech, basically talked about the need for Americans to kill abroad.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

Not sure you can even call South Korea a democracy as it never really was one in the first place.

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Posted in: Abe calls on Suu Kyi to ensure Rohingya can return to Myanmar See in context

Hard to believe she ever won the Nobel peace prize... But then again they also gave it to Kissinger so thats not saying a lot.

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Posted in: Coppola backs Scorsese's comments on Marvel films See in context

Couldn't agree more. The marvel movies literally have a plot that a 5 year old can understand. They are like Power Rangers on steroids. I have to hand it to the Marvel execs for exploiting the stupidity of the masses so brilliantly.

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Posted in: 7 crew missing after North Korean fishing boat capsizes See in context

Again??? I hate to say this, and I’m no fan of trump, but the only way he will get re-elected is if he does what every previous administration has failed to do for 60 years... cut off the head of the snake, which is North Korea. Just America will never do that because they are Chinese (and Russian) puppets.

Moon and Trump are delirious if they think engagement would actually work (which it hasn’t). Moon is basically a fascist and Trump is a gangster who was made an offer he couldn’t refuse by foreign entities.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpse of newborn son See in context

Sad. My wife and I have been trying to adopt for the past two years. Still on the waiting list. Apparently a fully “Japanese” family is “better” for a “Japanese” child’s development.

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

Honestly I didn’t even really notice anything in my area, Itabashi-Ku. Which is weird because my home is within 1km from the Arakawa River. I’ve been through many typhoons over the past 15 years here and this, at least in my area, seemed minuscule.

No power outages, just stayed home all day watching Netflix like any normal rainy day. No toppled trees, no damage to my apartment, nothing.

I guess other areas were not as fortunate.

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Posted in: 'Sesame Street' tackles addiction crisis See in context

I remember as a kid in the 80’s, Elmo just having a hard time making friends and fitting in and learning how to deal with it... I applaud the creators but at the same time it’s kind of sad they would even need to address this particular issue. But the times have changed for better and for worse.

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Posted in: About 100 Lawson stores will not open on New Year’s Day See in context

I can understand their reasoning but... in regards to self check out systems due to a labor shortage it doesn’t work in Japan.

My local Tobu supermarket recently installed automated checkouts and it has just made everything slower. Automated checkouts don’t work if half the customers are over 80 years old and can’t even read a piece of paper let alone a touch screen. The elderly can’t do it and staff have to go over and spend 5 minutes with these customers at the self check outs, making everyone else wait.

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Posted in: Video shows what Tokyo and Mt Fuji were like over 100 years ago See in context

Actually “Uyeno Tokio” was the correct spelling at the time. The y is silent. That’s why Yebisu beer, pronounced “Ebisu” still retains the Y. Guess the writer didn’t know that. I’ve been in Japan way too long to even know something like that. Sigh.

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Posted in: Abe asks Cruz to boost bilateral parliamentary exchanges See in context

Compared to Trump, Cruz almost seems like a Competent leader. And that’s the scary thing.

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Posted in: Couples flogged for public affection in Indonesia's Aceh See in context

Aceh province in a semi autonomous region of Indonesia with its own government. They wanted to break away from Indonesia years ago and this is the compromise they reached with the central government in Jakarta. That’s why the Indonesian President has very little, if any, power to stop the implementation of Sharia law.

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Posted in: Starbucks vs two popular Japanese coffee shops: Which gives best value? See in context

I would love to have a job where I get paid to drink coffee and write about something anyone who has spent more than two weeks in Japan already knows.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

The only Jews that vote Republican are the uber rich in southern Florida who hang Isreali flags on their homes.

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Posted in: 11-month-old girl dies of heatstroke after mother leaves her in car See in context

It states the older child got out of the car by himself. The infant obviously couldn’t get out. Sad.

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Posted in: New faces to watch in the pool on the road to Tokyo Olympics See in context

Impressive that the Hungarian beat Phelps’ record. But Phelps is still the most decorated Olympian of all time so let’s see if he can live up to the pressure.

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Posted in: Japan's young eel catch in 2018-2019 falls to lowest levels on record See in context

The problem with unagi, although delicious, is that eels take 80 years to reach sexual maturity. Japan and other Asian countries harvest young infertile eels and also fertile ones. That’s why eels will become extinct in the next 20 years because these animals take almost a century to produce eggs.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers test heat countermeasures in sweltering Tokyo See in context

Tokyo was the worst possible place to choose to hold the Olympics. Sapporo would have been a better choice. Mild summer climate, a relatively small population and a lot of open spaces. Next year is going to be a mess.

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Posted in: Japan's top bar association urges authorization of same-sex marriage See in context

Good. About time.

A friend of mine in Vermont married a transgendered woman. But Vermont is a very liberal state. Never met her but looking at Facebook pictures I couldn’t really tell. But she legally changed her sex to female so my friend, on paper, is married to a woman.

In japan to legally change your sex, individuals are required to undergo sex reassignment surgery which also infringes on human rights. Some people with gender dysphoria want the surgery and others don’t.

So japan should also allow people to legally change their sex to what they identify as without the need for serious surgery.

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Posted in: Marvel's next films will bring diversity, onscreen and off See in context

I hate diversity for diversity’s sake. Actors are actors. I love most of Will Smith’s movies and I never really cared about the color of his skin. The race thing never really occurred to me because I grew up watching the Fresh Prince of BellAir. He is a characteristic performer. Period. I think the reason there are not more actors of ethnicity, at least in America, is because they are are a minority and you should hopefully be talented which is a rare trait for people of any race.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force fireman arrested for gun possession at Narita Airport See in context

I once had a pocket knife in my backpack that I forgot about in Indonesia. I left Japan, no problem. I entered Indonesia for a month and then left. No problem. On my way back to Japan I transfer in Malaysia and they find the pocket knife and I honestly didn’t know it was in there. They questioned me for 30 minutes and then confiscated the knife and let me go. I’d hate to think what would have happened if it was a gun.

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Posted in: 2 Australians arrested, paraded before media in Bali over cocaine possession See in context

I’ve been all around Java and Sumatra over 30 times. Indonesia is a beautiful country and the people are so nice... I’ve never been to Bali but elsewhere in Indonesia it’s really difficult to even find alcohol because it’s a Muslim country. Jakarta, yeah the big supermarkets carry beer but anywhere else forget about it. So in a country where it is so hard to find a beer why would anyone think of doing drugs?

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Posted in: S Koreans boycott Japanese beer See in context

IMO Asahi isn’t a great beer but it’s drinkable. HITE beer in South Korea tastes like dog water. Their loss.

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Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

The only thing I like about America is that there is no royal family; on the other hand, even with private insurance, healthcare is crazy expensive in America. $200 for filling at the dentist! In Japan that would be about 3,000 yen. I think it evens out in regards to tax money that goes to the royal family.

And remember it was McArthur, the American General, who basically saved the emperor and the imperial system. The Japanese would have revolted in mass numbers if the Americans killed their “God”.

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Posted in: Ex-captive Japanese journalist denied passport by gov't See in context

*Correction: that’s why governments always say they DON’T negotiate with terrorists

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