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Posted in: 82-year-old man with dementia killed by 'stressed out’ wife See in context

No comments on ethics here but I’m pretty sure I would want my wife to do the same thing than have to take the burden of caring after a man who used to be her husband and is now a walking vegetable

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Posted in: Abe says he didn’t want to cosplay as Mario at 2016 Olympics See in context

Abe was one of the most powerful leaders on the planet. I didn’t agree with his nationalism and a lot of his policies but he was powerful on the world stage. Everyone thinks Japan is a puppet to the US but it’s a lot more nuanced than that and Japanese prime ministers have enormous powers and influence

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Posted in: Race for acceptance: Why Japan's Paralympics mean more than medals See in context

If you think Japan is bad for handicapped people, try going anywhere in Southeast Asia. The sidewalks are either potholed or non existent and you need to look down while walking to not fall in a manhole. No way a person in a wheelchair could get around.

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Posted in: Halloween revelry in Japan to take new forms during pandemic See in context

What’s the point? I was in Shibuya yesterday. Crowded as hell. If people want to celebrate Halloween they will do so regardless. If you catch Corona you catch it. A lot like Russian Roulette.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine for 2nd straight month See in context

@Cricky you’re right. I meant he’s not PM anymore so who really cares what he does now? I’m not a fan of Yasukuni but in a free society people are entitled to their beliefs, good or bad.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine for 2nd straight month See in context

Well he’s a private citizen now and it’s a free country so....

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Posted in: Got any signal up here? Nokia to build mobile network on moon See in context

What’s the point? There are places in the US that still don’t get reliable cell service. Focus on earth and all the problems we have here.

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Posted in: 'Emily in Paris': the myth of 'la vie en rose' lives on See in context

As the French say, Paris is a great and beautiful city except for the people. The barista pretended not to no what an espresso meant when I said may I please have an espresso. Rudest city I’ve ever been to and have no plans to go back unless absolutely necessary

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Posted in: Police officer caught downloading dirty videos from suspect’s phone See in context

Idiotic of the cop. I’m sure everyone has some personal intimate pictures or videos on their phones. But at least it’s not another story of infanticide. Can’t believe I had to write that.

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Posted in: Woman fatally hit by train; impact sends her flying into teenager on platform See in context

Sounds like a possible suicide or it could have been accidental. Not enough details. But yeah this will psychology traumatize this girl for years to come.

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Posted in: Kanye West focuses on religion in first election campaign video See in context

South Park: Kanye West- “I am not aqua man, I’ve met aqua man, I am in fact a recovering gay fish and my fiancé is not a hobbit”.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 8,000 calls to Tohoku Electric Power Co See in context

I remember once I had a dispute with JCom and made about 10 calls to get the issue settled. But 8,000 calls in 4 months? Jeez.

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Posted in: Man gets 16 years for murder of 9-year-old stepson See in context

Umm you don’t strangle someone you love. It’s possible he loved the mother but is one of those people who could ever love a child that is not biologically theirs. Heck my wife was a single mother with a 1yo when I met her. I adopted him. I guess it’s different because in my case the child was so young and I’m the only father he’s ever known. But wtf? You don’t kill any child ever. Kids can be selfish little brats at times and talk back at you. That’s called parenting and give them a time out if they misbehave

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman under fire over remarks against LGBT rights See in context

Just leave these poor people alone. They’ve been discriminated against enough. What about all the strait couples who either choose not to have children or simply can’t for whatever reasons? The LGBT community is not to blame for the low birth rate. Japanese society and government are to blame. I’ve never understood the hatred directed at LGBT people around the world. I have openly gay friends and trans friends. Who cares? At the end of the day people are just people.

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Posted in: One month out, battered Trump campaign faces big challenges See in context

Heck, Cheney would make a better president. That’s how low the American bar has been set. Sad.

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Posted in: One month out, battered Trump campaign faces big challenges See in context

I’ve always thought republicans tend to vote against their own self interests. Probably because most of the party is comprised of white uneducated rednecks but I’m really starting to miss George W. At least he was able to speak, relatively, coherent sentences and actually had a plan, even though I didn’t agree with his policies

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting teenage girl in hotel See in context

The guy is a perv pedo but wtf is wrong with Japanese girls? How stupid do you have to be??? Parents, teach your kids common sense!

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after setting common-law wife on fire See in context

No intent to kill? Really? Should have thought about that before dousing the poor woman in gasoline and setting her alight.

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Posted in: Suga considering October visit to Vietnam, Indonesia See in context

From a political perspective, Vietnam and Indonesia make perfect senesce. Vietnam is communist but, in regards to communist nations, fairly liberal. Indonesia is a full fledged democracy and the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

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Posted in: Man admits killing 9 people, dismembering bodies as trial opens See in context

This man is clearly mentally ill. I’m not condoning his actions whatsoever. It’s barbaric. But on the other hand, what were these people thinking visiting a complete stranger’s home??? It’s a Japanese societal problem in general

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to fatally abusing girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter See in context

And let me guess. The mother is going to get a suspended sentence because the defense will argue that she was under the psychological control of her boyfriend and was unable to remove her and her daughter from the situation

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to fatally abusing girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter See in context

Wtf? How could you do that to a child, let alone anyone???? For example, I hate cats. Not a fan. But I would never ever torture and abuse any living creature. And it’s an innocent child!!!

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Posted in: Mom who went drinking all night indicted over deaths of daughters left in car See in context

She probably doesn’t even know who the father is. Sad.

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Posted in: PM hopeful Suga says he may need help from Abe on diplomacy See in context

I’d like to see a Japanese prime minister under 60 or for that matter a US president under 70 but it is what it is.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

The international APU students, for the most part, aren’t exchange students. They’re matriculated foreign students who do their full 4 year degree there. It’s not the best school but I guess it’s better than what they have in in India or Bangladesh.

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Posted in: Life prison term to be finalized for Peruvian man for killing 6 See in context

All I can say is that schizophrenia can make people become an entirely different person and they have no idea about their surroundings or what they are even doing. It’s like they’re in a dream and when wake up they have no recollection of what they did when they were in a manic state. No excuse for the murders but he should be medicated and then tried when he’s in a right state of mind.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after choking on large grape at Tokyo kindergarten See in context

My boy when he was 9 months old just started eating solid foods. I was home alone with him and he started choking. I grabbed him by his legs, held him upside down and slapped his back a couple times. He coughed it up. Scary. You can’t give young kids grapes unless you cut them up into small pieces

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Posted in: Mulan movie boycott calls grow over scenes filmed in Xinjiang See in context

I guess South Park was right, Hollywood bowing to Chinese propaganda censors

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Posted in: How Disney should handle ‘Black Panther 2’ after Chadwick Boseman's death See in context

Not being racist here but there was nothing good about black panther. It was a terrible movie like all the marvel movies. The only thing about the movie that stood out was that it pandered to the black audience. Enough said.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for kidnapping 9-year-old girl he met via online game See in context

What a sicko! Glad the girl wasn’t harmed physically but will probably need years of therapy. All I can say to parents is to be more vigilant in monitoring your kids online activity. Or better yet, don’t give them a phone. I didn’t get my first phone until my 18th birthday. Just those old Nokia phones were only really good for calling and simple texts

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