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The experience of a lifetime for these girls to be performing for VIPs. Abe Akie-San and Mrs Trump look absolutely beautiful!

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Why would he do this? There isnt a lucrative cocaine market in Japan. If he didnt die, he would get 40 years in prison in Japan anyway.

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Thank you Trump. Its a comfort to know Trump has Japans back on the abductee issue.

He said later that he had won Trump's support over his pursuit of a first-ever summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Lets hope the PM Abe-Chairman Kim Summit is soon, possibly after the PM Abe-Iran Summit.

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I agree with Kobayashi-san. Trump is a great friend of Japan, and the closest Leader in the world to PM Abe. His interest in Sumo and Japanese culture and cuisine will further endear himself to Japanese people, who already like him. People were cheering wildly for Trump at the Sumo. It puzzles me why citizens of Western Nations dislike Trump.

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Outstanding selfie! It captures the close personal friendship between the 2 best leaders in the World. Trump has a handicap of 2, and PM Abe off 4 I have been informed. No mug golfers.

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Beautiful images! Thank you Trump for watching the ancient sport of Sumo. The publicity around the world and tourism benefits for Sumo and Japan will be endless. Even when he gets the promotion to Yokozuna, Asanoyama will never have a bigger highlight in his career than receiving the Trump Cup off Trump.

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Detroit-based General Motors Co sold just 562 Cadillacs, 708 Chevrolets, six Buicks and a handful of its other nameplate brands in Japan in the fiscal year that ended in March. In contrast, Toyota sold 2.3 million of the roughly 5 million vehicles sold in the Japanese market.

US built cars are too big for narrow roads in Japan, quality and reliability is inferior to Japanese cars and they are gas guzzlers. Gas is very expensive in Japan, but cheap as dirt in USA.

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Welcome to Japan Trump! Please enjoy Sumo and an amazing golf game with your best foreign leader PM Abe Shinzo. It is no surprise that Japan is booming at unprecedented levels under PM Abe's rule, while Trump is President. They are so perfect together.


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What the? 3.5 million yen??????????? No wonder there need to be budget cuts.

Whats the problem? These taxis are cheaper than a Yubari Melon.

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Amazing! I wish I could afford to pay 5 Million yen for these Yubari Melons. Their taste would be indescribable, simply out of this world!

Yet another price record broken = further proof the economy is doing nicely.

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All eyes in the USA will be on the Sumo when Trump and PM Abe is watching the fights. If this can convert some pro wrestle fans in the USA to Sumo, it's a massive boost to the sport. Crowds up, tourism up, revenues up = win-win.

The Grand Champion who wins the Trump Cup will cherish the prize forever.

Aficionados of the roly-poly sport 

Please AFP don't insult the ancient sport with such a term.

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I am really disappointed in Jun-chan. I never would imagine he would be caught up in using drugs. Unforgivable. KAT-TUN was my 2nd favorite group, after SMAP.

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Trump loves ceremonies, formal occasions and huge banquets. Compared to Obama who was too casual, in my opinion. This welcome which includes being the first foreigner guest of the new Emperor, will really honor Trump. The trade deal will be smoother because of this. The Sumo and Golf will be a chance for PM Abe and Trump to develop their famous relationship.

Trump will be very warmly welcomed in Japan.

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Empress Masako looks fabulous and is recovering nicely. She is performing her duties admirably.

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Filipinos also have a solid work ethic compared to others.

It's true. I've met many Filipinas who work very long hours, for example in Snack or Pubs. They don't complain, and send back money every month via Western Union to support their family at home. Compared to some other SE Asians, who are a little work shy, Filipinas are a good choice for workaholic Japan.

That will also afford them the opportunity to practice their profession in the country permanently.

So they will be permanent "guest workers", but not "immigrants". The article needs to make it clearer.

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Kono Sensei is just asking for a little respect. Korean and Chinese leaders have their name written in their order of preference. So it's not fair if Japan can't.

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@ redelmotalking:

He’ll be miffed that there’s no beer ..

Of course theres beer and sake at Sumo. Its tradition for many watching. Trump and Abe are non Alcohol drinkers, so they dont care anyway.

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I am really excited that Trump wants to see the unique ancient Japanese sport of Sumo. It demonstrates he is willing to learn about the culture of USAs most important partner. PM Abe, who is an excellent sportsman like Trump, will advice Trump the basics and history of Sumo. What an honor for the Grand Champion to receive the Grand Prize off Trump!

Trump's fat enough he could step in the ring.

There is no need to insult or disrespect Trump.

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The nation's debt-to-GDP ratio -- a key indicator of financial health -- stood at 226 percent in 2018, according to the OECD, which noted it was "the highest ever recorded" in the group.

What this AFP article failed to mention, is that this so called "debt mountain" is almost all domestic, unlike other OECD nations. They make it seem like a crisis, when it is simply safe debt to Japanese.

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Showchinmono Today  05:57 pm JST

I suggest Vietnam

Ridiculous. Why on earth choose a non democracy, Communist state to be third party? The only fair, excellent third party to judge this massive dispute is the USA government.

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Watch out China. That number 2 spot is looking mighty precarious.

Brilliantly argued, Dark Nuts. With the PRC economy in free fall and Japan booming under Abenomics, Japan will be Number 2 within 5-7 years, probably.

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South Korea will probably insist Communist China is the "neutral" Third Party.

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Superb news, but not surprising. Thanks you PM Abe, thank you Finance Minister Aso.

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How can you know this?

Because there is no evidence produced that he is a spy.

What concrete actions had been deemed illegal or other details of the case remain unknown, the sources said.

He is political pawn used by Communists.

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Outrageous. This old man is not a spy, he is just being punished because he is Japanese. Summon the Chinese Ambassador in Tokyo immediately to lodge official protest.

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Simply unprecedented. 1.6 jobs for every graduate! Thank you PM Abe, Thank you Aso!

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@ Jimizo- yes, good for Taiwan.

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I wonder how Japan will react.

Good on Taiwan!! May Japan be next!

I dont know why people are talking of Japan. Taiwan and Japan, seperate custom, history and culture. Japan is far, far older and has a culture thats lasted. Japanese are reluctant to change laws that have worked good. Furthermore, such a change is not productive since Japan needs more children.

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their country, their culture.

Old man, you state the truth so well. Brilliant. Only Japan can decide if this tradition is ok or not. Sick of hearing yet again from culture imperialist and racist organizations like Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace. Do people not understand that Taiji and parts of Wakayama are not suitable for rice growing, so fishing for Dolphin meat as a staple food is so important.

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Amazing! I can't wait to ride it at 320 kilometers per hour! Shinkansen just keeps getting better and more high tech with each model. Just wait for the copies to be released in China lol!!

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