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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

Nikkei will have a big boost tomorrow. 1.5-2% up. Win-win!

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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

Numbers coming in are showing big swings to the LDP! Super Majority here we come!

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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

If Shinjiro Koizumi had run in the last LDP presidential election no one would be talking about Abe right now.

@ Simon Foston - Wrong. Koizumi-san does not have the experience or support of the party yet. He must will serve an apprenticeship under PM Abe, and Aso-sensei, before he is ready to take over the LDP rule, and become PM. Maybe 2024, maybe 2025.

By the way, this is looking like a solid victory to the LDP and PM Abe!

"Opposition parties are woeful," she told AFP. "I don't want to leave power to them."

Well argued by this voter, and so true! Why risk damaging Japan by giving power to this woeful collection of tiny parties.

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Posted in: Pacifist constitution reform at stake in election See in context

Fear mongering headline. Japan's "Pacifist" constitution is not at stake. Nobody is trying to change the first paragraph that renounces the use of war. The change is to the second paragraph, to officially recognize the existence of the JSDF. That's all.

Brilliantly argued, Ossan. As PM Abe has said, all he wishes for is for Japanese to have a Military that everyone can be proud of, just like every other nation. To be able to protect herself and her Allies. To help the USA if their military comes under attack in a foreign battle. When Article 9 is removed, and it will be, it will not make Japan "warlike", or "return to the 1930s" . Japan will continue to be famously peace-loving. Why cannot people understand this?

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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

In Japan, the citizenry most only intoxicate themselves using intoxicants on the approved list. It is morally derelict to intoxicate otherwise.

@ StrangerLand. Please dont single out Japan. Citizens in EVERY nation must only use legal substances. It is ILLEGAL t o use marijuana, stimulant, cocaine etc in Japan. It nothing to do with "morals", its the law.

Follow Japans rules and everyone will be fine. I truly hope KenKen and JESSE can get help, reform themself, and play music again one day. They are amazing hard rockers.

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes to hit lowest postwar level for 5th straight year See in context

Marvellous news, 5 straight years crime is falling. But I am really puzzled by how JT "experts" can twist this amazing news into something sinister. Lets all be honest - Japan is really safe and is getting even safer!

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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

KenKen and JESSE, next time stick to drinking beer and sake for a good time. Marijuana is illegal in Japan. I guess Dragon Ash and RIZE will break up now. What a waste of a music career.

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Posted in: North Korea slams Japan over its trade spat with Seoul See in context

I am disappointed at Chairman Kim saying this. North Korea and Japan could be excellent partners in cooperation. Potentially much stronger than Japan and SK. The Japanese government could develop so much infrastructure, roads, airports and fast trains for NK. I just hope Chairman Kim comes to his senses and agrees to the Summit with PM Abe.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors will be closely watching Abe's policies after election See in context

 Japan did not invade Korea. Korea was a Japanese protectorate until 1910 when it became part of Japan by the Treaty of Annexation

Well stated OssanAmerica. Japan was invited into Korea to help modernize her, as Korea was a 3rd world nation at the time. It certainly never invaded Korea as this article claims. Fake news.

No matter how big the election win is, PM Abe will maintain his steely resolve, and never back down.

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Posted in: Party leaders make last-minute appeals before upper house election See in context

Well argued a alwaysspeakingwisdom, as usual. JT "experts" will attempt to claim LDP has no "legitimate" win. You can claim this in any democracy in any nation. Bottom line is, LDP and PM Abe is the most popular party to rule. Period.

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Posted in: Party leaders make last-minute appeals before upper house election See in context

You haven't really explained why a party that has the support of only one third of the public deserves to hold two thirds of the upper house seats.

@ Simon Foston-san. I dont need to explain anything. Japanese voter will explain it tomorrow when PM Abes LDP is given two-thirds of the House of Counsellors Seats. This is looking like a crushing victory!

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Posted in: Party leaders make last-minute appeals before upper house election See in context

With the South Korea causing trouble, boycotting Japanese goods and making illegal demands for money from Japanese companies, Japanese electors want stability and a party that stands up to bullies. That party is the LDP, led by PM Abe.

The weak and tiny minor parties cannot be trusted to stand up for Japan at the this crucial time. Get that two thirds majority, PM Abe!

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Posted in: S Koreans boycott Japanese beer See in context

Ridiculous. SK "beer-lovers" will be the ones who miss out in the long term, Kirin, Asahi etc will shift exports to other nations in the region. There is a huge boom in Japanese beer all around the world as beer lovers find out how amazing Japanese beer tastes. Now Korea beer drinkers must drink Hite... its awful lol!

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Posted in: Trump says he is ready to help resolve S Korea-Japan dispute See in context

Trump knows SK started it. He has a to appear to be "neutral", but will take Japans side due to close friendship with PM Abe.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context

Japan should bolster protection of her ships in the Strait of Hormuz. Japanese Frigates can assist the safery of Japanese owned cargo ships. To tell the truth, I do no support armed combat at this stage from Japan against Iran. Japan has always had good relations with Iran, and is very tolerant of all the religions, unlike anti-Islam USA and The West.

Japan can provide monetary aid instead to assist her number one friend, the USA, to secure safety of this region. Japan is peace-loving.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea row over history, trade deepens as man dies of immolation in Seoul See in context

Good for Japan. Summoning the South Korean Ambassador in Tokyo and reading him the riot act over the issue. If he does not follow orders, expel him and all SK diplomatic staff from Japan . It is just a matter of time before we see mass anti-Japan rallies on the streets of Seoul, attacks on Japanese businesses, damage of Japanese cars etc.

Moon - overturn that court ruling NOW to stop your nations economy being destroyed.

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Posted in: South Korean political parties back Moon in Japan trade row See in context

If Japan had been treated as badly as South Korea was, I do not doubt that there would still today be lingering resentment and even some hatred among Japanese.

@ 1glenn. Japan had not one but two nuclear bombs dropped on them. Killing hundreds of thousands. I call that being "treated badly." But do you hear Japanese people 75 years later having lingering resentment or always demanding money off USA? No. They moved on.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts precede state in efforts against hate speech in Japan See in context

Both Chinese and Koreans receive quite a lot of abuse that has seen them form large communities in Japan.

Prove it. Anyway, it goes both ways. Korean and Chinese are saying and doing very hateful things to Japanese, and hurting their feelings. Its no wonder Japanese are finally standing up for Japan and pushing b ack.

People should be free to say what they want, 

Yet again Old man is 100% right. Freedom of speech and expression should never be taken away. These local bodies have no power to impose any penalties on people speaking their mind.

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Posted in: Japanese town celebrates first whale catch of the season See in context

Japans country, Japans culture, Japans right.

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Posted in: South Korean political parties back Moon in Japan trade row See in context

Korea looks like a one party state. All parties must hate Japan . Opposing the Moon government on this would lead to a politician being thrown in prison or assasinated, as Hachidori states.

What is next, S Korea? Get the high profile Kpop artists on stage to promote further hatred towards Japan?

Next? If you watched the news, you will have seen hatred of Japan has been promoted for a long time by K-Pop stars. Recently one was celebrating the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks, wearing a t-shirt with the bomb images. Sick.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Rest in Peace to all the victims. This tragedy will destroy the life of hundreds of people . All the victims were doing was working hard, for their family. Its unforgivable what a this evil man did, what a coward. He will be hung by his neck.

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Posted in: Japan may take S Korea wartime labor dispute to International Court of Justice: NHK See in context

Problem with ICJ is SK will just ignore the ruling when it goes against them, and continue making huge money demands. No, Japan must keep up maximum pressure with trade restrictions to add to the bans on hi-tech components announced. Also, tourist restrictions are on the table. Cut tourist numbers by half.

Overturn that bias ruling Moon, or economic depression looms!

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Posted in: Japan wants to keep military info pact with S Korea: Kono See in context

Japan does not need South Korea for any security reasons

Well said OssanAmerica, well said. Japan has a far superior strike force than SK. The US "protection buffer" in SK is the only security that Japan benefit from. And with North Korea-Japan relations becoming better, and the Chairman Kim-PM Abe Summit on the horizon, soon that US "protection buffer" may not be needed. In fact, within 3 years, the new NK will probably have better relations with Japan than SK, and be considered a friendly nation.

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Posted in: Record 16.6 mil foreigners visited Japan in 1st half of 2019 See in context

Ginza, Roppongi, Shinjuku... they are not Japan. 

You must be joking. There are so many modern places to enjoy modern Japanese culture in Tokyo. Enjoy anime, hi tech, cosplay, AI, robots etc. For instance, 6 manga museums:

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Posted in: U.S. says it will do what it can to help settle S Korea-Japan dispute See in context

Trump and Stillwell will surely take Japans side, since Korea started the problem. And the Japan-USA relationship has never been stronger than it is now, under Trump and PM Abe. Moon should be very worried right now.

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Posted in: Ex-captive Japanese journalist denied passport by gov't See in context

The Government made correct decision. This man cannot be trusted. No one has a right to be granted a passport or leave the nation. Its a privelege.

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Posted in: Major Japanese firms hike wages by average 2.43% a month See in context

Excellent news. Good for them.

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Posted in: Former Mitsubishi workers seek assets sale for forced colonial-era labor See in context

And restrict the number of SK tourists who support tourism industries in Japan? facepalm

@ Heckleberry. Why not? There are millions and millions of tourists around the world, from places that dont hate Japan , desperate to come and experience Japan. Tourist numbers are at record levels, year by year. Tourism industry in Japan wont suffer at all if number of SK tourists permitted to enter is cut by half.

All options are on the table for the Abe Cabinet.

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Posted in: Emperor emeritus suffered bout of cerebral anemia last week See in context

I hope Emperor emeritus Akihito makes a full and complete recovery, and can soon begin to enjoy his retirement, playing tennis , playing classical music, and continue touring the nation.

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Posted in: Former Mitsubishi workers seek assets sale for forced colonial-era labor See in context

Another day, more anti-Japan threats made by South Korea. Moon had better order that this nonsense is stopped right away.

> "If Japanese companies are actually harmed, we will be forced to take necessary measures," 

Well said, Kono-Sensei. These measures should involve seizing Korean company and individuals assets in Japan, and drastically cutting the number of SK tourists that enter Japan.

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