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Posted in: First of all, the advanced communications skills needed to go from chatting someone up to actually having sex are deteriorating. Second, people get (sexual) satisfaction from the strong stimulation pr See in context

Interesting quote.

My two-cents: Japanese women (mostly college students) I've met OUTSIDE of Japan are buck-wild and ready to go with just about anyone (Just ask any bus driver in Guam);

however, when they return to Japan they go back to their old, anti-social selves. It's not just "chat-to-sex" communication skills, but communication skills in general that are deteriorating. It's the culture, IMHO.

BTW Mr. Kitamura, people look at X-rated media and still have meaningful relationships and healthy sex lives. It sounds like he's whinging about how "めんどうくさい" sex and his job is.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing high school boy at train station See in context

rushing through the ticket gate and getting into a taxi...Police received a call at about 9 a.m. Wednesday morning

So he immediately escaped by taxi, and wasn't caught until 9a.m. the next day? How?

Nobody around screamed for help or gave chase, alerting the driver that he's carrying a criminal?

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Posted in: Pachslot See in context

gambling is illegal but pay the right people off and it's all okay.

I also thought pachinko was illegal/heavily frowned upon here. Now celebrities are endorsing it? Is pachinko cool now?

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Posted in: N Korea threatens South amid push to restart talks See in context

North Korea is warning South Korea that it will take “strong measures”

Oh noooo! Strong measures!? The whole wide world is shaking in their knickers now!

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Posted in: Fuji TV newscaster Aiko Kaito poses in high school uniform for CD See in context

“I hope not only students, but also adults, will be reminded of the radiance of youth by listening to these CDs,” Kaito said.

But she's 26. I personally think she just wants to get paid to look hot in a uniform.

Anyways, uniforms remind me of control, discomfort, and lack of individuality. Basically everything but radiance.

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Posted in: Toyota's president apologizes for massive global recalls See in context

"Sorry everyone! We'll try our best to hide the problems better next time."

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Posted in: Miyuki Hatoyama, Becky, Saki Fukuda among best jewelry wearers See in context

the awards go to celebrities who are “the most brilliant,"...and “who want to wear jewelry in the future too.”

What makes a brilliant celebrity in Japan?

And how do you measure someone's desire to wear jewelry in the future? Do they just ask and whoever says "yes" quickest is the winner?

Hatoyama received the Special Prize this year.

Hehe. She is the most deserving of the "Special" Prize. I certainly think she's "Special"!

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Posted in: Japan not as worried about U.S. Toyota recalls See in context

Those kind of problems definitely won’t happen in Japan,” he said.

Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie: Nope, won't happen here, not a chance! It's happening all over the world, except here! Never ever ever! Then Takashi Itoh will be the next victim.

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Posted in: Hatoyama promises once again to settle U.S. base dispute by May See in context

Ok, who wants to bet the base dispute won't be settled in May?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss ways to resolve custody disputes See in context

U.S. officials urged Japan to sign the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, which seeks to ensure that custody decisions are made by courts in the country where children are born, and rights of access of both parents are protected.

The real reason is that if Japan signs the Hague, then the entire world would learn first-hand how backwards, arbitrary, and draconian Japanese Law has become. It's depressing and it's pathetic that Japan has to be the last country to sign and internationally accepted convention whilst spouting bunk arguments like the "abusive foreign husband" one.

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Posted in: Roppongi police hold anti-drug event See in context

This is posturing to make it seem like the police are actually doing their job, and aren't being paid off by local gangs with regards to drugs.

Everyone knows if someone wants to start dealing in Tokyo (especially Roppongi!), they have to either be yaks, or extremely lucky to have not yet encountered competing yaks.

which featured a demonstration of a drug-sniffing dog’s ability to detect marijuana.

This event sounds like one of those school assembly meetings where old fogeys preach that "We'll catch you!!" instead of educating about why drugs are harmful and illegal in the first place! I hope they at least had a former addict give a speech about drugs.

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Posted in: Hatoyama says he wants more equal ties with U.S. See in context

he wants the alliance between the two countries to become more open.

Right, and people in heck want ice water, too. Perhaps his mommy can buy him a clue.

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Posted in: Public support for Hatoyama plunges See in context

It's only natural that support would go down after a new government, promising so much, takes office.

I think the problem is the rapid plunge; they've been in office for about 3 months and already down approx. 14%.

Somebody please give me a reason to like the DPJ! One good solid reason.

They're not the LDP, SDP, Communist Party, or the Happiness Realization Party? People here were hungry for change and true leadership, but alas, they didn't have much to choose from, and the DPJ was the least of like 5 evils.

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Posted in: 'Avatar' blasts off with $232.2 million worldwide See in context

It looks great, especially the final war scene.

“Avatar” was an original tale whose concept was not pre-sold to audiences.

Story-wise, it's another "white-man exploits heathens" movie. Calling the tale original is a bit much. It's paper-thin, they might as well call the resources the Navi are sitting on oil. There's even a speech where the Commander-General guy states, "We will fight terror with terror!"

But it looks great! Superb animation!

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Posted in: SDP leader wants U.S. base off Okinawa See in context

Yes, and they should all go away. Look at what is going on in the world, its clear that the US are NOT the good guys.

Are you comparing the war in Iraq to U.S. bases in Okinawa? I hope not. You do realise those are 2 VERY different things right? Totally out of scope of "Indecision of behalf of the Japanese government" You're showing how little you know.

Either way, lodge a complaint with the Japanese government. Better yet, join the SDP. They have the power to expel the yanks, for better or worse. If Japan truly wanted the U.S. out, they'd be out. They're NOT the good guys, right? Ask yourself: The Phillipines expelled the U.S. years ago, why hasn't Japan?

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Posted in: Junichi Ishida declared 'Spouse Hunter of the Year' See in context

Who was he competing against?

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Posted in: SDP leader wants U.S. base off Okinawa See in context

I would feel much safer with Japan protecting itself with its own military.

I wouldn't. Do you know who ultimately commands the military? Hatoyama (and by Hatoyama I mean Ozawa...and by Ozawa I mean China and the Yakuza) Would you want a sizeable military force under his indecisive command?

Everyone acts like the only U.S. bases are in Okinawa. There's a high concentration there, granted, but there's still hundreds more throughout all Japan. Moving bases in Okinawa =/= U.S. presence in Japan.

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Posted in: SDP leader wants U.S. base off Okinawa See in context

Who truly cares about the SDP and what they have to say? "If the base isn't moved, We're leaving the government!" squeals the SDP, throwing a tantrum. They'll threaten to leave everytime they don't get their way.

If Ozawa gets more powerful, he'll dissolve this ineffectual party before they have a chance to leave the coalition.

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Posted in: What's up with Japanese economy? See in context

The chances are that Japan will sail on while others face shark-infested seas.

I disagree with this statement. To continue that metaphor: Japan already went through the shark-infested waters other countries have yet to face, and survived, but sails with a tattered, sinking ship...directly into a whirlpool known as deflation.

There was a mutiny, and the new captain is a lying, bungling, mama's boy (no different from the last captain.). Each year more sailors are sent to old Davy Jones' locker, and the foreign crewmen want to abandon ship!

If deflation truly engulfs S.S. Japan, it's doomed for good.

From a business perspective (foreign investment, etc.) all are shifting to China and India. The emerging markets. Japan has for FAR too long erected barriers to entry, tariffs, taxes, and "Japan does things differently" to stay afloat; those barriers still exist to this DAY. Businesses know this, and no amount of tatemae can hide it come 2010.

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Posted in: 'New' voted kanji character of the year See in context

Aw. My vote was for "嘘"

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Posted in: Japan says talks on U.S. base issue suspended See in context

‘‘These go beyond (the capacity of) the working group,’’ he added.

Then why does the working group exist if talking about the base is beyond their capacity? It's supposed to be a high-level group.

So, suspend it. It's too hard for the DPJ. Let the Okinawas "suffer" even longer, because their suffering was, supposedly, at the forefront of decision-making.

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Posted in: Japan becoming nation of unrelenting complainers See in context

I'd agree that the foreign community is years ahead of Japan when it comes to being unrelating complainers.

Yeah? Good! That's why prices for goods and services everywhere else are reasonable, companies are held accountable for mislabeling food or false advertising, and borderline extortionary fees such as "brotherhood fees", "friendship fees", the annual vehicle inspection fees, and reikin are outlawed (just to name a few!).

If the people stay quiet, then they get walked on. Complain away! Maybe people will agree with you.

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Posted in: Karina, two sisters model new line of wedding dresses See in context

A crimson-red wedding dress?

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador urges Japan to honor base agreement See in context

Okada said the issue is difficult but hoped to resolve it “by the end of the year.”

And by the end of the year, we'll see the headline: "Japan to honor original Futenma agreement"

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Posted in: Movie on Noriko Sakai gets new lead See in context

If you thought the MJ movie was too soon...this is MUCH too soon, even for this kind of insipid rubbish.

However, this is exactly the kind of vapid sensationalism that makes billions in Japan.

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Posted in: Saki Fukuda looking for a man who is soft on outside and strong on inside See in context

“a guy who looks like a ‘herbivore’ but is really strong inside.” She said she hasn’t found one just yet, but will keep looking.

So, all the 'herbivorous men' here are weak at heart, since she hasn't found any with strong insides.

How do you look like an herbivore anyways? Metro? Emo? No muscle tone? Wear a shirt with a big "X" over the word "meat"?

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai goes to university See in context

Uni students always know where the good dealers are ;)

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

Making a mountain out of a mole-hill...

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Posted in: Hatoyama says Japan should embrace more migrants See in context

“I think Japan should also make itself a country attractive to people so that more and more people, including tourists, hope to visit Japan, hope to live and work in Japan,”

You can give out any amount of money or change as many laws and policies as you want, it still won't change the attitudes of the populace regarding migrants here, at home and at the workplace.

Japan would rather have robots than open doors to accept more migrants.

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Posted in: New graduates face gloomy job prospects See in context

When I ask why I’ve failed a company exam, they tell me, ‘You people think we’ll hire you just because you’re from Todai?’”

I'd argue that having connections and real-world experience is more useful to finding gainful employment, especially in Japan. A friend or family member in a company will assure a placement in said company. Graduate school, primarily in business and 100% in International Business, is 1/2 about befriending people in high places and 1/2 internships.

Sadly the skill of communication here is changing from face-to-face to virtual communication. I think these graduates think companies will come to them automatically, but they must go out and actively get more than just a Todai education, especially in a prolonged recession.

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