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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,414 new coronavirus cases; 922 in Tokyo See in context

Seems like the Kisha Club has found its new foreign target with US army repeating Okinawa's number in the headline.

What if, like in Western countries, US army is just testing more, esp. asymptomatic person, and Japan is not ?

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 623 new coronavirus cases; 390 in Tokyo See in context

Knowing that the Omicron variant gives none or mild symptoms and knowing the japanese testing strategy, we can assume the number of infected persons is a hundred times more.

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Posted in: Japan reports 1,268 new infections; 225 in Okinawa, 151 in Tokyo See in context

FYI, the military also reported 164 new infections so the total for Okinawa is actually 389. Not to mention it has also been reported that the US Military had over 830 cases between December 15th and January 3rd.

Once again US Army has a strict and global testing protocol where as 0,x% of japanese civilians around is tested.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 103 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 782 See in context

A study in South Africa has shown the immunity against previous variants given by Omicron.

Learn how medical publications work and you'll be surprised

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Posted in: Prefectural rivalry in Japan: Survey reveals which areas compete against each other, and why See in context

Tokyo is a prefecture but is also the New York City of Japan: number one without a doubt.

NYC is a cultural and historical landmark.

Tokyo is mostly malls and ugly buildings.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 79 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 535 See in context

Right....287 in Okinawa. 235 among the US Military, and 52 for the rest

Please provide the tests number as well for an accurate comparison.

A military base is most likely under strict monitoring hence the cases.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 78 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 510 See in context

Over 500 000 cases in America yesterday alone. Over 1 000 000 cases over the past 2 days. European countries cases are exploding. All the while professional sporting teams and LOOSENING their Covid protocols.

Japan is so far ahead of this that its no longer sane to even mention it.

And we finally have our "look at other countries, it's worst" guy.

Note for future problems in Japan : you can't always find worst but that's doesn't solve the internal situation

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Posted in: Intel tells unvaccinated employees they face unpaid leave See in context

Companies shouldn't dictate what their employees can and can't do outside of work.

Oh yeah, because covid infections only happen outside of work, genius

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Posted in: Kishida asks Pfizer CEO to speed up vaccine supply See in context

Apart from a notable exception of Japan, where the covid infection has almost subsided, countries with high vaccination rates are all experiencing a resurgence of virus infection. Powerful proof that the vaccines don’t work. The hoax won’t last forever. In a few years time, I can see Pfizer and Moderna filing for bankruptcy, faced with multi-billion-dollar class action lawsuits.

1/ vaccines were made before Delta and Omicron variants and have proven efficiency

2/ vaccines were never sold as miracle products for infections but as the best option to avoid severe cases and deaths

3/ with more people vaccinated asap, strong variants wouldn't have appeared

4/ in proportion (and this important), there's way more non-vaccinated people in ICU than vaccinated (you complotists are only presenting raw numbers as proof)

5/ You, antivaxers, are seing many things, such as millions of vaccinated person deads in autumn 2021 ... never happened

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Posted in: Japan Post reveals more lost personal info affecting 290,000 clients See in context

Data scandal yesterday, data scandal today ...

But yeah reported data on covid is trustable in this country ...

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Posted in: U.S. releases trove of secret files on Kennedy assassination See in context

Someone would have talked already if it were a conspiracy.

Lee Harvey Oswald was about to

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Posted in: Tokyo lawyers to collect info on police stopping foreigners for questioning See in context

Japanese police is just the front window of the japanese mindset.

I've be asked to show my bag by several shop owners when other japanese customers when in and out freely.

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Posted in: Scientists develop glowing masks to detect coronavirus See in context

Amongst many invention announcements we had during this pandemic (nose spray, useless stuff ...) nothing came to reality.

Keep on the vaporware !

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 25 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 146 See in context

Hmmm, how many false positives should we expect from that many tests?

has many as false negatives

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Posted in: Major outage at Amazon disrupts businesses across the U.S. See in context

Where the h*ll is my package?!!!

AWS here, learn the difference !

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Posted in: Ghosn calls Japan's prosecution system discriminatory See in context

He should be in prison and have all of his assets seized.

No, you're innocent until found guilty by court.

You don't send people to prison and then check for months if he's really guilty.

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Posted in: Which is better for the environment: an artificial Christmas tree or a natural one? See in context

According to the Carbon Trust, a 6.5ft artificial tree is responsible for about 40kg of greenhouse gas emissions – which means you need to reuse it for about 10 Christmases to keep its environmental impact lower than buying a real tree every year, depending on the materials used in the fake tree.

There are always several factors forgotten in those kind of studies :

real trees are often grown with pesticides, require water and sometimes artificial light

real trees transform whole regions into a monoculture area preventing biodiversity

real trees are cut with growing, when they catch a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere

real trees have to be picked up by customer and then thrown every year and processed, all that implies transportation while the artificial one is taking out from the closet

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 145 See in context

we all made mistake and should learn from it. If we all knew what we should do with COVID from the beginning, what it is etc…

Actually Japan has a much deeper problems with its constitution, its federal organisation and its health system.

The COVID crisis revealed them, independently from the lack of knowledge on the virus itself.

A good call to change this country's system, you would say ?

Well, not ! The dinosaurs at the government looked the other way, finger pointing other countries and that's it.

A good opportunity to modernize this country missed !

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Posted in: Ehime nuclear reactor in western Japan restarted after 2-year halt See in context

Good news !

Global warming is the emergency and will kill billions in few decades.

If there's any risk with the atom, now it's worth it.

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. to ground fighter jets after tank dumping case See in context

Very little collateral damage for having USA protecting you from Russia & China.

But yeah, complain ...

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Posted in: Australian cabinet minister suspended over accusations of abusing staffer See in context

what a rotten government !

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Posted in: Japan reverses halt of inbound flight bookings after criticism See in context

it's just LDP continuing the messy pandemic management

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

Once again, it seems the virus cares a lot about the passport.

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Posted in: France issues arrest warrant for Japanese woman over 'parental kidnapping' See in context

Well done and thanks Vincent !

You're fighting for your kids but for hundred of other parents around the world as well.

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Posted in: Japan, EU leaders agree to cooperate for free, open Indo-Pacific See in context

North Korea, China and Russia . . . What do they all have in common?

They're all dictatorships.

Thank you Captain Obvious !

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Posted in: Japan bars new foreign arrivals for 1 month over Omicron fears See in context

@gakinotsukai- If it wasn't for foreign influences and foreign products and foreigners Japan wouldn't have much of anything- your using a foreign language to prejudice foreigners for instance.

i guess you didn't get the sarcasm

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Posted in: Japan bars new foreign arrivals for 1 month over Omicron fears See in context

It will help economy if Japanese abroad return home and enjoy like domestic people.

Japanese abroard most likely have a foreign family.

With the stupid non dual-citizenship and non accepting foreigners policies, they'll most likely stay abroard.

Good job, Japan !

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Posted in: Paternal violence against newborns shows urgent need for education See in context

It's a consequence of low birth rate : infrastructures, counsellors ... are insufficient.

Parental education have been abandoned by the officials of this country.

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Posted in: Japan bars new foreign arrivals for 1 month over Omicron fears See in context

Thanks Omicron to provide another excuse to this government to keep foreigners away from Japan

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 121 See in context

Yeah...Japan sugooi.....the need to be seen as a leader in whatever, anything, the constant need for self- reassurance is really pathetic, well beyond anything I've seen living in 3 continents till now. Grow up and be confident in your strengths while honestly admitting your weaknesses, without needing to be reassured all the time Japan.

Totally !

Japan is fragile and sinking (old population, less industries, less innovation, chinese hegemony in Asia) and wants to find other topics to glorify itself, to remain one of the leading nation.

Hence the cherry picking of topics and the silence about others.

Once the pandemic is over, whatever Japan did about it, the structural problems of Japan will remains.

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