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It's not that I have anything against zoos as such and the domestication of animals (I have three cats and a dog, so I would be a hypocrite if I did) but I abhor and avoid zoos like this one. All concrete and nothing that even resembles their natural environment. In Denmark we have quite a few zoos where the animals have big open enclosures, which resembles the animals natural living areas as much as possible. Such zoos I have nothing against but I refuse to ever visit a zoo like this one, where it's all concrete and nothing natural at all.

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I just feel sorry for them. If the rest of their enclosure looks like this I can understand that they want to escape.

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Is it me or are there no female pilots? And no male pursers... Not to start a gender equality debate, they are very cute, I just find it frustrating that there still is discrimination between genders.

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Lucky that they caught the guy before anything happened! And that no one got hurt during the capture of the man. It's good to know that the school takes the children and employees safety seriously.

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