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The steps, announced along with plan to further extend an entry ban on non-resident foreigners until the end of February, are part of government efforts to strengthen countermeasures against the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

So as a non resident yet with family members in Japan whom I have not been able to see since December 2020...... I'm still struggling despite my double Covid vaccinations and booster and prepared to do the quarantining / isolation to the letter, being in possession of a temporary visa, that I am and others in the same siatuation cannot enter the country ....... Can somebody please help me out with the Epidemiological (illogigal) explanation rationale ? Thank you

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Great news….. so as a foreigner wanting to visit Japan without permanent residence ….. when will the country start relaxing on that front ?

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So focusing on the tangible ....... does anybody know a good site which resumes which manufacturers’ vaccines have reached approval status for giving shots in Japan ?

Assuming this is not a long list, when are the respective vaccines expected to gain approval for roll out ?

thx G

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I after living several years in Japan am now based in the UK. 1st dose COVID Vaccinations here have now reached 23m yet, Japan strongly advises for Japanese nationals, any travel to level 3 countries. Is there no logic to setting the severity level of the travel destination based on the % of the target population vaccinated and as such differentiating between nations be they in the same Continental European geographic block ?

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Here's a question and apologies if this has been raised elsewhere ..... If the country's opening up to 000s of foreign individuals stranded overseas returning to Japan as well as business folk / those wishing to travel is conditional upon having PCR testing in sufficient numbers in place ...... Where (resources) can the week on week / month on month PCR capacity status reports from the nation's airports / entry points be found ? .... also begging the question, what number that will need to be before some normality returns to re-entry and those wishing to simply leave and come back to Japan ?

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