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Posted in: Romney says Obama just trying to 'hang onto power' See in context

It's rather embarrassing and pointless to read about this mud-slinging match. The REAL stuff is the debates in October. I'm stockpiling the popcorn cuz I reckon it's gonna be intense!

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Posted in: Top U.S. swimming coach calls China's Ye 'suspicious' See in context

Leave it to a gathering of the world's athletes, meant to foster Peace and friendly competition, to degrade into drug abuse, accusations, political chest-thumping, and corruption.

Why is it a disgrace to get silver instead of gold this time? Why is gold so important that nothing else matters? Why was Mr. Bean the only entertaining part?

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Posted in: Amnesty criticizes U.S. for 'unlawful' bin Laden raid, drone attacks See in context

There are rules and laws for International Criminals...but then there's no laws governing monsters. Those have the audacity to defend such a monster doesn't know what it feels like to lose loved ones in such a horrific way and for NO GOOD REASON.

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Posted in: Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post See in context

This guy doesn't seem too bright for a doctor. By the way Dr. Ferrari-Driver:

I wanted people to understand the beauty of a Ferrari

What he meant to say is the beauty of FIAT! Ferrari was just allowed to keep the name, after a more responsible company saved them from poor financial decisions (Decisions probably akin to posting a video of yourself speeding).

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Posted in: China, Taiwan slam Japan for naming disputed islands See in context

Let's share what we got!

As idealistic as this sounds, it will never happen. This is a dispute between Asian governments, not the general public (who couldn't care less). Even if they joined, governments would find something else to bicker about.

In Asian countries, the Government > The People.

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Posted in: Limbaugh apologizes to student he called a 'slut' See in context

read the headline. He apologized.

I read elsewhere that, at first, Mr. Rush refused to apologize. I wonder if people have actually listened to his show. Rush Limbaugh is not the "I'm sorry" type of person. That's why people listen. After a lot of sponsors decided to withdraw funding, I would wager he was pressured into saying 'sorry'.

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Posted in: Bum's the word in Japan security scans See in context


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Posted in: Europe forges fiscal union to stem debt crisis; Britain says no See in context

Hindsight is 20/20. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, but what if this is not enough?

It's easy to praise the UK, but this colossal mishap of letting any country with a half-baked plan join the euro threatens the world economy now. If the euro goes, it and anything like it is gone for good.

I say have the lending banks (the ones that should've known the debt wasn't repayable) write-off half the debt, that'd make this fiscal union easier to swallow.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda wears sexy oiran costume for new album See in context

17 songs, including the hits “Don’t stop love” and “Love Me Back,”

Not to mention smash hits like "Dovey love tub," "Love is love is love," "Lovtastic love," and the timeless classic "When loving lovers love, it's LOVE"! WOW!

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Posted in: Director Oliver Stone lashes out at U.S. See in context

No one in America will listen to or care what he has to say...because he is speaking in French.

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Posted in: Hear this See in context

I wish they'd use their energy to protest the crap going on in their own country first.

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Posted in: Japan may quit whaling commission if ban stays put See in context

Quick! Someone get 100 more call-girls!! They're gonna be working overtime for the next 3 months!

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Posted in: Oh my darling See in context

Ah, so my recent relationship woes in Japan wasn't because the women I met were dishonest, gold-digging cheaters and jet setters...it's because I didn't have a marvelous salt-and-pepper beard!

I wonder if there's a hair-growth formula for chins.

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Posted in: Law student Nana Tanimura decides music is a better career See in context

Is it just me, or is her arm bent the wrong way in the photo?

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino in good shape at 33 See in context

and vowed to “keep striving to be young so I don’t get called an ‘Oba-san.’”

I've seen this before. Mid-life Crisis at the tender age of 33!

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Posted in: Thai protesters march on army headquarters See in context

“To solve problems related to democracy, equality and justice—the ruling elites won’t be able to do that because they don’t have the conscience. The people will have to do it.”

Ah, "the people will have to do it." Words to live by, but no rioting!

I wish Japanese people had the courage to say this to their government sometimes.

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Posted in: Principal fails in cover-up after student's rib fractured by teacher See in context

It was a rash decision and I regret it now.”

Yeah, regretting it now after it didn't work out and you got caught.

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Posted in: Corporate 'blacklist' circulating among new graduates See in context

A sexual harassment case describes how a male employee walked into the shower knowing that a female employee, unable to go home, was using the company facility.

All of these reasons are illegal! These companies shouldn't even exist anymore!

Is this article subtly suggesting that labor laws are so ineffectual, that schools and students have to create a blacklist to protect each other?

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Posted in: Starbucks asks not to be center of gun debate See in context

Starbucks has the right to do this, but few will come to their aid should a rash of armed robberies occur. They'll get a smug "I told ya so," attitude.

I feel for the Baristas who have to work in stores where guns are common. Hopefully, individual managers can have the final say in what happens in their stores.

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Posted in: Campbell says U.S.-Japan ties are not in trouble See in context

Not in trouble? I've read elsewhere that they are, over numerous issues.

U.S.-Japanese economic ties are so intertwined, they are “almost pornographic.”

Interesting statement. Almost sounds sarcastic. I'd be wary of people spouting hyperboles and metaphors on-the-record to describe foreign relations.

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Posted in: Air traffic controller let son direct planes at JFK airport See in context

However, in this case, it seems no mistakes were made.

But what if there were? The controller wasn't stupid, just careless; however, lives are potentially at stake and such carelessness is unacceptable for an ATC.

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Posted in: Miss Mister Donut See in context

Who's the doughnutiest?

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Posted in: Japan says its whaling is conducted under international accord See in context

"This is the way it is. Whether you either like it or you don't, you are going to live with it".

Oh, you mean "shouganai"!

This is also why I think Japan should ditch the IWC and get on with it after this year's meeting in June also ends in failure.

I think I read somewhere that the LDP was considering this. Can't recall why they didn't (before being ousted by the DPJ) other than the obvious reasons:

simply leaving the IWC would look awful politically, and might open a whole new world in terms of what actions other countries can take. Japan could indeed whale with no quota, but also no loophole for protection.

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Posted in: Japan dealt severe blow in bid for last 4 in curling See in context

Big difference between real quality and jmedia hyped quality

Yeah, They have how many medals...3? Wasn't there a goal of 10 medals? I watched a short montage of Japanese athletes mostly falling down and crying today, set to depressing music.

Why are the Japanese teams underperforming/being disqualified? Are they buckling under the pressure?

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Posted in: Japan says its whaling is conducted under international accord See in context

People have been asking for links, how about these?:




I think there's difficulty in finding illegality in J-whaling because it is indeed a loophole. A big argument is that the whales do not need to be killed for the research Japan is submitting, which NZ and Aus are trying to gather information about.

Also, doesn't whale meat contain an illegal (read toxic) amount of mercury and dozens of other pollutants?

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Posted in: Japan says its whaling is conducted under international accord See in context

If it is true that the demand for whale meat is nil, then where is the profit from taking whales? What is the meat used for after the "research" is completed?

I said ALMOST nil, not nil.

It's my understanding that whaling is actually costing taxpayers more than what it earns; however, wasteful spending is common. It's also my understanding that the meat is being frozen and stored, occasionally sold at specialty restaurants, and put into school lunches and pet food. I'd presume very old meat is discarded.

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Posted in: Japan says its whaling is conducted under international accord See in context

Have you ever heard the Japanese phrase, "The nail that stands out must be pounded down"?

I suppose this is true, and why Australia and NZ have to take action to stop Japan's out-dated "culture" of whaling in the Antarctic (or is it research? I'm not sure anymore). Even if 75% of Japanese were against whaling, it would mean nothing, because they would do nothing.

Why does it seem like Japan is getting singled out? There are other countries that do whaling, but no one messes with them.

Many reasons. IMHO, it's the fact that no one believes it's required to kill the animals to research them, the fact that per year Japan whales almost as much as all countries combined yet demand for the meat is almost nil, and it's the most publicized BY FAR.

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Posted in: Narita ranked third in airport quality survey See in context

I've been stopped by the cops in the ticketing area and subjected to lengthy questioning.

I too, in addition to normal procedures, have been questioned twice AND searched...on a single trip from Narita. It's embarrassing to be the only person searched moments before boarding the plane. If you're traveling solo in Narita airport, then you make an easy target.

Other than that, I'm impressed by the English abilities of Narita airport staff. Perhaps, because I'm used to poor/nonexistent abilities everywhere else.

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Posted in: American White wins halfpipe gold; Kokubo, Aono finish 8th, 9th See in context

Very strange watching the 2nd run. Kokubo and Aono did awesome, but couldn't land their last trick, stumbling past the green line. It's as if they recognised the line means "finished," and just stopped trying after they crossed it.

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Posted in: Japanese luger disqualified over excess weights See in context

Yasuda had about 13.25 kilograms of extra weight. The legal limit is about 13.06 kilograms.

Sad. Considering these people are supposed to be professionals, you would think someone would've caught that beforehand. Even with an illegal amount of weight, she finished next-to-last.

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