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I understand the Japanese reaction, any country would do the same.

But I cannot belive that most foreigners are not supportive of these brazilians.

Nigelboy writes: <As you have stated, the Nikkei Brazilians have the option to head back <to Brazil, something that the Japanese workers do not have.

Japanese are one of the few people on earth that can go in almost any part of the world without asking for a Visa. Japanese have the same (if not better) chanses to work in any part of the world. not forgetting the Working Holiday program and its advantages. I know it is for one year and just till the age of 30 but it is heavy in someones CV and experience.

Jacksmacks writes: <Many workers in this position in Japan have acquired land in their home <country, built houses and educated relatives. Getting laid off in bad <times is a risk of this type of work. But the rewards are great.

The land and houses were aquired with the money of their sweat. they were not begging in the streets to educate their relatives. they did it as any other honest Japanese. It is true that the rewards are greats, but you should also agree that is not worth the sacrifice of leaving its country, Family and friends.

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