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Posted in: How hot could the U.S.-China 'Cold War' get? See in context

Without naming nations, this is the never ending clash of ideologies - Democracy and Communism. Few business that will profit from this is the global news media who will keep flaring these headlines time and again and the ammunition factories in developed nations.

Neutral nations today will be provoked and challenged again and again and again. This is exactly why China is exploiting its neighbors, most of which are poorer nations, in the name of its ancestral history which is a crap reason for its expansionist theory. The 21st century will be defined horrifying natural disasters and wars fought for control of natural resources around the globe.

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Posted in: Japanese politician gets caught watching crocodile video during Diet session See in context

Ironically the same politicians can sleep in the parliament. :)

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Posted in: Why are fruit and vegetables in Japan so expensive? See in context

I still chuckle when I see a netted small bag of only 6 LadyFingers nicely wrapped and tagged 280 JPY. In tropical countries people go home with at least 2 to 4 kilos of LadyFingers by paying one third of the price above. Same goes for several other vegetables. Indeed the vegetable quality is good in Japan, but the premium paid by the consumer is just too ridiculously high.

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Posted in: China demands Japanese fishing boats not trespass in its waters See in context

Below is the snapshot of the Chinese tactics with all its neighbours...

Exclusively for the global news media: China demands Japanese fishing boats not trespass in its waters

Fact: Chinese submarines already in Japan waters, taking all the strategic information of the area and relaying it back to its defence headquarters in mainland.

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

Personally I found working from office a lot more efficient as compared to working from home. Because I know I have to leave work by 18:00 or 19:00 somehow. But working from home things just tend to get dragged on and on because of various reasons. I work for a lot longer hours but the productivity is still the same or less.

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Posted in: Virus response shows Japan still paralyzed in crises: Fukushima investigator See in context

Can anyone name 1 nation in this planet which is dealing with this crisis efficiently?

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Posted in: Angry confrontation breaks out after man coughs on Yamanote Line train in Tokyo See in context

Rule o mamoru, Stress o tamaru. Yet another classic case. Period.

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Posted in: Blip or bust: Coronavirus economic impact still in doubt See in context

Future governments should seriously allocate additional budget for dealing with these kind of virus outbreaks and climatic disasters. Defense budget is no longer the top priority. The world is shrinking very fast. Virus evolve faster than humans. Nature has already entered a self destruction mode. These kind of calamities will be recurrent and regular events in future.

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Posted in: London can host 2020 Games if it has to be moved over coronavirus: mayoral candidate See in context

At this moment of virus crisis spreading around, Shaun Bailey could have used his common sense and expressed London's interest to aid Japan to deal with the current crisis. That's how you build good will around the global nations. Instead, the proposal to host Olympics is typically insulting to Japan. This was certainly not required at this moment.

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Posted in: Chinese doctors using plasma therapy on coronavirus See in context

Finally some encouraging news on this epidemic. Thanks for this informative article.

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Posted in: 6,000 hygiene masks stolen from Japanese Red Cross hospital in Kobe See in context

Humans are stupid creatures. These things can happen in any nation under such dire circumstances.

Ignorance is bliss. Information is not knowledge.

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Posted in: Experts ponder why cruise ship quarantine failed to prevent spread of virus See in context

Scientists have reported in the past that the virus evolve faster than many other organisms in this planet. So these kind of epidemics will be recurrent in future. With the global climatic changes perhaps the habitat is getting a lot more conducive for these virus and micro-organisms to evolve and spread faster. The real serious question here is...can the human immune system evolve too at the same pace?...This is worth the debate. A new born baby needs to be vaccined with several shots to cope with such an chaos, just one of the many options.

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Posted in: Nissan shareholders blast management over Ghosn scandal, dismal results See in context

Nissan has to be bought by some stable automobile firm. This will end nowhere otherwise. There is no leadership at Nissan. Its becoming very obvious. And for sure Ghosn will never come to the Nissan rescue at any cost now.

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Posted in: 'United by Emotion' to be Tokyo Olympic Games motto See in context

Sounds more like an apt slogan for some charity or disaster relief event, certainly not for sporting event like Olympics where professionals compete to win.

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Posted in: Roland’s TAIKO-1 is world’s first consumer model electronic taiko drum See in context

@JonathanJo: "Why limit production to 1000 units though?"

The consumers will test and report the defect in the initial model. Later the company will manufacture the next version of the same. This saves cost for the company, keeps the brand name alive in the market and builds the hype for every upgrade that follows. Have you forgotten how Apple has been draining out money from consumers pocket for several years now? Gone are the days when the product is made to near perfection before being commercialized for sale. These days semi-defective product is as good as the final product. In modern business consumer perception matters, facts don't. And this perception can be controlled/monitored via various social media and online shopping platforms.

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Posted in: Japanese economy sinks amid fears about virus impact See in context

This joke made my day! Blame the virus for the economic policy goof up. Way to go Japan!

Expats in Japan, please stay on alert, the Japan tax authorities are aggressively targeting the high income individuals since last 6 months.

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Posted in: Coronavirus spreads fear and racism worldwide See in context

And I thought racism is wiped out completely in this planet till I read this news article.

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Posted in: Japan to amend laws to help elderly work until 70 See in context

Perfect market set for robots to replace humans in due course of years. Once the robots out number the humans there is no burden of pensions and social security for the governance. Ahhh..wait...never thought about robots running the administration eventually. Meanwhile I am trying to train my pet dogs and cats to do some of my office work related tasks.

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

DisillusionedToday  07:12 am JST - Agree.

Ghosn has started laying his cards on table as soon as he was out of Japan in the form of concrete evidence. Still waiting for the japan prosecutors to present their side of story to counter Ghosn's claims. These kind of petty events like issuing arrest warrants, counter arguments etc are mere distractions. In other words this high profile case is now out of the courtrooms and into the global media where judgement is based more on perceptions and interpretations rather than the actual facts. Hope the Japan legal system realize this sooner to avoid further embarrassment.

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby calls for review of uniform base pay rise system See in context

First increase consumption tax from 8 to 10 percent. Now demand increase the base pay.

Still consumer spending not increasing. End result still the same. Wonder why!!!??

As been clearly highlighted in several reports, Japan needs structural changes in the society to make a visible impact in their ever degrading economy. These kind of fiscal measures are just short term solutions.

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Posted in: Oscars go green with plant-based menus, no plastic bottles See in context

Our planet has already entered irreversible self destruction mode. The global climatic pattern is already undergoing a drastic transition. Is someone watching the weather news? US is still a nation with high carbon footprint, governance still in denial mode. And here we are talking about plant based food for few elite's. Vegetarianism, plant based, vegan diet is more of a fashion today. In about next 10 to 20 years, fasting will be in fashion. How sad can this get to be?!

Human stupidity can never be measured - Albert Einstein.

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Posted in: Japanese chef makes history as he joins France's Michelin elite See in context

Not important news. This is yet another nonsense that is making rounds in the news media since last few years. Eat what you like. Like what you eat. Simple.

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Posted in: Democrats accuse Trump at impeachment trial of corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine See in context

Yeah, the whole world is watching and laughing. Welcome to the rigged impeachment ceremony. Majority of the senate are republicans. Does anyone still believe that the president would be impeached?!!

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

All these are futile discussions. The japanese legal systems and practices will never change. Now that Ghosn is out of the clutches of this barbaric system, there could be an out of the court settlement to prevent further emabarassment to both the parties on this high profile case. Nevertheless, I really feel for the innocent victims of this system over the years though, especially after the revealations made by Ghosn during the press conference. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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Posted in: Harry, Meghan to quit royal jobs, give up 'highness' titles See in context

Apart from Harry, Megan and the global media I am not sure whether anyone is excited about this.

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Posted in: Millions go hungry in wealthy Canada - and some die young as a result See in context

Never knew that hunger in Canada mattered more than hunger in other countries.

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Posted in: Costs for managing Japan's nuclear plants to total ¥13 trillion See in context

This article is only providing half truth. The cost projected here needs to be evaluated along with the money that is saved annually compared to any alternate source of energy which is put into production. This needs to be done keeping in mind the industrial production.

As far as I understand, Nuclear power is still the cheapest and most efficient source of energy. No other source of energy comes even close to the money that is saved and the power that is generated via nuclear power. We have wind, solar, hydro, thermal and similar alternative sources of energy but none of these are evolved enough and are not still viable when it comes to industrial sector.

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

Every press release from Nissan here on is only helping to strengthen Ghosn's stand further on this case. Questions are already being asked for different treatment to Saikawa(ex Nissan boss) and Ghosn for the similar alleged misconduct. The 99.4% accuracy of the judicial system is being seriously challenged with this high profile case. I already foresee Nissan business being bought over by some other auto giant in coming years after this fiasco.Time to get back to real business for Nissan to prevent further embarrassment in global media via this huge damage control exercise.

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Posted in: Ghosn says French envoy told him of inside plot See in context

quercetumToday  07:48 am JST: Why is Saikawa not arrested?

Ouch! Thats a very intelligent question :)

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Posted in: 3 of Japan’s best whiskies about to disappear as shortages loom See in context

Thats a good news. At least 3 sources of liver damage is now mitigated.

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