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Posted in: Father of suspect arrested over knife attack outside University of Tokyo issues public apology See in context

I would be mortified if my son did something like that. I think most parents try to raise there kids to be good people but sometimes that’s not enough and the parents and/ or children have psychological/ mental issues.

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Posted in: Classic rock albums turning 50 See in context

The Rolling Stones have overstayed their welcome by at least 40 years. They should have bowed out like the Beatles. Can’t say anything bad about Eric Clapton though.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over fire that destroyed Osaka warehouse See in context

So he’s 19 and the media won’t name him because he’s a “minor” but they have no problem in naming a 20yo? The kids an idiot. If you hate your job so much go out and find another one.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of tenant in same apartment building See in context

Let me guess. Either the victim smoked constantly on the balcony and that pissed his neighbor off or he kept the tv on full volume all the time. That doesn’t warrant murder but if that was me, I’d probably just complain to the landlord.

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Posted in: Former pro baseball player arrested for stealing champagne See in context

He quit baseball almost 20 years ago. He must have not been that good to retire so young and blew through all his money. And why would anyone steal champagne. If you’re gonna commit a crime, there are much more valuable items to steal.

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Posted in: Age and race no factor for Denzel Washington's Macbeth See in context

Washington is a class act. It doesn’t really matter, at least to me, the color of his skin. It’s a great story but Macbeth was a terrible character and Lady Macbeth was even worse of a human being. Gotta give it to Shakespeare for creating a great story about two retched people with no redeeming qualities

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Posted in: Woman arrested for keeping father’s corpse in house See in context

It could have been about the pension payments. But is it that hard to report a death in the family? That authorities aren’t going to charge you upfront and may actually null and void the charge depending on your financial situation.

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Posted in: Uber Eats cyclist indicted over death of 78-year-old pedestrian See in context

The only time I use glasses are when I’m inside. Rest of the time, only contacts. I can’t even walk down a flight of stairs with glasses on account of possibly tripping and breaking my neck. So yeah, I would never ride a bicycle with glasses.

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Posted in: Toyota tops global auto sales in 2021 for 2nd year in row See in context

Nothing really great or classy about Toyota but they are reliable vehicles. No surprise. Then you got Fiat. And the old joke was fiat stood for “Fix It Again Ted” because those pieces of junk always break down.

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Posted in: Masks: Consider them a sign of progress in the fight against COVID See in context

Yeah I totally stopped wearing masks a year ago. I still keep them on my person but won’t wear one unless specifically asked. If you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die. Might as well be comfortable.

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Posted in: The metaverse offers a future full of potential – for terrorists and extremists, too See in context

People don’t need this garbage. For humans to have the intelligence to create this technology, it baffles me that we are so so so stupid. Get a life and go outdoors. Nobody needs augmented reality. Actual reality is scary enough.

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Posted in: Kanye West planning to perform in Russia, meet Putin: Billboard See in context

Why would Putin even give that moron the time of day? Oh wait, I get it, great chance for some good old kremlin propaganda that dumb dumb is feeding right into

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Posted in: End-of-life conversations can be hard, but your loved ones will thank you See in context

No thank you, I’m perfectly happy not even thinking about it. Too morbid. My lawyer can handle all the unpleasant things.

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Posted in: Study suggests Japanese curry effective at staving off dementia See in context

Then why all the dementia patients in Japan?

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Posted in: Tokyo same-sex partnership plans highlight road ahead for LGBTQ rights See in context

Japan should just legalize same sex marriage. If two people love each other, it doesn’t matter what their gender is. These couples aren’t hurting anyone so who cares? I don’t. If you go back in Japanese history the Japanese were pretty gay, including the samurai.

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Posted in: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's 17-year-old son found dead See in context

I had thought she had mental problems and died a few years ago but I guess I was thinking of the Irish singer from the Cranberries.

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Posted in: We try 7-Eleven Japan’s minced beef 'katsu' burger See in context

They’ve always sold these at every convenience store and they taste as bad as they look but are better than nothing if it’s 2am and no McDonald’s in sight.

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Posted in: Gunma man arrested for attempted marriage of woman without her knowledge See in context

I always found it strange that they don't require both parties present for registering marriages and divorces in Japan. Divorce without your partner’s knowledge seems fairly easy. Marriage on the other hand… how did he know the woman’s honseki and all the other personal info? Maybe he was crazy enough to hire a PI?

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Posted in: Tokyo changes age limit for kids going into opposite sex’s bath at hot springs and sento See in context

I’m uncomfortable taking a bath in front of complete strangers period. I’m not even religious but find the practice so odd. I think I still have ptsd from the first and last time I ever used a public bath haha!

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Posted in: Billionaire space tourist Maezawa eyes Mariana Trench trip next See in context

Pretty sure James Cameron beat him there by over a decade ago.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency imposed on 3 prefectures hosting U.S. bases See in context

I’m vaccinated. Would have done it regardless. But my biggest motivating factor in getting vaccinated and navigating all the Japanese red tape was my naive belief that once I did so, I could stop wearing masks. How wrong I was. It basically seems we back to square one and the vaccines were pointless if they will not protect against new variety’s which seem to pop up every six months like clockwork

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Posted in: Chrysler aims to be all electric by 2028 See in context

Kind of behind the curb but better late than never.

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Posted in: 2 men re-arrested over child prostitution and pornography with minors See in context

Not trying to victim shame but a 17yo girl should know better than to have a 3 way with two middle aged men for cash. Then again the age of consent for girls in Japan is 13 so…. It sounds like they were arrested for the pornography and not for having sex with teenagers. Japan is so backwards!

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Posted in: Five unique Japanese events in a child’s first year See in context

Nothing unique

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Posted in: Biden accuses Trump, supporters of holding 'dagger at throat' of democracy See in context

He’s not wrong

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

i feel for her but she must have been pretty un passable if she was outed like that. Most people wouldn’t bat an eye or even really notice in passing. My best friend is trans and nobody suspects anything and people are shocked if she decides to disclose that info. Maybe she recently started transitioning?

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Posted in: Uniqlo Japan’s lucky bag creates chaos at Tokyo store See in context

Why are these pieces always written in the 3rd person? It’s so weird. It’s almost laughable. Reporting on what your own reporter reported lol.

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Posted in: Tiger attacks 3 workers at Tochigi safari park; one loses hand See in context

These facilities take terrible care of their animals. I’m not surprised. Tigers are beautiful from a distance but I wouldn’t want to get up close with one. Especially a pissed off one.

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Posted in: ¥5 million reward offered to anyone who can find a missing dog in Tokyo See in context

Sounds like a pretty stupid dog. Talk about loyal. I used to walk around with my German shepherd with no leash. The dog would never leave my side and got anxiety issues if he couldn’t see me.

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Posted in: Apple becomes 1st U.S. company to reach $3 tril valuation See in context

Plus, maybe I’m biased and hypocritical considering I’m posting this from an iPhone but Microsoft has always seemed like a much more ethical company.

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