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Gareth Whitby comments

Posted in: Scotland beats Japan 26-13 in 1st rugby test See in context

I was there, the attendance wasn't awful, but it was no way 80% full. I agree about Toyota stadium, it ls 50 Plus minutes outside of Nagoya at least! It was an insane choice for that game!!! Japan played well, they will improve once their head coach comes.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd warns Japan against resuming whaling See in context

Good on you Sea Shepard. I love that all these pro japanese whaling supporters don't regard the what they are doing as terrorism! Despite going against countless laws.... Yet the Sea Shepard are terrorists?! Give it a rest!!! I hope these whaling idiots get punished this year!

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Posted in: Japan bows out of Rugby World Cup with 28-18 win over U.S. See in context

Take a bow Japan Rugby, three wins out of four games In a World Cup pool, and really it's an injustice you aren't in the quarter finals... If you had played Scotland after a decent rest, I'm positive you'd be there now. I hope Japanese rugby grows and grows after this amazing World Cup and I'm already excited for the Japan World Cup in 4 years!

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Posted in: Upper house panel approves contentious defense bills amid chaos See in context

Tried posting this article on Facebook and it blocked me... Anyone out there might know as to why this is??

Also Peeping Tom, I'm also from the UK and I feel embarrassed by our past foreign policy.... Praising Iraq... What the hell is wrong with you!!? And as far as Falklands go, we should give them back... They were never ours to begin with.

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Posted in: 20 prefectural and local assemblies in Japan have urged the Japanese government to make hate speech illegal. Do you think hate speech should be illegal? See in context

Yes, hate speech should be illegal, simply because wishing death and harm on others simply because of a different nationality is the lowest form of human life. With the historical intricacies of Japan also added to this, hate speech has no place in a modern society. I think people here don't realise the definition of what actual hate speech is. And no, it's not the truth at all... When I see "die Korean dogs" being screamed outside the Korean restaurants in Tsuruhashi.... What truth is that showing, the only truth I see is the evil side of humanity.

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