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Posted in: Jakarta's Christian governor jailed for two years for blasphemy See in context

The Judeo-Christian God (Yaweh) and allah are NOT the same thing.

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Posted in: Japan protests over N Korean missile launch; trains temporarily halted See in context

More like subtle rattling sabres.

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Posted in: China goes Hollywood in 'The Great Wall' See in context

Some of the reluctance of US moviegoers to watch this is the current political atmosphere of Hollywood trashing the president.If the "stars" would just act, instead of offering their opinions, they might not offend their potential audience.

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Posted in: At least 120 killed in six Paris terror attacks; police hunt for accomplices See in context

My God is Jehovah. According to the false prophet muhammad, his god is allah. And if eliminating a billion potential enemies means they have "already won", then I say let them "win".And quit blaming the failed ME policy on Bush. Look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for accomplices.

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