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GaikokuJim comments

Posted in: Maisa Tsuno of Japanese rock band Akaiko-en dies in apparent suicide See in context

I am in shock. Maisa has always been a little quiet, shy at times, but wow. I met her back in 2012 during the shooting of their first music video, Toumei and the second, Laundry. We kept in touch till 2014, and as they got more and more famous, I was always so happy to see their dream coming true.

Having lost other people to suicide in my life, all I can say is:

SUICIDE is a PERMANENT solution for a TEMPORARY problem. It is not worth it.

You not only end your own life, but the lives of the ones who love you too.

Ask for help, there's nothing wrong with seeing a psychologist or taking meds.

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Posted in: Trump blames Oscars chaos on show's political tone See in context

This morning I was listening to BBC, when surprisingly they reported that even G.W. Bush criticised the way Dumpy is doing things. Even George W. Bush. This Trump guy is a mistake and we are going to pay the biggest price of our lives for it.

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

So, making "America great again" means top tech military and third world health care? With Trump in power we have 2 ways for America: Or Trump is kicked of before he completes his 1st year and we manage to catch up to where we were when Obama left or Trump manages to put America on the top list of the "Greatest fallen empires".

**A dumb man without power is danger to his own life. A dumb man with power is a danger to the humanity.

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Posted in: If money were no object, would you buy an apartment, existing home, or have one built to order in Japan? See in context

If money were no object for me I would leave Japan. Got a big house, a huge land and a monstruous mortgage to pay for the next 30 years.

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Posted in: Millions living in U.S. illegally targeted for possible deportation under Trump rules See in context

Now we are going to hire Trump supporters to do all the hard work these illegals have been doing.

Somebody please Dump Trump before he destroys the rest of the "Great America" we still have.

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Posted in: Trump tweets that Nordstrom treated Ivanka unfairly See in context

Trump is the one breaking the rules, going against the constitution. George W. Bush looks like an angel if compared to the MAD KING. Definitely, not my president.

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Posted in: Smokers face tighter rules as Tokyo eyes smoke-free Olympics See in context

It's unfair to say that Japan is at the level of developing countries

I've been to a few 3rd world countries and many of them had serious smoking ban. No smoking allowed inside restaurants.

I bet a bottle of Mountain Dew that these "rules" will be lifted right after the Olympics are gone.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven penalizes 16-year-old part-timer for taking 2 days off due to illness See in context

Wait! This means that the 2 weeks of pay cut I got from my former dispatch company and the phone calls threatening to fire me if I din't return to work immediately where actually illegal? Did the laws change since 2008? I got 50% pay cut that time and had a hard time paying my bills.

Does anybody know where we can complain about this sort of thing?

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Posted in: Weak household spending dampens Japan's recovery hopes See in context

Jim, I'm sorry you couldn't get your little guy a ps4. As a dad, I understand that the greatest joy in life is seeing your >little one squeal with joy when dad gets him something new. I feel for you.

It breaks my heart going home, look at my family and think I can't provide them more than the basics.

When they talk about there being more jobs out there, they might be talking about jobs that might be paying less than >200,000 a month for full time. We don't know. They need to disclose more about what kind of jobs are out there. >People have families to feed. But the Abe regime couldn't care less.

So, the average factory worker will make about 180,000. Some factories have those obligatory 2 hours overtime/day (yes, this is the reality) then people can make 200,000, luckily 230,000.

I really hope that ABE gets his back side kicked of the politics, because the guy is a disaster.

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Posted in: Weak household spending dampens Japan's recovery hopes See in context

Of course there are more jobs. Just in my city, half the Brazilian/ Peruvian Japanese have left this country. Hence the numbers up.

A couple of weeks ago, on the way to meet my boss in order to sign a new contract, I was rehearsing in my car how I was going to ask for a pay raise. Guess the results? Jimmy jr will have to wait a little longer for his ps4. Luckily his Super Famicom will last a few more years.

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Posted in: What'll you have? See in context

Seasoned with nuclear waste? No thanks. Also, extremely overpriced for a nation that is famous for seafood dishes.

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Posted in: Hot spring amusement park has opening date; wants Y100 million in crowdfunding money See in context

I'm wondering if this will be the first amusement park in the world to ban tattooed people. What a ridiculous idea.

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Posted in: Starbucks teams up with Japanese clothing brand to create new contactless payment system See in context

I was never a big fan of Starbucks before Japan, but I support their idea of enjoying a coffee in a smoke-free place, even though I find it very overpriced.

It would be nice if they started accepting Nanaco and JCB debit cards.

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Posted in: Trump orders building of Mexico border wall See in context

Now I want to hear how he's planning to have Mexico paying for it. This guy has barely completed a week in power and is already the worst President of all. He is a blend of George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Nixon.

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Posted in: Woman wanted for 2014 murder of nurse extradited from China See in context

I remember reading about this case in 2014 that Yuri had her visa expired and perhaps the reason for the killing was to obtain a Japanese passport. Well, good luck in jail. If she wanted to stay in Japan so badly, now she will, and hopefully for a long time.

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Posted in: Japan posts first annual trade surplus since 2011 disaster See in context

Inflation and consumer spending have been weak, and firms have been reluctant to boost wages...

Spot the problem causing all the trouble in this sentence.

Who here is willing to spend more money while taxes are going up and salaries down?

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Posted in: China's tourism authority urges boycott of APA hotel group See in context

Like the Chinese or not, they are the ones travelling to Japan and spending big money with "Made in China" products.

On a business trio to Aomori I stayed in one APA hotel there and felt offended with the amount of porn material in the room and the bad flavour of that prize winning black curry they served me for breakfast."

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run of pregnant woman See in context

Why did he bring his boss with him? Got it, not man enough to face his responsibilities. Charged with reckless driving resulting in injury? He fled the place. Isn't that a crime too?

Lock him up for at least 6 years. But no. He's probably going to get 8 months.

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Posted in: JR Kyushu runs 'Kiss My Nagasaki' campaign See in context

I thought it was a joke with "kiss my a.." but well, here we are, another band of obasans. No wait, they are 'boys'?

I don't get the point of this fascination for boy bands where boys have an effeminate look.

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Posted in: Trump's Pentagon choice says U.S. needs to be ready to confront Russia See in context

Cold War II. The good old days in the 80's, being obligated to watch to "The Day After" are back.

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Posted in: Abe pledges $8.7 billion investments, aid in drug war to Philippines See in context

Abe chan, seeing Japan is so rich, could you spare me some coins to help me paying my 40 years house loan and expensive child care?

ABE, it's time for you to go. You and you party of oyaji clowns.

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Posted in: Japanese kindergarten teaches students pre-war ideals See in context

with a curriculum focused on Japanese traditions and culture

Have you seen the "English textbooks" used in public schools?

And Abe's wife visiting there gives us a hint of his intentions as PM.

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Posted in: Premium Friday campaign to encourage workers to leave early See in context

*how to encourage employees to leave their offices so early,

A better salary? So no one has to do overtime till 9 to get a little more.

*how to avoid retailers from getting involved in price wars by offering excessive discounts

Since when that is a problem? What makes people buy like crazy are prices going down like crazy.

what services can be set up to cater to employees who want to enjoy themselves once they finish work at 3 p.m

Going home? Or you are thinking people are happy to leave 3pm to go to those (obligatory) drinking party with coworkers?

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Posted in: Man arrested for mailing more than 500 garbage items to former bullies See in context

Wow, what a genius! Excellent idea.

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Posted in: Court upholds deportation order for Thai teenager born and raised in Japan See in context

The dark side of the 'Cool Japan' no one outside knows. You should deport people like those ungrateful immigrants that come to your country and want to change religion, the way woman dresses, bringing rules back from the dark ages, that is punishable, but a innocent 16 y old born and raised as a Japanese? His 'blood' is not Japanese, they say.

People here need to learn that Japanese is not a race.

If the boy feels like part of Japanese society and is 100% adapted to the local culture, what are they complaining about? Don't we need people is this country?

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Posted in: Japan's lower house passes long-awaited casino bill See in context

"Wealthy Japanese" Yes, on the way from work there are 6 pachinkos and all I see in the parkings are kei trucks, many mamacharis and some company cars, not a single luxurious vehicle.

Brace yourselves for the new wave of criminals acting for funds to sustain their new addiction: CASINO! Way to go ABE. Now is clear what your 'private meeting' with Torampu kun was all about.

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Posted in: The government hopes to get a casino bill passed in the Diet this month. Do you think casinos should be legalized in Japan? See in context

" Questioned by the police, the unemployed 30 y old man said he was frustrated because didn't have money for casino..."

Now that is the kind of news we are going to get here on JT.

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Posted in: What do you think of when you hear the words "Cool Japan?" See in context

I think of an oyaji wearing ripped jeans dancing to AKB, shouting banzai. Not cool at all...

Hey Japan, here's the formula to be really COOL and there's no need for idols or catchy phases: Equal rights both men and women, less overtime, younger people in power, promotion based on hard-work and not on how many centuries you've been working in a company. Focus on quality and not on quantity, adaptation to the new rules and less desperation for attention.

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Posted in: Japan suffers longest consumer price fall since 2011 See in context

Everyone knows this is all Abe's fault, yet he is still in power. When will this beast resign?

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Posted in: Rola makes Hollywood debut in 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' See in context

I can imagine her lines: " Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh" and " Sugooooooooooi"

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