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Posted in: Two fathers in Europe demand action against Japan over parental child abduction See in context

I have never known a Japanese wife to go so far as stealing away children. Unless, the husband was a drunkard, violent, or refused to work for the family. If it happens beyond those circumstances I believe it would be a distinct, and very small, minority. Drunkard, and/or violent - would account for most.

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Posted in: Plane with U.S. cruise ship evacuees arrives in Calif; 14 on board infected See in context

Japan did a great job, even under the circumstances of constant Chinese dis-information. If we were on that ship, we would have stayed in Yokohama. I've spend brief periods in both a Japanese and American hospital. I know where I would rather stay if I needed to. So do about 50 Americans in Yokohama.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for man who killed 19 mentally disabled people See in context

Hang him. Quickly. Just wasting oxygen till then.

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Posted in: Woman gets 4 1/2-year sentence over road accident that killed 2 children See in context

Sentence is too soft. So is the ability for 'seniors' to hold on to their driving license (although this driver is not a senior). The governments really need to get seniors transported to where and when - they want to go. AI vehicles that are fully electric (hopefully solar- based) are what Japan needs. Japan is likely the only country that can prove it is successful. Go for it!

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Posted in: Japan plans HIV drug trials for coronavirus; cruise ship evacuations continue See in context

Japan is doing a good job! Don't forget, in the early stages of this drama - Japan was acting on the inept intelligence they had mostly gathered from the Chinese - now well proven to be wrong.

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