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Posted in: Japan records ¥17.3 bil trade surplus in October See in context

Excellent news.

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Posted in: Mario mugs, Zelda tote bags as Nintendo opens first store in Japan See in context

@ Joe Blow - Nintendo's made in Japan, dont worry!

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Posted in: Abe sets record as longest-serving PM as allegations of misdeeds persist See in context

Well done PM Abe, WELL DONE! Amazing achievement!

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Posted in: Mario mugs, Zelda tote bags as Nintendo opens first store in Japan See in context

With the 2020 Olympics just around the corner, this is great news and will be huge boost for retail in Tokyo! I can see lines of foreigners stretching hundreds of meters to get into the Nintendo shop to buy all the stock daily!

By the way, I will reveal a little secret : expect several of these characters to feature in the Olympics opening ceremony.

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Posted in: Abe ties record for Japan's longest-serving PM See in context

Well done PM Abe, Congratulations! An amazing achievement, and a truly brilliant 2,886 days as ruler. There is simply no leader more accomplished in diplomacy on the world stage. None.

PM Abe has cemented Japan as USA and Trumps Number One partner, stared down a belligerent South Korea, lead the CPTPP to put Japan in the best position in world trade, and not backed down to Communist China unlike most world leaders.

Long may he reign! 5 more years I hope.

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Posted in: Construction of stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympics completed at cost of ¥157 bil See in context

Wow! The National Stadium looks fabulous! I honestly have never seen a better designed Stadium anywhere in the world. The soccer team I support, Liverpool, has a great Stadium, Anfield. But National Stadium is far superior.

What an amazing legacy for the children of Japan. This Stadium will be used for 100 years.

why is everyone so negative


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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits taking illegal drugs for over 10 years See in context

Unbelievable. How could Erika-chan be hooked on dangerous drugs for 10 years while continuing a successful show business career? Why didnt anyone see the signs she was on drugs?

Just say NO to drugs! Dont destroy your life!

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Posted in: Japan hosts arms show looking for an edge in tech See in context

Good for Japan. No one has the right to criticize Japan having a legal and profitable arms industry, when all other developed nations do.

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Posted in: Nearly 20% of Japan households using e-money but cash still king See in context

cash still king

Long may it be! All them other things like "e-money", using smartphone payments, bitcoin etc is just a passing fad, and wont last. With theft of cash almost unheard of, Japanese culture has always used cash of some type. And always will.

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Posted in: Joseph to take Japan to next Rugby World Cup See in context

Thank you Joseph-san, THANK YOU! He could have coached The All Blacks or Wallabies, but instead chose the team he loves and captained, Brave Blossoms. Japan absolutely must aim for Semi final at least in 2023!! More Miracles coming for the Brave Blossoms!

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Posted in: Japanese abductee may be receiving medical care in N Korea See in context

Release these innocent captives immediately, tiny Kim! Or say goodbye to any medical or food aid for your people, or joint developments with Japan, for decades.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

The people of Hong Kong have freedom.

They had freedom. The entire HK is now under CCP martial law. There is no freedom now, and everyones identity and movement is being tracked. That is why these freedom fighters MUST defeat the police by any means available, to get that freedom back.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

Yeah, I'm all for student activism, it's kinda a part of growing up.

But the catapult-launched gasoline bomb thing takes it just a little bit too far.

Enjoy your stint in prison.

Its clear you are a CCP supporter. These students are heroes, the free world supports their actions 100 %.

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Posted in: Japanese contestants win top 2 spots at Paris piano contest See in context

Congratulations Japan!!

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

Respect to the freedom fighters of HK. Hit these violent police thugs with anything you have, and dont stop. The HK police are simply agents for Communist China. They despise freedom.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police seal off university; threaten to use live bullets as standoff with protesters escalates See in context

Hong Kong police are HATED by all those in HK who love freedom and democracy. The HK police are simply violent thugs acting directly for their Communist paymasters in Beijing.

Dont give in, freedom-loving HK citizens! Dont let up on those violent Commie-supporting police, keep hitting them with all you have!

Freedom and Democracy for HK!

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Posted in: No progress made over pact in Japan-S Korea defense chief talks See in context

Scrap the treaty. Japan can and will do just fine without it.

Brilliantly opined, Jeff Ko. Japan should not cooperate with South Korea in any capacity. No joint exercise, no intelligence sharing, nothing . Japan does not need to communicate with untrustworthy nations. Perhaps in 10-20 years IF SK stop being a puppet of Communist China.

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Posted in: Japan may slide toward recession as Abenomics impact fades See in context

Enough doom and gloom. The Olympics is just around the corner, and will provide a huge boost in construction, tourism, retail and so on. Furthermore, it is priceless advertising for Japan, and tens of millions of tourists will be flocking to Japan following the Olympics, spending huge cash.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits to using MDMA, other illegal drugs See in context

Lock her up!

@ Old man. Usually youre opinion is very wise, but this time I dont agree. Erika-chan deserves a 2nd chance. If she uses dangerous drugs one more time then lock her away. Her mother will be real disappointed, no drug or alcohol permitted in her Islam culture.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korean envoys, execs discuss ways to cool tensions See in context

Another day, another anti-Japan protest in Korea. These paid protestors should grow up.

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Posted in: Abe denies allegations his office covered expenses for supporters See in context

If PM Abes supporters choose to pay to attend a cherry blossom watching trip, and pay for it themself, whats the problem. It isnt their fault the accomodation and food was so cheap. Its just opposition parties trying to cause trouble.

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Posted in: 158 kg of meth bound for Japan seized in Thailand See in context

@ Goldorak

Not sure Japan was the shipment's final destination tbh. If i were based in thailand and wanted to send 150kgs of Ice to say oz (massive market), i'd send it first to Japan where customs checks are probably not as thorough then to oz hoping my now J treadmills wont raise too many questions through customs (at least less than the same treadmills directly from bkk, bogota etc).

Well argued. There is probably no big enough market in Japan for dangerous drugs like ice. This party drug is basically unknown in Japan. Possibly it was going to be kept for the Olympics for foreign partyers by Thai drug cartel. But, most likely bound for a Western Nation.

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

Good for His Highness! Amazing and unique tradition, they should never consider changing it.

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Posted in: 158 kg of meth bound for Japan seized in Thailand See in context

Well done, Thai authorities. This dangerous drug could have killed countless people. With the Olympics just around the corner , and 10 Million partying visitors expected to flock to Japan in that time, its wise to be vigilant.

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Posted in: Japan's new working visa acquired by only 219 foreigners in first 6 months See in context

Ohh no!! No-one wants to come to Japan the country of the rising sun? They don't want to work in high tech workplace with the smartest people on earth making big money?? Fools!!

I agree. I am puzzled why only 219 foreigners have acquired the so called "skilled visa" this year. Perhaps it was not promoted well overseas. Because skilled workers will be beating down the door when they realize the unique culture, great food (most michelin star restaurants in the world), excellent safety, transport, healthcare, and lifestyle on offer in Japan. Plus, the Olympics just around the corner is a big bonus.

Many will come in 2020!

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Posted in: Abe's mission unaccomplished: Pushing to revise Japan's pacifist charter See in context

Brilliantly argued, Old man. All PM Abe is fighting for is the capacity of Japan to be able to defend Herself and Her allies in this region, in the most dangerous time for Japan in 70 years.

But many people will claim Japan wants to become "aggressive" and "rampage across Asia". Nonsense.

Excellent photo!

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Posted in: S Korean court holds 1st hearing on 'comfort women' civil suit See in context

Another day, more official Japan bashing in South Korea. Why dont these people sue the South Korean government? The issue has been settled in finality, this case should be thrown out if there is any rule of law in South Korea.

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Posted in: Abe cancels gov't-funded cherry blossom event next year amid criticism See in context

Really disappointing news. The people against these cherry-blossom viewing parties are just complainers. They are probably real jealous that so many cute ladies were flocking to PM Abe.

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Posted in: New York City beats Tokyo to become world's most innovative city See in context

Just because it may have won some type of competition does not make it the "best" !

Exactly. Tokyo is still better than New York, and much safer. I am sceptical about this index.

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Posted in: Symbolic night with 'goddess' to wrap up emperor's accession rites See in context

Amazing! It is truly unique that Japan keeps this mystical custom. Best wishes to The Emperor and Empress!

But Koichi Shin, the head of a group of 300 people suing the government to halt the ritual, and demand damages of 10,000 yen each for "pain and suffering", says that would still not be satisfactory, as the private funds are still tax money.

"Pain and Suffering"? Sounds like there chasing money. I am real puzzled why a handful of people want to stop this unique custom. Do they really hate The Emperor? Its treason.

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