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Posted in: Authorities drop child-snatching case against American man See in context

The issue is now under the rug and out of sight (only in Japan of course!)

Only until the next abductions.

Dropping charges and no changes or real conclusion assures that this will just happen again and again, with Japanese and foreign alike. Perhaps the next big case will have more sympathetic characters and a clear-cut "villian"

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Posted in: Meet the brains of Tokyo's women-only housing boom See in context

Hasn't this already been done in the form of having roommates?

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Posted in: Okada says there will be no base deal during Obama's visit See in context

no deal on relocating U.S. troops on Okinawa can be expected during President Barack Obama’s visit this week

The original agreement Japan signed took about 11 years, I think. What's another 11 to reach a new agreement, eh? By then the LDP will inevitably return and reinstate the original.

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Posted in: S Carolina man gets 3 years in prison for sex with horse See in context

This guy really REALLY loves animals.

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Posted in: Best Leathernist See in context

...It looks like the Maki Horikita just put on a leather jacket over her actual outfit.

"HEY you're wearing leather now! YOU WIN!!"

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Posted in: The rules of hostessing See in context

Many people wonder why women do this job. Well, the truth is that some really like it, especially those who like to talk and drink alcohol.

I know 4 former hostesses here in Japan. All 4 are on medication for mental illnesses. All are alcoholics. One tried to take her life.

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Posted in: Policeman fires two shots during brawl with foreigners in Mie See in context

Unfortunately, in other countries the cop would have shot and killed the suspects

Shot? Perhaps. Killed? Don't think so.

It's almost 2010, cops everywhere have spray, tasers, bean-bag bullets and other non-lethal weaponry. No need for lethal weapons unless it's authorized, an innocent might get hurt or, in this case, a suspect takes the officers weaponry and uses it against him.

That said, I love how it's always just foreigners and not specific like Americans, Peruvians, Chinese, Nigerian, or British men. That means we're all equal in Japan!

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Posted in: Last train blues See in context

If the trains ran 24/7, then 3/4 of the taxi drivers would be out of a job!

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of Japanese movies? See in context

I prefer older Japanese movies, especially black and white movies and those based on books like "Sunna no Onna" and the first "Gojira" movie even if they're low quality by today's standards.

Japanese movies now are more for making money with insipid and banal cliches and special effects instead of furthering the art. For example, "Rookies: Graduation". You don't have to act when you scream into the camera for half the movie.

I think life reflects art, and since movies are the most accessable here, after manga, it shows what Japan wants nowadays, good looks but no substance or character.

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Posted in: Two 15-yr-old boys sent to family court for assaulting 8-yr-old boy See in context

how did the 8 year old boy get involved with those psychos in the first place??? did they kidnap him on purpose???

The 8-year old used the older boy's bike without permission, prompting the assault and attempted murder.

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Posted in: White House advisers say Fox News is not news See in context

He shrugged off News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch’s remark to shareholders last Friday that since the White House began criticizing Fox News commentators their ratings have risen.

The White House should know there's no such thing as bad publicity. They're only fanning the flames, ensuring Fox News will continue their drivel.

Instead of denouncing Fox News, they were better off recommending respectable organizations they consider news. Personally, CNN and Al Jazeera-English are the best.

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Posted in: Thai billboard with Hitler causes diplomatic flap See in context

“We think he is an important historical figure, but in a horrible way."

So lets put him on a huge billboard to attract German and Jewish tourists, instead of say another non-horrible historical figure, complete with the caption Hitler is not dead!!


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Posted in: The Manga Cookbook See in context

“’The Manga Cookbook’ is the world’s first, and only, English-language cookbook that uses step-by-step comic illustrations

It's surprising that with the overseas popularity of manga, anime, and japanese food that this hasn't been made until now.

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Posted in: American man accused of grabbing own kids released See in context

he promised not to take his children back to the U.S. “in this manner,”

About time indeed, but the "in this manner" clause means we haven't seen the last of the Savoie family.

And yet, this would not be an issue at all if Japan agreed to the Hague convention, so long ago.

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Posted in: HIV/AIDS continues steep increase in Japan See in context

1,126 HIV and 431 AIDS reports, the largest number of yearly reports to date.

This may be the highest, but it still seems low. How many cases go unreported?

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Posted in: Shibuya rice See in context

work in the rice-growing industry.

Are they going to China?

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Posted in: New breed of employees can’t communicate and wilt under pressure See in context

I can't help wondering if many of Japan's large companies in the future will solve this problem the same way.

Hong Kong has the advantage of being one of the world-famous 4 tigers and a superior English system, opening thousands of doors to foreign talents.

Japan on the other losing it's place as the second largest economy (to China), depopulation, and has these new breed employees.

I don't think that it's a disparity between old and new employees that's the problem, it's society as a whole here. Thinking outside the box is heavily discouraged and when there's confusion, they have to get someone else to tell them what to do.

I see it in schools, the post office, the bank, and now I see it in the workforce. There needs to be societal changes; deep-seated problems have arisen now that the bubble's mask of money has dissipated.

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Posted in: U.S. President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Whenever you think he is not doing good, just remember the man he replaced.

Interesting statement. Comparing Obama to "the man he replaced" Obama does indeed seem like Mother Teresa or Ghandi, and therefore deserving of the Peace Prize!

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Posted in: How to stay beautiful in Japan through your diet See in context

I ate 1/2 a bar of dark chocolate yesterday evening and today my cheeks and forehead have broken out in acne!!

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Posted in: Shinsuke Shimada snaps during live show See in context

after the show the trio went to Shimada appologized profusely

I think it should've been vice versa. I thought it was rude to show anger in public in Japan, let alone on National TV!

From the comments: Shinsuke Shimada hits women too? I'd put this woman-beater away for awhile, but in Japan he gets top billing.

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Posted in: Virtual idols blur line between real and imaginary See in context

Her image onscreen and recorded voice constitutes a “live” performance worth an 8,500 yen ticket.

Nothing virtual could ever compare to a true "live" performance, especially at that price!

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Posted in: Nothing lost in translation See in context

Elanex probably markets mainly to large, global companies that can't afford to have mistakes in contracts and such.

You'll likely still see awkward "potato flies" "flesh fish" "I play a big dream" and the like in everyday advertising here.

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Posted in: Man arrested for binding girl's arms with tape See in context

The girl told police he offered to give her some sweets if she would put out her hands. When she extended her hands

This is a textbook example of what not to do when a man offers you candy. Stranger = danger?

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Posted in: AKB See in context

Doesn't Japan realize that most people aren't really into these sort of acts?

Since when has Japan truly cared about other's likes and dislikes? They exist because somewhere there's money to be made...mostly in Akihabara; however, I agree they're not very good.

Looks like the bottom right girl is a little slow on recognizing who's actively taking the picture.

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Posted in: Ishihara blames Tokyo 2016 failure on behind-the-scenes deals See in context

I don't understand why he still governs one of the largest cities on the planet.

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Posted in: Chicago's Olympic loss is blow to Obama, too See in context

It's very clear that the IOC members were nonplussed by the U.S. using Obama star-power or Japan using their New Government Hatoyama star-power. In fact they came in 4th and 3rd place!

It's clear the IOC is about fairness, and not some political body or meeting, trying to promote good sportsmanship, since South America has never hosted the games and it's now their turn.

Chicago had the cards stacked against it in the first place and all Obama and his wife did was show up, like he was 'asked' to and make a speech, so I don't understand why it's a blow specifically to Obama? On the same logic wouldn't it be a blow to Hatoyama, too? It was a fair vote to a continent that has never hosted the games, why all the blows?

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Posted in: Should JAL be saved? See in context

Bail it out, but then have the DPJ run it from then on. Fire the senior executives, who are largely responsible, and replace them with fresh, new, business-oriented, uncorrupted minds.

It's given that JAL will need more bailouts in the future, and the special task force will be 99.9% ineffectual.

It's also given Japan won't let another company save or buy JAL, so to save the tax-payer and potentially MAKE money and jobs from changes, the government should take control, if only for awhile until this national treasure can once again be independent

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Posted in: First the bureaucrats go away, then the business leaders, and now the politicians. I hear the DPJ members hardly ever go out drinking to places other than izakaya bars. What's going to happen to us fr See in context

What's going to happen to us from now on?

Simple. As a business, you're going to have to adapt to a change in the market or suffer.

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Posted in: Fujimori sentenced to 6 years for corruption See in context

Fujimori insists he has no money and says he lived off the generosity of his friends in Japan.

Whose names should be made public and tried in an international court for aiding someone charged with "crimes against humanity"

Fujimori is the definition of "mad with power"

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Posted in: JR installs anti-suicide lighting on platforms See in context

Japan has about 30,000 suicides a year. Let's say these miniscule lights are effective at preventing a generous 7,000 people from commiting suicide from the trains.

Japan now has about 23,000 suicides a year. It's still the size of a small town each year. It's still among the highest in industrialized nations.

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