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Posted in: Japan lacking burial grounds for expanding Muslim population See in context

I’m not going to get into the other problems about the religion but the biggest problem in this instance is that Muslims need to be buried within 24 hours after death.

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Posted in: Health experts say ALS woman's death in Kyoto not euthanasia See in context

I don’t think these doctors are murderers. This woman was in incredible suffering and wanted to die in a humane way. She had nothing to loose and willingly paid the money. I don’t want to compare it to putting down a dog with cancer out of its suffering but I think that’s better than suffering through your final days.

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Posted in: Amber Heard says ex-husband Depp threatened to kill her See in context

She sounds like my ex wife... but my ex wife wife actually intentionally punched herself in the face to make it look like I gave her a black eye

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested after burning mother's body in Sendai See in context

The article never said he killed his mother. It simply said he was arrested for improperly disposing of a corpse. Albeit it sounds suspicious. He may very well have killed her or he could be innocent and mentally ill and didn’t know what to do. I can’t judge anything from the information provided.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 wounded in crossbow attack; suspect arrested See in context

Just sick. No excuse.

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Posted in: Cancer, coronavirus are a dangerous mix, new studies find See in context

Fascinating. Who would have thought an underlying health condition would be dangerous for Corona patients?

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Posted in: Japan looking at steps against cyber-bullying after death of 'Terrace House' cast member See in context

While it’s tragic that she committed suicide, If you don’t want trolling just stop using Twitter etc or don’t read the messages in the first place. Don’t kill yourself. The only thing social media is good for is exploiting people’s insecurity and mental problems. I miss the days of just communicating with someone over the phone.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy survives fall from 5th-floor window in Tokyo See in context

Jeez. Thank god the kid survived. After 15 years here I still don’t understand why Japanese parents don’t keep an eye on their young children. Children are curious, they like to explore. And yeah, accidents can happen if you’re not diligent.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

If you’ve ever dealt with a suicidal person, they’re in a manic state and usually haven’t slept for days on end. They’re usually severely bipolar and you can’t reason with them. They need to be medicated and heavily sedated and monitored. And then a lifetime of psychiatric care and anti depressants

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Posted in: Two new low-altitude routes introduced in April for landings at Haneda Airport enter Yokota airspace controlled by the U.S. military. Do you think it is right that the U.S. military should be able to control airspace in Japan? See in context

It’s an American base. American soil (legally). It’s their airspace. People may not like it but that’s how it works. And I think the American presence has worked out pretty well for Japan over all.

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Posted in: 238 cats rescued from house in Sapporo See in context

I don’t even want to imagine the stench. I have one female cat and if I don’t clean her litter box regularly (sometimes I’m lazy) it stinks.

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Posted in: 2 love hotels reprimanded for denying room to gay couple See in context

It’s kind of disheartening that this stuff is still happening in 2020. But I have to agree with other posters that most love hotels are anonymous and if there is a person at reception, you can’t even see their face. A little strange. That being said, people are people and nobody should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation

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Posted in: Ex-lovers of Johnny Depp come to his defense in libel case See in context

I met Depp once at a publicity event in Tokyo a few years ago. He’s a weird guy, no doubt about that. But he came off as a really nice soft spoken guy and was interacting with fans and let everyone take pictures with him. He doesn’t seem like a wife beater.

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Posted in: Japanese firms back same-sex partnership certificate campaign in gay rights push See in context

It never made sense to me all the stigma and hatred directed towards the LGBT community. Who cares? People are people. If two people love each other, why can’t they live in peace? People’s private lives is their business. Same sex couples should have the same rights as anyone else.

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Posted in: Abe faces struggle on coronavirus, economy, after Olympics delayed See in context

Yeah and my 100 yen McDonald’s hamburger jumped 110 yen today. Nice

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Posted in: Japan begins coronavirus travel restrictions for China, S Korea See in context

This is fear mongering. This virus is less deadly than the common flu. The world has gone nuts.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' actor says he'll no longer voice Apu after controversy See in context

Apu was one of my favorite characters on the show and Azaria is hilarious. It doesn’t make sense. The Simpsons was built on stereotypes. I work in IT and a lot of my colleagues are from India. They love the character. It seems to be second generation Indians in America that seem to dislike Apu... like they want to distance themselves from their culture and act as American as possible. Really a shame because every other character in the Simpsons is also a stereotype. People need to get a life and stop being so sensitive. Thank you PC for ruining a guilty pleasure for me. Because the Apu centered episodes were some of the best and sometimes after a long day I would like to wind down and stream an episode or two. What has the world come to?

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Posted in: Trump declares an Iranian's general's 'reign of terror' over See in context

The thing that bothers me about Trump is that he doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of his office. His decisions, him not reading the intelligence reports, him not calculating the consequences of his actions. He’s a loose cannon and needs to be reigned in.

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Posted in: Trump declares an Iranian's general's 'reign of terror' over See in context

I’m sure this Iranian General was a bad guy. I’m not sure it was the smartest move on Trump’s part to “take him out” because this guy was a military general. Obama took out OBL. The difference is that OBL was, at least officially, disassociated with every government in the region, except Pakistan, and was a known terrorist. I don’t think Trump can trump Obama.

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Posted in: Man says he followed 10-year-old girl because she was cute See in context

Well that’s creepy but not surprising in this country. At least the girl is safe.

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

Actually the Yakuza was originally all Korean. They filled a void directly after the war and smuggled food into the country to deal with the food shortage and worked with the Americans. They served a purpose.

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

I can tell you from experience that any good tattoo artist in Japan is either current or former Yakuza. And most Yakuza technically are foreign - Zainichi Koreans.

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Posted in: Woman walking her dog killed in hit-and-run incident; driver arrested See in context

Try walking on any street in any country is South East Asia, nobody stops at a red light and they don't stop for pedestrians. You basically gamble with you're own life if you cross a street in Jakarta or Bangkok. Japanese streets look pretty tame in comparison. But it's tragic that an old lady out for her morning walk with her dog gets hit and died. And the dog too.

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Posted in: Man jailed twice for sexual assault arrested again for same offense See in context

Company employee? Never understood why English media in Japan always uses that term. You are either employed or unemployed. Not really pertinent to the story. I'd be more interested in knowing the name of the company that specializes in employing ex cons.

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Posted in: Liam Gallagher talks solo rise, family feud and rock music See in context

Say what you want, but Oasis left their mark and will go down in rock history.

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Posted in: Shibuya bans public drinking for Halloween in some areas See in context

Yeah, they mentioned this last year. Old news.

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Posted in: Princess Mako, niece of Emperor Naruhito, turns 28 See in context


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Posted in: 'Clear risks' for stability in China's Pacific lending See in context

Well its never a good sign when southeast Asia's only real democracy, Indonesia, is moving their capital from Jakarta to Borneo. The moving company Indonesia is using? China. Enough said.

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Posted in: Abe calls on Suu Kyi to ensure Rohingya can return to Myanmar See in context

@Norman Goodman,

I'm a liberal but I'm not defending the Nobel prizes. That is why i mentioned Kissenger. They gave it to him but he, more than any other man (Trump is a close 2nd). screwed up the world order and made things worse for everyone to this day. I'm not going to argue about Obama but it was ironic that during his acceptance speech, basically talked about the need for Americans to kill abroad.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

Not sure you can even call South Korea a democracy as it never really was one in the first place.

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