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Posted in: Tokyo reports 80 new coronavirus cases See in context

So let’s use Go To Travel and ramp up the numbers to make a vaccine desirable and cause yet more panic and desolation! Just stay at home/local until the numbers are almost zero

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Posted in: The Rolling Stones become first band to top UK album charts over six different decades See in context

Robbie Williams?? His name doesn’t belong in the same article never mind sentence!

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Posted in: S Korean beer imports from Japan plunge 97% See in context

Yes, Japanese beer is a little expensive outside of Japan...but Korean beer? Oh my god, the most awful tasting sh*t ever! Even Japanese non-alcohol beers taste better!!!

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' sequel to focus on a family of original film See in context

No Peter Venkman/Bill Murray = no movie

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Posted in: Forget the mess: This shepherd's pie uses only one skillet See in context

Chicken broth? Minced beef? Egg in mashed potato? This is a total bastardisation of what a real Shepherd’s Pie is all about!

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Posted in: Author Murakami withdraws from consideration for alternative Nobel award See in context

Murakami is a far more interesting person and writer than Kazuo Ishiguro. Both writers don’t get the amount of respect they deserve in their country of birth though, for some strange reason. Also, who really cares about the Nobel Prize, especially for literature??

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Posted in: Paul McCartney scores U.S. No. 1 after nearly four decades See in context

The one and only Billy Shears!

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Posted in: Man arrested for concealing mother’s death with fake residence certificate See in context

Check the age difference...the mother was only 15 when she had her son - really? Wonder if the death was suspicious and if it can be properly investigated! Whatever, there have been a number of crimes committed here...

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to pay $2.55 mil to Japan whalers See in context

The main issue here is not that Japan carries out whaling, for commercial reasons or otherwise, it is where they do it! Why don't they get their catch in the Sea of Japan? There are plenty of whales surrounding Japan, yet they hunt farther afield? Why is that?? Could it be something to do with the Japanese people being unwilling to actually witness the slaughter of such majestic beasts? The same reason why most Japanese people are not only unaware of what happens at Taiji but have never seen any photos or footage and refuse to acknowledge what actually happens.

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