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Posted in: Japan cash handout discriminated against Korean students: U.N. experts See in context

That is the NK University for people who revere their Dear Leader Kim. They even have his pic up in each classroom with the NK flag. Can't Kim send some money to help support his unlicensed "University" here in Japan? He sure gave money to his government owned NK restaurants in Thailand to keep them from going out of business.

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Posted in: Japan gives preliminary OK to Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines See in context

This is great news for us as we need to vaccinate people as quickly as possible before the Olympics, but I definitely won't be taking the AstraZeneca jab if that is what is only offered to me. Just look at what happened to Eric Clapton the other day and the many others both reported and unreported.

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Posted in: Japan emphasizes concerns over China's military in diplomacy report See in context

No need to worry about anything here. By 2030 the west will be too weak to do anything over here in Asia and China's diplomacy of reuniting Taiwan with the PRC will be finalized. Keep eating your popcorn and enjoy the show.

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Posted in: Who has the better claim to the disputed isles controlled by Japan as the Senkakus but claimed by China as the Diaoyus? See in context

The Diaoyus will be taken within the next 6 years without ever firing a shot with China flagged fishing vessels just like what you are now seeing with the 200 ships at the Philippines owned Whitsun Reef . They will swarm and land on the Diaoyus and declare it Chinese and keep a contingent of Chinese there. The US administration will not want to risk conflict over it and Japan is too weak to do anything alone. Then afterwards it will be forgotten until the day they take back Taiwan which will be swift and decisive with the Diaoyus under Chinese control.

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Posted in: 345 people in Japan infected with coronavirus variants See in context

Japanese citizens vs foreign residents / visa holders vs tourists. Right now, tourists can't basically enter. Foreign residents can, but it's bit difficult. But Japanese citizens can enter/leave pretty much same as before. If a Japanese citizen flies to a nearby country today, returns tomorrow, they may meassure his temperature as they want, he may be already infected, but no symptoms yet. And he may start infecting.

But it's easier to blame it on foreigners for bringing it here..

You seem to have forgotten the hundreds of American Military each month potentially bringing in COVID-19 from the USA to Japan as we speak. Remember Okinawa and the Hilton hotel? Remember Iwakuni and the DOD teacher who lied and took a plane down to the base? Remember the 4th of July beach party and the spread? Currently they are going back to the US and other places and being allowed to re-enter Japan without any quarantine overseen by the Japanese government. They enter under their SOFA agreement.

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Posted in: MLB players reaffirm pay stance; no deal with teams in sight See in context

While these MLB players haggle over millions of USD's there are 43 million of their fellow Americans out of work looking broke and in debt. As the old saying goes the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

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Posted in: U.S. Forces extends health emergency to all of Japan See in context

The crazy part about it is the daily Military flights from Seattle and LAX to Kadena Air Base & Yokota Circumventing Japanese immigration and the quarantine policies as they are exempt under SOFA. Meanwhile infections keep rising on the base, but nobody can find out the real numbers as they are now not releasing them. The young military populace is asymptomatic and spreading it outside their gates to the local community. They act like Japan is the problem while the USA is on fire right now. This is absolute madness!

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Posted in: Man detained over drug use after woman found dead in Kitakyushu hotel room See in context

@blahblah222 The police always siding with the male clients created this horrible situation in Japan. The shinjuku police especially hold very little regard to protect the lives and wellbeing of the female workers, and allows for massive exploitation, including underage prostitution/sex trafficking at several well known delivery health shops.

Where is your source for your diatribe? The situation is very sad and in no way does the article imply she was a prostitute, so have some respect for a deceased person.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

But the US Military will continue to import the coronavirus from the US hotspots and be allowed to enter under SOFA exemptions. Today the Pentagon ordered them to cease giving info on the numbers in Europe and Asia. Meanwhile according to their own Stars and Stripes news, cases from the military are surging in Europe and Japan.

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Posted in: Investigation into burned Shuri Castle closed with no conclusive results See in context

The strange thing about this whole investigation is that assistance from the local American base law enforcement was offered with their arson investigators, but declined probably due to the anti-base sentiment of the governor. With this outcome why wouldn't they want all the help they could get on this case regardless of politics? Seems very strange, meanwhile people are donating their hard earned money based on emotions. A sad situation for everyone all around.

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Posted in: Police say Vietnamese suspect shoplifted ¥28 mil in goods at drugstores See in context

Just the beginning as these cases will increase drastically soon. Wait until after the Olympics...

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Posted in: Thief steals $840,000 watch from Japanese man's wrist in Paris See in context

Seems this young man is more successful at 30 yrs old than most people will be in their lifetime. Hope he gets the watch back or had good insurance for it.

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Posted in: Alleged operator of illegal manga site arrested after deportation from Philippines See in context

This same guy was going by the name Zakay Romi using an Israeli passport living in Angeles City north of Manila, yet he wasn't hiding... Glad they caught him!

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Posted in: Japan encourages foreign tourists to buy travel insurance due to surge in unpaid medical bills See in context

This is hilarious all the unpaid bills in Okinawa Hospitals. I was just there and went to Adventist Medical Center as usual for a annual checkup and they were charging all Military & SOFA people a 200% increase since they don't have the usual Japanese Insurance we have. I guess they are recouping most of the money there from those poor souls since the island is flooded with them. See the flier they handed out with the 200% increase to make up for lost fees from insured tourists.

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Posted in: Iraqi sues Japan for refusing refugee status See in context

Clearly an economic refugee. He should go to Europe and stay out of here. This is the one country that is still nice and we should all work to keep it that way.

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Posted in: 2 Narita airport workers confirmed as having measles See in context

In Okinawa over 15% of the SOFA Status dependents 18 under are unvaccinated per 2017/18 stats from DODEA. Most of those unvaccinated received the religious or personal exemption waiver by signing the letter and turning it into the registrar. I just hope the outbreak on Okinawa continues to decline or they will be in for a very rude awakening.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

As a employee of a Tour company this is our make it or break it time, so I am more than happy to be working hard during this holiday. I will look forward to our hard work paying off later this year, while everyone has a very enjoyable long holiday period.

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Posted in: 106 foreigners disappeared in Japan last year after arriving on cruise ships See in context

0.00434426% of passengers failed to return home. Now that is a crisis.

All that it takes is for one very bad person out of the 106 to cause havoc with an incident like you see in the West.

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Posted in: Top U.S. general urges Google to work with military See in context

This isn't a big deal. Google is just not working with the US War Department aka DOD. They are still working will all of the US cybersecurity, healthcare, etc.. I applaud Google on putting ethical values over money and large DOD contracts instead of selling their soul to the highest bidder. Google should not be in the business of warfare for any country period!

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Posted in: 1st case of unlicensed private lodging sent to prosecutors See in context

I live in a decent condo I am renting and there is now one owner renting it out AirBnB since you can get four times the monthly rental which is very smart; however, for the poor families living on that floor I pity them. Constant problems each week from late night parties on weekdays to having 14 people in a condo only suited for 5 at the most. Trash overflowing cause they refuse to follow the city garbage regulations to one time having about 10 people sitting right outside the condo using the wifi since they were former tenants and knew the passcode. I agree with the new law, as it puts some civility into private rentals. Most people on here have never experienced and AirBnB rental in their building, but when you do you will understand why this new law is good.

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Posted in: Honda says he is preparing Cambodian soccer for the future See in context

It is too bad he doesn't use his expertise and concentrate on helping football here in Japan grow and become better. The up and coming players young kids could use someone like him and so could the minor leagues like JFL or J3.

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Posted in: Twitter suspended 58 million accounts in 4th quarter See in context

The bad thing is regular people's accounts got suspended in this mess also. Over a long 4 years I gained 8,000 followers and had been retweeted once by a popular Twitter verified person. Now because that one tweet was liked and commented on over 1000 times my account is suspended due to their TOS (I think there were bots retweeting or commenting with the regular people) and I cannot get it I wonder how many more thousands of regular people like me this happened to. No more Twitter for me..

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Posted in: More Chinese tourists turning to gypsy cabs See in context

Even the Americans are getting in on the illegal Taxi action and nobody cares"Uber Okinawa FaceBook page":

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Posted in: Young people mount campaign to raise minimum wage, end poverty See in context

Unfortunately, this idea has already been implemented in some places like Seattle and Australia. What happened is prices for goods, services and consumables sky rocketed and now you have whole lot of broke people making $15 an hour with nothing changing. Still broke with the $15. It is a shame they can't make the $15 an hour without prices changing.

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Posted in: Dozens join hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

Agree, they choose far away Japan instead of all the other countries hoping for a free handout like the Western countries give them. They should go to America or Europe, why come all the way to Japan. Good work Japan please keep your strict stance.

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Posted in: Japan wrestles over smoking ban as Olympics loom See in context

Sounds great change the tobacco smoking laws to Western Standards, then imposing the West's standard of smoking marijuana as a natural & accepted thing. SMH.....

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to sign pact to limit base workers' immunity from prosecution See in context

Kenney Franklin was not under SOFA he is a Japanese resident he worked for a Japanese company that had a contract with the military.

Tommusr you are another misinformed poster posting false news. He is SOFA and is currently being held in the SOFA wing of the Naha Detention Center. He kept his alien registration card illegally like so many local hires currently do for the cheap medical and other Japanese gov't benefits. Kind of like have the best of both worlds.


“While living in Okinawa, he was hired by a company contracted to provide services to U.S. military installations on Okinawa,” Hoffman wrote. “He was granted SOFA status through his employment with the contracted company.”

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to sign pact to limit base workers' immunity from prosecution See in context

All full time workers and some part time get cola.

Obviously darknuts you are uninformed about this topic. Only all APF or NAF stateside hires receiving LQA get this benefit unless you are one of the very rare old timers (hired before 2003) grandfathered in. According to the services MWR's NAF yearly report 98.8% of NAF local hires in Japan Do Not Get COLA.

Also I haven't heard of any incidents involving low paid civilian workers so I think your assumption is unfounded.

Are you serious? Does Ken Franklin Shinzato ring a bell? Low paid SOFA Mediatti internet contractor on Kadena Air Base recently murdered a local a few months ago.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to sign pact to limit base workers' immunity from prosecution See in context

They should go a step further a revoke SOFA for all US civilian employees/contractors unless they are on an LQA stateside hire package. Too many miscreants find love when they are stationed over there then get married and grasp at straws for any job that will hire them for little pay on the base. They end of being taken advantage of by being paid a low salary without COLA, Housing or any other benefits other than SOFA Status as their visa with BX rights. Years later, many end up in trouble for minor crimes such as black marketing, DUI, violating SOFA by working in a bar/club etc.. If the MWR's and other odds and ends jobs on the base can't afford to pay you properly with benefits then you shouldn't have SOFA.

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Posted in: Kurdish officials deport Japanese journalist over IS links See in context

Looks like a lot of you are unfamiliar with him also known by his Muslim name Shamil. He was a regular friend of ISIS commander Omar Ghrabah for those of you who forgot 2015 when he was in Syria. How about In September 2014 when Isis invited him to be 'witness and interpreter' at the trial of Yukawa, who was subsequently killed alongside fellow hostage Goto. Remember that? Unfortunately he is coming back to Japan as an ISIS trojan horse. Let's hope that Japan's Naicho 内調 keeps track of this guy and prevents him from causing havoc here by influencing young naive Japanese Muslims who can become radicalized. I also find it hilarious the article is calling him a journalist. Since when do journalists take up arms to fight with ISIS see the below link:

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