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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

Some of the Matsuya places in central Tokyo are paying 1,600 yen an hour for night shifts. That’s not bad at all for a part time job for students.

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Posted in: Fewer domestic travelers seen in Golden Week See in context

A friend of mine worked full time at a certain afterschool place advertised on this site. He gave one month notice and his last day was in mid March. He clocked in over 70 working hours for the month of March and his former company not only didn’t pay him, they sent him a bill for 20,000 yen charging him for two days he took off. I told him to complain to the labor office. But if Japanese companies do the same to Japanese staff, no wonder why nobody takes vacations.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

He’s contrite and composed because he wasn’t arrested and wasn’t in police custody and probably had good advice from a lawyer before voluntarily being questioned. Being referred to prosecutors doesn’t mean they will take any action so long as there is a contrite apology.

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Posted in: Japan court OKs family name change for man in same-sex relationship See in context

And Japanese women want the right to keep their surname.

I’m curious how a male, regardless of sexual orientation, becomes a sole foster parent on official documents… I would assume the child is a niece or nephew of a deceased sibling because Japan makes it almost impossible for heterosexual couples to become foster parents to begin with.

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Posted in: Man robbed while waiting in car as wife shops in Aichi See in context

What would have happened if he didn’t have the cash on him? I usually never have more than 2,000 yen on me at any given time.

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Posted in: Orange juice crisis ’24 – Japan’s OJ supplies drying up See in context

They sell fresh orange juice in machines filled with oranges at train stations for 350 yen. 4 oranges for one cup. That’s a good deal because one orange in a supermarket is always going to be more than 100 yen. There is no orange shortage. They just can’t water it down enough to cover the costs.

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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

It has nothing to do with the weak yen. Every year they have the same article with different reasons for why… more to do with stagnant wages, only 4 - 5 days off and exorbitant prices anyway because Japanese only take vacations during golden week and new years.

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

It doesn’t make economical sense to buy an Akiya since new homes in Japan are dirt cheap to begin with and, as someone pointed out, renovating is astronomically expensive and tearing these things down are more expensive than the land they sit on. So a new house with a 10 year guaranteed warranty against defects is a good deal in a lot of people’s minds.

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Posted in: Chinese tech giant Huawei profit surges 564%, biting into Apple sales See in context

Yet we all buy iPhones and the Chinese would too if the phones didn’t cost them at least 3 months salary.

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Posted in: Japan anime studio draws on talent of autistic artists See in context

@Shadows of the Rising Sun

I feel for you. It seems a lot of commenters on this forum are intolerant of anything that’s not black and white… about anything really.

I myself probably am on the spectrum but was diagnosed as a child in the 90’s with “non-verbal learning disability” and I don’t even think they call it that anymore.

It’s really hard in Japan. I can’t do shift work or any other kind of work that requires “clocking in and out” with any sort of accountability for being late by more than 5min - as in affecting coworkers or backfill who need to cover my shifts. I’m not punctual unless there is an incentive in it for me.

And that makes me sound like a jerk which is why I’ve always worked in sales because there is always an incentive to work harder. It’s ironic because it’s more stress and responsibility but I can basically do whatever I want so long as I hit/ exceed the target numbers and most managers, even Japanese, don’t care how you achieve your KPI’s.

If Japanese companies had been more accommodating maybe I would have actually used my degree and worked in my field.

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Posted in: Japan anime studio draws on talent of autistic artists See in context

That’s great but aren’t a lot of people in the creative industries worldwide on the spectrum anyway? Isn’t that where the whole cliche of the “difficult/ troubled artist” comes from? Better late than never I guess.

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Posted in: Japanese ramen restaurants under pressure from new yen banknotes See in context

100 bowls of ramen a day for 6 months to make 1M - 2M yen? That must be the cheapest ramen on the planet!

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Posted in: 2 Japanese gangsters wanted over killing of man in Thailand: report See in context


Probably because Japan does not have jurisdiction over the crime and Japanese media self-censor themselves unless it involves and old man stealing onigiri from a 7-11 domestically, who they name and shame, because that is need to know information for public safety.

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Posted in: Japan grants special residency permit to Russian man opposing Putin See in context


Netanyahu might come in Second. Only difference between him and Putin really is that Jewish interest groups control the US congress so he’s a “friend”, albeit a mass murderer, and we facilitate his genocide.

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Posted in: Believers still pursuing Hiroshima mystery beast 50 years after sightings See in context

Bigfoot is a crucial part of the ecosystem, if he exists. So let's all help keep Bigfoot possibly alive for future generations to enjoy unless he doesn't exist.

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Posted in: Man arrested after punching condo management firm employee while holding ballpoint pen See in context

These management companies can be real scum, using yakuza-like tactics if you’re even one day late with rent. Happened to me. One day late and 3 men show up at my door and force me to go to the bank with them to watch me transfer the funds. So yeah, not surprising one of them got punched in the face.

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Posted in: 63 doctors, dentists sue Google for keeping reviews they say are unfair See in context

Interesting. The pediatrician/ family clinic near my home has really negative reviews, based seemingly on the fact that it was also a covid vaccination center during the pandemic and that many people were turned away during that time. But in terms of being a pediatric clinic, they are great and went above and beyond when my infant daughter was sick and needed to be hospitalized at a larger institution - they arranged everything.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stealing box with GPS tracker from man’s doorstep See in context

Back in the day it used to be really hard to get a delivery from Amazon or anywhere left on your doorstep if you weren’t home. Now it’s the preferred way because none of them have enough drivers to do same day redeliveries. And I’m still under 40 so it wasn’t that long ago!

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate rises to 23.8%: poll See in context

Those ratings are still abysmal. Problem with Japanese politicians is that they have absolutely no accountability, no mandate and deflect blame to others. Same with corporate Japan and Japanese society as a whole. Give me an example, throughout history, where Japan took accountability about anything, without outside pressure, and I will change my mind.

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Posted in: Testimony begins in lawsuit accusing Japanese police of racial profiling See in context

I don’t know. I see cops frisking young Japanese guys all the time at stations checking their bags, wallets, etc. for no apparent reason other than wearing really baggy pants.

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Posted in: Over 100 hotels in Japan fall victim to Booking.com phishing scams See in context

I’m guessing this happened mostly to family owned ryokan hotels? Overpriced but they really do go above and beyond in making preparations for their guests.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 18-year-old son See in context

I’m sure I’m not the only one but stories like these really put your own dysfunctional relationship with your mother into perspective.

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Posted in: Junior high school students arrested over suspected cocaine use in Gifu Prefecture See in context

Coke is not hard to find in the financial districts here. Whether people are risk tolerant enough to do it considering Japan’s drug laws is another issue. So I’d be more interested in to know how these kids got their hand on it because, as another poster said, it’s not cheap.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pressing naked butt against water faucet in Tokyo park See in context

I’m more concerned about how they legally gained access to his phone… in the rest of the world police can’t even get access to any iPhone of suspected terrorists but Japanese police are somehow always able to find incriminating photos on the phones of perverts. Water fountains are as a matter of course filthy anyway so no big surprise.

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Posted in: Muslims in Japan serve up curry for quake-hit Noto residents See in context

Muslims are very generous, even if they have very little themselves. If you’re hungry and have no money, go to a mosque anywhere in Japan on a Friday and they will give anyone, especially, infidels, a free meal. No need to rob a supermarket.

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Posted in: Convenience store employee arrested for attempting to kill co-worker See in context

Poor guy. Anyone over 30 working at family mart does so out of necessity.

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Posted in: Japan to limit number of asylum applications to speed up deportations See in context

The problem was that Indonesians kept abusing the asylum system. Kind of hard to claim persecution for being a Christian in a Muslim majority country when Christianity is defined in the constitution as one of 4 national religions of Indonesia. They kind of ruined it for actual asylum seekers who needed help.

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

He’s obviously not referring to any train station bathroom or public restroom. I saw feces in the urinal at Shinjuku station last night. Hadn’t seen that since my high school days in the states. Disgusting.

But the nicest public bathrooms have to be in Nikko. Even in the dead of winter they are heated… well, they probably have to be otherwise the toilet bowls will freeze over.

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Posted in: Indonesian president-elect vows to further strengthen ties with Japan after visiting China See in context

So they elected the former dictator’s executioner and the current president’s son. So now they’re no different than the Philippines… oh wait Marcos in the Philippines didn’t actually kill anyone, that was his father. This guy actually did murder a lot. Guess Indonesia is worse.

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Posted in: Japan publisher threatened over publication of trans-skeptical book See in context

The book does promote discrimination against trans people. But arson threats aren’t really helping their (trans) cause.

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