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Posted in: Ohtani hits consecutive triples as Angels rout Mariners 14-1 See in context

Just then again, he doesn't seem to have the same focus that Ichiro had to the game

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Posted in: Ohtani hits consecutive triples as Angels rout Mariners 14-1 See in context

The kid has only been in the majors a little over 3 years and is under 30. I'm interested to see where his career will take him. He might surpass Ichiro as the greatest Japanese ballplayer of all time.

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Posted in: Russia says it's in sync with U.S., China, Pakistan on Taliban See in context

Russia is only working in sync because the Taliban is bad for them and their vested interests in the middle east. Only real common ground Russia has with the west.

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Posted in: Witness: Taliban hang dead body in Afghan city's main square See in context

Any non Muslims here who have actually read the Quran? It's basically about as crazy as the Bible. If we took everything in the bible literally, we'd all be dead. Everything is a sin. Most of these hardliner islamists are illiterate and brainwashed. Sharia Law is a literal interpretation of the Quran that preys on the weak and mutilates it's actual meaning of peace. I feel sorry for the Afghans.

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Posted in: Elton John kicks off world-spanning gigs for climate, vaccines See in context

Elton John... The guys a legend and class act.

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Posted in: Disabled people can now use Android phones with face gestures See in context

Not the biggest fans of Android but that's pretty cool, especially people who are partially/ paralyzed

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Posted in: 'We've been expecting you, Mr Bond...': 007 back after virus delay See in context

Every other Bond film up until Casino Royale was just plain trash and mysogynistic as you can get. Craig has been the best Bond hands down.

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Posted in: Couple arrested after remains of miscarried baby found in refrigerator See in context

My ex wife had a miscarriage. There was blood everywhere soaking through the sheets. I called the paramedics immediately. The doctors were cold and gave us the choice of having them dispose of the fetus or cremating it. We chose the later. But she was hospitalized for a few days. But the woman in this story, it doesn't make sense. So yeah, that's why they were arrested.

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Posted in: Gov't to accept Princess Mako's decision to decline ¥150 mil marriage money See in context

Komura certainly doesn't seem like a "looser" at all. You can't be stupid to graduate from Fordham. I just don't understand what his mother's financial situation had to do with anything. It wasn't his debt in the first place. And yeah, I'm sure any firm in the US would be eager to hire him now.

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Posted in: Vaccine nasal sprays aim to 'shut door' on virus See in context

I'm just wondering how they administered nasal spray into mice in the first place?

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Posted in: Woman gets 5 years in prison for killing newborn in Tokyo airport toilet See in context

Only 5 years for an infant's life? How about 76-80 years of the potential life the infant could have had? Good job Japan! I have so much faith in your justice system!

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Posted in: Shopping at Japanese convenience store Lawson? Don’t forget to take a cooking pot with you See in context

Oden is great and easy to make at home but I hate that convenient stores sell it. It's such a pain in the first place and if someone in front of you orders Oden, it's you have to wait so much longer in line. It was much easier when they used to let customers dish it out themselves.

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Posted in: Japan’s new canned creamy shortcakes turn heads for sweet lovers See in context

Umm... They have been selling the same thing in Tochigi for years and years. Nothing new. Just go to Utsunomiya and you can find at least ten places selling these things in the station alone.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for scalding toddler to death with hot water See in context

Water temp controls aren't always in the shower. Sometimes they're only in the kitchen. RIP.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn boy flushed down toilet See in context

Like other commenters have said, the infant, at 25 weeks would have had little chance of survival even in a hospital. The article doesn't say if it was a stillbirth or not. What I heard on tv is that she is a wealthy Thai tourist who was allowed to stay in Japan because of the global lockdowns and got knocked up from a Japanese guy.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman out on bail over son's murder, arrested for killing sister See in context

I find it highly unlikely that two family members would request to be killed. And never live with your mom past the age of 30 if you don't have to. But why did they let her out on bail in the first place after confessing to killing her son?

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Posted in: 'Who the hell are you?' Japanese man asks bear while it’s attacking him See in context

Darn, 74yo and and able to fight off a bear. Wow! He's lucky to be alive

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Posted in: Mother asks public for help in finding daughter missing since 2019 See in context

Well, they never found a trace of that french woman who went missing in Nikko a few years ago either. These mountain areas of Japan are vast and dangerous. Anything could have happened.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy will not be prosecuted over 6-year-old sister’s death See in context

Reminds me kind of of that old Kore-Eda film, Nobody Knows. Sad.

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Posted in: Man arrested for smuggling gun parts from U.S. See in context

Yeah that's why I'm paranoid going into any supermarket, convenience store, gas station or basically anywhere in public in the US. At least with a crazed Japanese guy with a knife, I might stand a chance. Ordinary civilians should have no right to hold or bear firearms.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

It's not a wave. It's been one big tsunami

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

I don't even understand why they call them waves. It's been constant covid for the past almost 2 years.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

Yeah and when does the 6th wave start?

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

She's not really a feminist in the traditional sense. She's been pragmatic. Not a fan of her but you can't be a feminist in this country and win anything. Still, she's been smart.

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

The guy sounds like an idiot who overstayed his visa and then has the balls to complain about his lunch? Then on top of that got violent. What did he think would happen? I got scars on my wrists for being handcuffed in a Thai prison for almost 24 hours over a misunderstanding. I'm sure the Japanese were nicer to him than the Thais.

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

Well she's less radical than the nut Abe is backing but she doesn't have a chance.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over kidnapping of girl he met online See in context

@snoweymountainhill... I agree with you. Role play is one thing but going beyond that and actually living out your sick fantasies is another thing.

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Posted in: China urges Japan's PM candidates not to meddle in internal affairs See in context

Then maybe china should stay out of Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, heck, most of asian territories and stop constructing man made islands.

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Posted in: Former high school baseball coach re-arrested over sexual assault of male team member See in context

Sick guy. But how stupid do you have to be to accept a massage from your coach? Thats just is a red flag right there.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over kidnapping of girl he met online See in context

Jesus. Just use Tinder or bumble to find some freaky girl who's actually in to ur twisted stuff instead of holding a kid against her will.

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