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Unfortunately, this idea has already been implemented in some places like Seattle and Australia. What happened is prices for goods, services and consumables sky rocketed and now you have whole lot of broke people making $15 an hour with nothing changing. Still broke with the $15. It is a shame they can't make the $15 an hour without prices changing.

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Agree, they choose far away Japan instead of all the other countries hoping for a free handout like the Western countries give them. They should go to America or Europe, why come all the way to Japan. Good work Japan please keep your strict stance.

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Sounds great change the tobacco smoking laws to Western Standards, then imposing the West's standard of smoking marijuana as a natural & accepted thing. SMH.....

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Kenney Franklin was not under SOFA he is a Japanese resident he worked for a Japanese company that had a contract with the military.

Tommusr you are another misinformed poster posting false news. He is SOFA and is currently being held in the SOFA wing of the Naha Detention Center. He kept his alien registration card illegally like so many local hires currently do for the cheap medical and other Japanese gov't benefits. Kind of like have the best of both worlds.


“While living in Okinawa, he was hired by a company contracted to provide services to U.S. military installations on Okinawa,” Hoffman wrote. “He was granted SOFA status through his employment with the contracted company.”

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All full time workers and some part time get cola.

Obviously darknuts you are uninformed about this topic. Only all APF or NAF stateside hires receiving LQA get this benefit unless you are one of the very rare old timers (hired before 2003) grandfathered in. According to the services MWR's NAF yearly report 98.8% of NAF local hires in Japan Do Not Get COLA.

Also I haven't heard of any incidents involving low paid civilian workers so I think your assumption is unfounded.

Are you serious? Does Ken Franklin Shinzato ring a bell? Low paid SOFA Mediatti internet contractor on Kadena Air Base recently murdered a local a few months ago.

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They should go a step further a revoke SOFA for all US civilian employees/contractors unless they are on an LQA stateside hire package. Too many miscreants find love when they are stationed over there then get married and grasp at straws for any job that will hire them for little pay on the base. They end of being taken advantage of by being paid a low salary without COLA, Housing or any other benefits other than SOFA Status as their visa with BX rights. Years later, many end up in trouble for minor crimes such as black marketing, DUI, violating SOFA by working in a bar/club etc.. If the MWR's and other odds and ends jobs on the base can't afford to pay you properly with benefits then you shouldn't have SOFA.

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Looks like a lot of you are unfamiliar with him also known by his Muslim name Shamil. He was a regular friend of ISIS commander Omar Ghrabah for those of you who forgot 2015 when he was in Syria. How about In September 2014 when Isis invited him to be 'witness and interpreter' at the trial of Yukawa, who was subsequently killed alongside fellow hostage Goto. Remember that? Unfortunately he is coming back to Japan as an ISIS trojan horse. Let's hope that Japan's Naicho 内調 keeps track of this guy and prevents him from causing havoc here by influencing young naive Japanese Muslims who can become radicalized. I also find it hilarious the article is calling him a journalist. Since when do journalists take up arms to fight with ISIS see the below link:

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