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so, is this a good thing? because i don't really think many Japanese are going to go to Korea at the moment even with this because of the "nice" events that are happening -__- unless they are... never mind. have fun though if you do!

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Well we all know china can easily make fake things. let's see.. Fake Disneyland, dangerous cheap Shinkansen which they said they invented and that bullet trains were invented by china but later had an accident when it barely started running and then blamed Japan for it (that made me laugh but RIP people), Chinese people I met easily lied to me and other people (ex bf was Chinese too) and just wanted to use me or others for perverted stuff, and yeah, they easily make up stories. You guys do know china does NOT have a history of what... 4000 years or so like they say? Because "china" never really existed until a couple hundred years ago or whatev because the so called "china" was still invading countries and slaughtering many innocent people as well (and still doing it now to Bhutan and soon going to reach India and invade them too) and now they have what is called "china". Anyway, you guys can think I'm stupid, crazy, whatever, THANK YOU but I believe my grandfather's words and he went to china but only to talk to the highest rank dude. Nanking massacre never really happened. It is true Japan did occupy china but they didn't kill anyone unless they were a high class criminal. I mean northern Chinese people knew Japan didn't kill anyone (although most recited must be erased by now) and if it did happen, it was Korean dressed up in Japanese clothing because 1, Japan hired Korean people into the army 2, koreans are pretty good at attacking things at once (hence the Vietnam massacres and rape). Anyway how come many countries who were being riled by Japan are so grateful to us? and no, china is not special, so why would we "kill" innocent people only in china? (or Korea if you want to add). also, there were still many small wars in china during that time so since Japan was occupying that time, it was easy to just bury the body or whatever and make up a story saying Japan did it. It's pretty simple... In a way. There are coroners from Japan who are willing to check the bodies that are dead in the museum and stuff but china forbids it. yeah maybe they might be worried we might do something to it, but still, them not letting us examine them is super suspicious. I remember that when china had a big earthquake (Sichuan quake I think) Japan offered to help but china rejected and said, "No, it is fine. If you help us it would be weird since we are supposed to hate you." something like that.... I will find that source and post it up on here. Right now, china's economy is really bad but to prevent problems, They blame Japan and try to have everyone focus on the Senkaku islands so they won't have to deal with Chinese hating on them (I mean the communist party and folks). anyway, you guys can believe in whatever you want, but if you are supporting Japan because of anime or whatever, at least show some respect and stop blaming Japan for things and try to be open minded and think about what other people say instead of sticking to one conclusion that Japan did this or that, period. Its rude and it's not like china, Korea, USA, etc killed people in other countries.... Sheesh. and get ready for the invasion of china coming up~ wish all you Japanese haters or whatever become happy being treated terribly like Chinese. (and no I don't hate Chinese. Just hate how they believe their things and act)

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