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Posted in: 22-year-old riot police officer shoots himself in toilet at Chofu facility See in context

Good on him for choosing only himself and no one else. May he rest in peace and I respect his decision to not hurt others.

You think his family isn't hurt? How about a girlfriend...or a boyfriend? Friends, co-workers, anyone who thought this person was special or considered him part of their family.

All those people have been hurt by this. And all because of the old mentality that you suck up your pride and deal with the issues. That's 1960's America. That's one of the reasons my Uncle committed suicide because he was raised with the notion that men have to be strong, and if there' a problem you keep it bottled up inside. We know now that there are huge psychological ramifications if someone does that...what I don't understand is why the Japanese haven't caught on to that. The more this culture continues to push their citizens to accept without question, the more their suicide rate will continue to rise.

I'm a teacher and it pains me to think that with the rate in this country, some of my students will commit suicide in the future. I don't want them thinking that the future is so bleak that the only way to go is out.

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