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Posted in: Japan on alert for unseasonal swarm of stink bugs that feed on fruit See in context

I have found a load on my chilli plants. They are hard to get rid of. Does anyone know a good way to kill the buggers without poisoning anyone who eats my chillies? I usually spray them with a solution of washing-up liquid which helps but is not really strong enough.

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Posted in: Mister Donut apologizes for selling 'Meat Pies' that didn’t contain meat See in context

Was the cheese also vegan? No mention of what that was made of.

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Posted in: Former politician Super Crazy-kun gets 4 1/2 years for sexual assault See in context

Wow, a politician actually sentenced to a prison. That is rare. What party did he belong to? I am guessing it was not the DP as he is being punished.

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Posted in: 2 Chinese held for stealing 999 pairs of branded sneakers in Tokyo See in context

Xin, who had dealings with the company, was in possession of a key to the warehouse, the police said.

So why did he break in if he had a key? Surely he could have just unlocked the door, which is hardly a break-in.

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Posted in: What effect do you think the increasingly bitter U.S. presidential election campaign is having on the U.S. image around the world? See in context

Americans have the choice between right-wing and extreme right, between someone who supports genocide and Zionists and a pathological liar with a Zionist son-in-law who would probably want to turn Gaza into a golf course.

I don't think the campaign is having any effect on world opinion. World opinion is that any country that supports and finances genocide, supplies weapons to aid genocide, uses stormtroopers to to quell peaceful protest is not worthy of any respect and deserves to be treated with disdain.

Americans have the choice between bad and worse.

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Posted in: War crimes prosecutor seeks arrest of Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Netanyahu See in context

Crticising Israel is antisemitic.

Criticising Netanyahu is antisemitic.

Criticising genocide is antisemitic.

According to the Zionists anything they don't like, anyone they don't like is antisemitic.

Bernie Sanders, a well-know American Jew, is antisemitic, The Jews who join pro-Palestine, anti-Zionist demonstrations are antisemitic.

In reality none of this is antisemitic. It is anti-Zionist.

Survivors, leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, such as Marek Edelman, were critical of Zionism. I mention Marek Edelman, a leader of that uprising, as an example as he supported the Palestinians in their fight against Zionism and he wrote an open letter to Palestinians in support of their cause.


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Posted in: History says tariffs rarely work, but Biden’s 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs could defy the trend See in context

America only supports free trade when it is to America's benefit. Developing countries should now feel free to place 100% import duties on Coca-Cola, Boeings and other American products.

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Posted in: Wars are raging around the world, so why are young people so passionate about Gaza? See in context

The answer is simple.

This is genocide. This is war without rules. This is total destruction.

The Palestinians I know or have met are not antisemitic. They are not necessarily even against Israelis. They are against Zionists.

It is important to understand the definitions of Jew, Israeli and Zionist. Zionists believe Jews are God's chosen people, Jew's are superior to other races and religion, Jews have a God-given right to the Holy Land.

Zionists are the racist and extremist Jews.

Do native American's in this day and age have a god-given right to persecute descendants of Europeans and other immigrants and take their land forcible? Do Celts have the right to throw descendants of invaders like the Romans, French and Vikings out of Britain? Do the Ainu have the right to claim all of Hokkaido?

If we go back to the Vietnam war, the students were right, the government was wrong. If we think more about Vietnam, dropping bombs creates enemies, creates support for resistance fighters and actually creates resistance.

Israel bombs universities, holy places, hospitals.

I support the student protesters. We should all support them. The ability to protest is an essential part of democracy. Militarised police are the enemy of democracy, the enemy of free expression.

I have witnessed a couple of Palestinian demonstrations in Japan. Both were peaceful. One was a march. The only police there were for traffic control. The police were dressed in everyday police uniform not battle gear. Jews were part of, a welcomed and accepted part of the march. The other was at Shinjuku Station South Exit. i didn't notice any police there.

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

Is a law change really needed? i don't think so. What is needed is police who make the effort to enforce existing laws. I believe it is already against the law to ride a bicycle on the pavement (sidewalk to Americans), yet you even see policemen on their white bicycles on the pavement.

The suggested maximum punishments for riding while drunk, large fines plus imprisonment, seem draconian. i doubt they will ever be enforced.

There is already a law that that states someone who has a driving licence can lose that licence if caught riding while drunk.

What I believe would be effective is riding licences for cyclists. That would make it possible to ban people from using their bicycle if they were a danger to others.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. move ahead in co-developing hypersonic weapons interceptor as regional threats grow See in context

No, no, no. Japan should not give any assistance to a country that supports genocide. America will give weapons developed under this trade deal to Israel. America already has too much weaponry and gives too much to Israel


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Posted in: Japan's 3 biggest carmakers eye tie-up over vehicle software See in context

So how does Renault, which still has close ties with Nissan, fit in with this? How about IBM?


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Posted in: Ex-trade ministry bureaucrat gets 10 years for raping drugged women See in context

You need friends in high places to get away with that sort of thing. It seems Dai Sato didn't.


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Posted in: As China and Iran hunt for dissidents in U.S., the FBI is racing to counter the threat See in context

TaiwanIsNot China. So why is there no current news from Wikileaks? Could it be because Wikileaks published news which the US did not like such as murder by the US military? Why is Assange not a free man?

What happened to Russia Today? Why was that taken off the air? Russian media may not be honest, but it may be no less homest than Fox, which still broadcasts. We should be allowed both extremes.

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Posted in: As China and Iran hunt for dissidents in U.S., the FBI is racing to counter the threat See in context

Most Americans seem incapable of realising where the real threat to their freedom comes from.

It comes from within. The government is afraid of real journalists and news like Assange and Wikileaks. The government used weapons and a militarised police for to crack down on dissent as students well know. The government thought the NSA and other organisations more completely, more efficiently than the KGB ever did.

Yet the biggest threat to democracy is Trump, MAGA and the Republicans.

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Posted in: Kishida to stress rules-based global order, support for emerging nations at OECD meeting See in context

Good idea, but would it be possible to establish rules the would apply to the USA, which seems to want be an exception to many rules.

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Posted in: I hope that Japan will soon become a place where people are not surprised when a woman becomes a president. See in context

There will be many more women presidents before there is a woman Prime Minister.

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Posted in: Do you consider what Wikileaks does to be journalism? See in context

A complete contrast to Fox News. Fox represents propaganda, Wikileaks news. Unfortunately, John Pilger a great journalist has gone. R.I.P. Journalists are supposed to report the truth, not government propaganda.

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Posted in: U.S. military ships working to build pier for Gaza aid at cost of at least $320 million See in context

No doubt Israel will help by providing more rubble for the construction by destroying more buildings in Gaza.

This is crazy for many reasons. There are already perfectly good land borders for truckloads of aid to cross. Why aren't they opened? Why doesn't Biden tell Netantyahu to open? Why doesn't Biden withhold the billions of dollars of aid for Israel until Israel opens them?

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Posted in: Raccoon numbers surge in Tokyo, causing damage to crops See in context

The raccoons in Japan are mostly descendants of pets that were released rather than escaped. They were popularised by a TV series about Rascal, a raccoon. Rascal became too big and troublesome to live indoors. However, there was a happy ending when rascal was released to ravage the countryside.

I don't know if this has changed but while there used of restrictions on importing cats and dogs such as rabies shots and certificates, there were none for raccoons.

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Posted in: Three 18-year-old men killed after car goes off road into rice field in Tokushima Prefecture See in context

Sam Watters. it is a K-car. A K-car is a karui or light car. It would have been helpful if the article had called it a K-car rather than a light car. You are right about the being terrible in accidents. I would guess that most of the damage came from the crash barrier as the rice fields are now full of water on top of mud.

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Posted in: Meta sued in Japan over investment ads with fake celebrity endorsements See in context

I have seen many ads on Facebook that seem too good to be true. In fact, I have seen so many like that that I now just assume all are fake and would never buy anything through a Facebook ad.

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Posted in: Have you noticed any examples of "shrinkflation" in Japan -- when a product or portion size in a restaurant gets smaller but the price stays the same? See in context

I haven't noticed any shrinkflation in packages. However, it definitely occurs in contents. For example, the litre packages of milk and fruit juice seem to be the same size but they contain a mere 900ml. An even better example is the peanut chocolates at convenience stores. The package never changes but the contents now hovers around 50gm even though the price has gone up.

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Posted in: Japan launches new alert system as heat stroke deaths rise See in context

There used to be free drinking water fountains at stations, parks and other places. Nearly all have disappeared, most hae been replaced by vending machines. Many people will say that people can still get water, they can buy it for only ¥120, but for old people with no job ¥120 many times a day adds up quickly and maybe they can't afford the air-conditioning for a poorly insulated house.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes $95 billion Ukraine, Israel aid package; sends to Senate See in context

More money for genocide.

And this comes from the one and only country that does not want Palestine to become a full member of the U.N.

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Posted in: Kishida, U.S. envoy to U.N. vow continued cooperation over N Korea See in context

Isn't that the lady that vetoes UN ceasefire in Gaza resolutions? North Korea is just a diversion. Kishida should ask her to support a ceasefire in Gaza. That would be more useful.

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Posted in: With 'functional' beverages, brands rush to quench a thirst for drinks that do more than taste good See in context

Coca-Cola started life as a medicinal product.

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Posted in: Over 100 hotels in Japan fall victim to Booking.com phishing scams See in context

Japan is a safe country. Hackers can't read Japanese.

Sorry, that is not the right way to think. Internet security is extremely lax in Japan. My browser often flashes a warning about Japanese sites. It says the site is unencrypted and warns that credit card information could be stolen. I get this on Firefox and Chrome.

When a url starts http://, it is unencrypted and dangerous. Encrypted websites start https://. Also, the browser shows a lock. Why do so many Japanese companies, even quite large ones, not understand this?

Wake up Japan.

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Posted in: Japan strongly condemns Iranian attack on Israel See in context

Let's see. Israel has the right to self-defence when it is attacked after years of turning Gaza into a ghetto.

Iran does not have the right of self-defence when it is attacked by Israel.

Does this make sense?

Admittedly this retaliatory attack on Israel is an escalation, but was Israel's attack on the Iranian embassy not also an escalation?

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Posted in: Japanese police use plea bargaining system for 1st time in fraud case See in context

The Japanese hostage justice system is and always was a form of plea bargaining. Confess and get a lighter sentence, refuse to confess and be detained longer and get a heavier sentence. Surely that is plea bargaining.

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Posted in: Cats tend to cause fires by jumping on products that are high up. See in context

Don't blame the cats. Such fires are in reality caused by poor even dangerous design of appliances.

I have returned home to a warm house because a cat has turned on a gas heater. Cats have also turned on my rice cooker. This is a design problem. The on/off switch is often mounted on the top, and a cat will jump on it. The switch is operated by light pressure sch as the weight of a cat's paw.

This problem could be solved by putting the switch on the side or using an old-fashioned switch with a good solid click mechanism.

Manufacturers cover themselves from liability by telling you to unplug the device when not in use knowing that no one does so. They also know that Japanese electrical standards do not incude a switch on power sockets.

A good solution is to use a switch from the ¥100 shop on the power socket.

Don't blame the cats. Blame the designers and manufacturers. It should not be possible for cats to turn such appliances on.

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