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Posted in: UK university staff, Scottish teachers, postal workers begin walkouts See in context

I have read all the UK papers today and did not notice any articles on university staff striking. Interesting that I find a report in JT. I think that summarises how much the British public care about the issues. The typical British citizen believes lecturers are overpaid, lazy, left-wing whingers who would benefit from exposure to the "real world". There will be no sympathy for their cause.

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Posted in: Liz Truss quits after six chaotic weeks as UK prime minister See in context

Johnson was most definitely not the "face of the 2016 Brexit campaign". Like most Conservatives he stayed in hiding so that he could not be tarnished by the outcome. The true face of the campaign was Nigel Farage who almost singlehandedly led the UK out of the EU.

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Posted in: Japan holds 1st tourism expo in 2 years to aid virus-hit industry See in context

I am a tourist waiting to visit. No intention of doing so while chaperones and organised tours are involved. Only visa-free travel will induce me to travel.

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There is nothing wrong in principle with a falling population. Whether there are 120m or 130m inhabitants in Japan is 10 years is not in itself relevant. What does matter is the composition of the population and the productive capacity. A population fall driven by a low birth rate is necessarily accompanied by an increase in the proportion of elderly. The problem that has to be confronted is how those in work can produce enough to support those who are retired. A technological revolution would help, but in the absence of that miracle the easiest solution is to raise the retirement age. That only works is the elderly are capable of work so it has to be accompanied by an improvement in general health levels. The policy of increasing retirement saving does not help since it will not raise output but simply increases the share of output claimed by the old relative to the young.

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Posted in: Japan to offer Omicron COVID shot to at least twice-vaccinated people See in context

I started out as a strong believer in the vaccines. I interpreted the initial publicity to imply that we were getting a highly effective vaccine that would end any chance of Covid. I had the first vaccination as soon as it was available. I was less enthusiastic about the second. At the time I had the first there was no suggestion that a second would be needed. Why should this be if the first worked? Still, I had the second. Then the third was necessary .... Now top-ups, boosters, cocktails. And for most countries the largest wave of Covid occurred after the majority of the population had two vaccinations. Is it any wonder that skepticism about the vaccinations is building? The initial claims have proved unfounded and even the claim that the vaccinations reduce severity seems increasingly tenuous. We should form our opinions on the basis of evidence, and the evidence clearly shows that the vaccinations have failed to live up to their initial promise.

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The debate has drifted away from the point. There is considerable cynicism in the UK that this change is neatly timed to avoid kneeling in Qatar, so that what was meant to be the expression of a political principle has been dumped for political expediency.

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