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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly wants boardroom, not criminal, trial See in context

JDoe…how do I up tick your comment to 1000?! Spot on mate!

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Posted in: Nissan to sell entire Daimler stake for $1.4 billion See in context

I’m with you on that neux reux. The countless Bloomberg articles, the Kelly farce, collusion with the prosecutors, Saikawa getting back dated options and not reporting. And on top of that the options Saikawa got were “unreported” the same stuff Ghosn is accused of doing but nothing has happened to Saikawa. I’m sorry to say but xenophobia is alive and well here.

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Posted in: Japan rolls out vaccine slowly, despite looming Olympics See in context

God bless America. This is one of the few times I can thank the fact that the US military is in Japan. My shot regimen was done two weeks ago today. I’ll gladly use my US tax dollars to my benefit the few times I get them

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Posted in: Yamato Transport to change black cat logo from April 1 See in context

At least the cats name isn’t sambo. My grandmothers cat was named sambo. I found many years later what sambo was. I was like omg grandma!

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Posted in: U.S. calls bid by men to avoid extradition over Ghosn's escape 'flawed' See in context

Ghosn should take up a diplomatic position in the Lebanese government and come to japan on official business and run it in their faces. That would be beautiful. But back to the point I think we can all agree Japan’s justice system is severely stacked against Ghosn and most wrapped up in it. We need a moment of silence for poor Greg Kelly wrapped up in all this and still no end in sight for him.

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Posted in: Abe warns Japanese to prepare for prolonged coronavirus battle See in context heard it here first. Japan on lockdown for two weeks starting Tuesday/Wednesday next weekZ

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Posted in: Abe warns Japanese to prepare for prolonged coronavirus battle See in context


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