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Posted in: Ukraine has a mixed record of treating its citizens fairly See in context

Is this news to people? Ukraine, like almost every former Soviet satellite, has always been terrible. Russia is just worse. If anything Russia gave Ukraine a giant global PR boost and swept their own human rights record under the rug for them.

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Posted in: Raising Black biracial children in Japan See in context

And having a parent with that mindset is why children grow up to be racist. Actively searching out other black moms to hang out with… I taught my kids to associate and make friends with anyone who is kind. Never mentioned color or thought about it really.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

Has anyone here actually been outside of Japan recently? In other parts of Asia people are still wearing masks. Nobody just strips off their masks, at least not in planes or any mode of public transportation. Taiwan is actually even more annoying about the masks than Japan! Don’t know what everyone is complaining about, Japan is not an outlier about the mask thing.

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Posted in: Mother goes on trial over death of 3-month-old daughter in Saitama in 2020 See in context

How are the police at fault here? What could a social worker have done differently? Social workers have less authority than the police and the police do not even have the power to enter someone’s home because a neighbor reported a crying baby. The real problem is that Japan has no legal mechanisms in place to deal with cases of suspected child abuse. In this case it sounds like the police did everything that they, legally, were allowed to do.

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Posted in: 3 men steal watches valued at ¥4.6 million from Chiba pawn shop See in context

Maybe I’m jaded but 20 watches for 4.6 million yen? Even one watch for 4.6 million yen isn’t really considered high end for most serious collectors. Hope the thieves aren’t Vietnamese!

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Posted in: Volunteers taking outsized role in Japanese language support See in context

Language teaching in this country is terrible. Both English and Japanese. Period. I paid and learned nothing useful in 2 years full time language study. I learned everything I needed to survive working part time in a kitchen to support my studies. At least these people don’t need to pay for this service.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 64-year-old mother See in context

@ Yrral,

I don’t think you’re let out on bail, in Japan or America, if you confess to a murder and there is a body. But I could be wrong. I also thought Americans could write English in coherent sentences.

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Posted in: Japan's defense buildup shouldn't be seen as threat: U.S. official See in context

The US bases aren’t leaving Japan anytime soon. At least not in our lifetime. Okinawa is poor enough as it is and the bases are the only thing propping that prefecture up. Tokyo is more than happy with the status quo of letting the Americans run the islands.

So the US has troops stationed in bases around the world. So what? The host countries can decide to kick the US out anytime they want. They are paying the US to be there. Look what happened to the Philippines in the early 90’s. They kicked the US and then decided that was a bad move and invited them back.

Non of these host countries are vassal states. I don’t think the US is the “overlord” here but if I were a politician in Asia, I’d rather have the US as my friendly neighbor.

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Posted in: The oven won't talk to the fridge: 'Smart' homes struggle See in context

These devices really are not that smart. I gave up with Alexa. It’s actually faster to click on the tv than ask Alexa to do it for you. So basically Alexa is a great voice controlled speaker for music and setting an alarm. Anything else Alexa can potentially do, I’m just too lazy to figure out or don’t care.

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Posted in: 61-year-old man arrested for not paying taxi fare See in context

It would have been more newsworthy if he was one of those guys who take a taxi half way round the country and then say they can’t pay.

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Posted in: Japan's defense buildup shouldn't be seen as threat: U.S. official See in context


I think you need to brush up on your history there.

“China is world second economy and heading to be No.1 in 10 or 20,30 years, a big industry power will result a big military just like when US takeover the British Empire after WW1.”

You sure about all of that? China already has the world’s largest standing army. Unfortunately for China, quantity doesn’t always equal quality. Anyway about the US, British Empire, WW1, blah blah blah… you’re thinking of WW2 and even that part you got wrong.

I love how you guys are anti China when it comes to Covid but if there is any mention of the US-Japan military alliance then Japan is a “vassal state” and China is the victim.

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Posted in: Japan has a long tradition of bonding over alcohol. But people are starting to wise up. See in context

Bonding over alcohol in Japan is the first phase of alcoholism, which probably most of the working population suffers from. Second phase is bonding alone by yourself with alcohol because you ruined all your friendships during the first phase. Stage three is a slow and painful death. I don’t mind hanging out with friends who drink but I avoid bars. Just depressing and a reminder of how I wasted my 20’s. Life is more fun sober anyway!

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Posted in: 63-year-old woman, son arrested for secretly filming women at bathing facility in Nagoya See in context


To answer your question. Yes. Korea hands down.

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Posted in: U.S. warship sails through sensitive Taiwan Strait; China angered See in context

What else can China do but complain? They’re not stupid enough to start a proxy war with the United States. Look how well that has worked out for Russia.

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Posted in: Hacker group Anonymous claims to have disrupted Shibuya Ward’s official website See in context

Shibuya has been slowly evicting the homeless since as long as I’ve been here at least (2005) and has gotten into multiple scuffles with church groups and charities who distribute food to these people over the years. Well basically, Shibuya ward made it illegal to hand out food because, their reasoning, it would attract more homeless to the area like unwanted cats. It’s been well reported and documented.

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for defaming mother of late 'Terrace House' star See in context

I think online trolls need to get a life but it’s free speech and, supposedly, this is a free country. It’s a slippery slope once you start prosecuting someone based on their opinions, however terrible and inappropriate they may be.

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Posted in: 26-year-old man re-arrested for killing his mother in Kawasaki See in context


It really doesn’t sound like hostage justice in this case. It sounds like the dude confessed after voluntarily being questioned in his home. There’s a body. Sounds pretty clear cut.

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Posted in: Up to 70% of Shanghai population infected with COVID: top doctor See in context


I agree with you but come on, the CCP officials didn’t choose anything. Not like they were given a choice anyway. President Xi chose to act against the medical consensus. That’s what happens when you have an authoritarian boss who can’t discern international realities from his own ideological BS. I would compare Xi to Putin but at least Xi’s ideological BS didn’t start any international armed conflicts.

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed in restaurant fight in Kanagawa See in context

And unprovoked knife attacks are an entirely foreign concept? Still, it doesn’t help the already low image of Vietnamese in Japan as it is.

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Posted in: 60-year-old man arrested for stealing ¥1,000 from shrine donation box See in context


You ever think that a 72yo receiving 250k a month in pension is working part time for some reason other than money? Social interaction, something to do for the next couple of decades?

And aren’t these donation boxes at neighborhood shrines locked anyways? He should have gone to a Mormon church instead cause they’ll feed and bathe the homeless if they pretend to be interested in Jacob Smith.

The guy could have received help if he had asked for it at a ward office. He wouldn’t be eligible for normal seikatsu hogo welfare because you need a fixed address first to enroll. But I know they have other programs available that set homeless people up in dormitories and help the mentally and physically able ones find some kind of part time employment.

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Posted in: More Indonesians in Japan's foreign trainee program due to weak yen See in context

Last time I was in Jakarta they had Japanese recruiters from these agencies in most of the major shipping malls. They get a cheap salary even by Japanese standards but will still make more than they ever could in their own countries. Most are happy to do it. It’s not slave labor compared to working in a Jakarta sweatshop!

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Posted in: Japan logs record 7,688 COVID deaths for December See in context

People die everyday from a lot of other diseases, not just Covid!

I don’t really care and kind of think it is fear mongering. Why not publish the death tolls of any other communicable disease? And out of the total deaths in the month of December, what is the percentage attributed to Covid to actually put it in perspective?

Like my catholic grandfather, who survived the Spanish flu, always said, if you’re going to die you’re going to die and nothing you can do about it because god signed your death certificate the moment you were born so might as well enjoy your time and not worry too much.

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Posted in: Brian May: Knighthood comes with 'a little bit more clout' See in context


Do I “support to an honours system based largely on the British Empire which the Americas were part of originally”?

I just think Knight is a cool title to have and be able to brag about. It’s up to each individual if they choose to accept it but it’s an honor nonetheless and isn’t supposed to be political.

@Ai Wonder

It’s called MBE. Maybe you should start complaining about the commonwealth instead. Not being ignorant. If you want to get into history then sure, to be blunt, the British empire screwed the world literally and figuratively and the US was left to clean up the mess left by every petty European nation that wanted a slice of the cake and most of the geopolitical problems today still stem from the British empire and European imperialism and America is still taking the blame for something they didn’t start.

So the Brits lost the Kingdom, let them have their silly little civilian honor titles.

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Posted in: Lennon, Ono asked Japan to allow A-bomb film to be shown abroad See in context

@Nippori Nick

I’m not saying that a peace activist actually needs to have served in the military. I’m just saying it’s hard to take Lennon seriously. All his talk of peace and love… he didn’t show a lot of peace and love to those close to him. Was physically abusive and beat his first wife and then abandoned her and his son and didn’t even bother to have a relationship with his first born because Ono didn’t want him to and then Ono doin the same thing to her first husband and daughter… the two of them were/ are the biggest hypocrites and hard to take seriously. Maybe they cared about “world peace” but not anything remotely close to home.

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Posted in: Brian May: Knighthood comes with 'a little bit more clout' See in context

So what if it’s a relic from the British Empire? So is their royal family!

Being a “knight” sounds a lot cooler than the US equivalent Presidential Medal of Freedom… boring.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of fellow resident of cheap lodging house See in context

So they lived in a share house? Garage duty. That’s the number one thing people fight about.

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Posted in: Lennon, Ono asked Japan to allow A-bomb film to be shown abroad See in context

Just food for thought. Japan committed unspeakable atrocities in Asia. The US military buried the evidence in order to quickly rehabilitate Japan’s image on the world stage. They didn’t want the full extent of japan’s monstrosity coming to light. So makes sense Japan would do the same.

And Lennon had a lot of opinions on war for a man who never served in the military. He sat in his bed naked with Ono to denounce war while kids were dying on the frontline. His views of reality were really out there and he was about as far removed from war as you could get. Just he was the poster boy for the hippie movement: get high, complain, protest, get high and complain again.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Little Trains that Could' battle for survival See in context

I love the rural trains and how most of them have toilets on board but they’re mostly for tourists on day trips.

Maybe there would be more demand if these rural lines ran more then once an hour. But then most of the people living out there would probably need to take a bus to the nearest station which also runs once an hour. Makes more sense to drive.

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Posted in: Asia rings in New Year See in context


At least the bells are only once a year! Try living in any Muslim country where they blare out calls to prayer through loudspeakers multiple times a day through loudspeakers at ungodly hours.

108 vices… not a big fan of the Judeo-Christian model but I think pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth pretty much cover it. But I’ve seen some pretty effed up stuff in Asia so maybe the buddhists are more twisted than I thought lol.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed by acquaintance after drinking session in Osaka See in context

Unsafe compared to where? Your home country? Please tell me and I’d gladly move there.

I’m just assuming that anyone saying Japan is dangerous grew up in the west in a hermetically sealed bubble. Because nobody from anywhere else in the world would say Japan is dangerous.

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