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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

One disturbing statement from Ghosn's press conference was that the prosecutor was running the show in the court hearings and the judge was just abiding by like a robot. There were few examples given during the press conference by Ghosn. Usually it should be the other way round if I understand correctly. Now I have a fair idea how they maintain that 99.4 percent accuracy, wonder how many innocent lives were sacrificed and denied justice so far to achieve this figure. Not impressive to say the least.

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

Very Sad to read this news.

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Posted in: Hugh Jackman on 'Logan' - 'It's time to leave the party' See in context

I likes the Logan better as it potrayed the human side of a superhero.

Just to admit that I could feel the ground below me when I watched this one.

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Posted in: Counting your calories See in context

Does it exclude the calories of "the plate" and include only the calories of the food placed on the plate?

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Posted in: Japan favors Aegis Ashore over THAAD to boost missile defense See in context

Wise nations invest more on diplomacy rather than weapon protection systems.

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Posted in: One woman's mission to revive ailing kimono industry See in context

I am a huge fan of Kimono. It can make any woman look gracious, classy and elegant.

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Posted in: Japan sees potential in solar power See in context

Nuclear energy is still the cheapest and most powerful form of energy for mankind till date.

Technology is not yet available to leverage solar energy to the extent of making it commercially viable on a global scale. Its expensive.

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Posted in: In Japan’s corporate culture, hard workers who have a strong sense of responsibility are left to bear the burden. Overwork problems can’t be solved at the individual level. See in context

Hire people from China. They will eventually bring a change in Japan's work culture. The Supply will meet the Demand.

Japanese people are not capable enough to bring about this change in work culture by themselves. No zangyou day, happy friday etc are list of past failures to say the least. This problem has been around for several years now. Time to think different.

100 hours overtime limit is a super crazy idea in itself!!

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Its average. Doesn't look professional enough compared to other news sites. Think this will take time to get used to...

Tips: Please avoid bold fonts. Reduce the size of images so that on each page the news article is given importance. Not everywhere is the internet speed is high. Please consider this while designing the pages.

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Posted in: Who is more unpredictable: U.S. President Donald Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? See in context

I wouldn't worry much about Kim Jong Un. I would blame the global news media for making a devil out of this guy.

Trump...mmm...Zero political background but still president of US! This is enough to set my expectations right with this guy.

What follows is just entertainment in global news media and a lifetime opportunity for other nations to close in the GAP with US, simple.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

"How easy and safe it is to have and raise a family?"

I think this is a million dollar question that concretely helps to decide whether to continue living in any nation around the globe.

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Posted in: Toshiba's survival in doubt after reporting unaudited results See in context

Sharp - Extinct. Toshiba - Soon to be extinct. Panasonic, Hitachi, Fujitsu - Next on line.

Sony, Toyota - Will still be around (I think!)

Maybe due to: Ageing population. Inability to adapt to changing global trends of business. Inablity to learn from several other firm's failure. The Japan govt's inability to bail out any of these firms as it is riddled with a larger burden - Pension funds.

Japan is a very small nation compared to US, China and India. So the rise and fall is bound to be sharp with respect to time.

Only US can bail out Japan now. Just as US helped Japan to rise post WW2 to become worlds second biggest economy in the past.

In fact the Sharp case above is already a very popular test case that is being post mortemed in most of the business schools worldwide.

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Posted in: 34,247 bicycles left abandoned at Tokyo train stations in 2016 See in context

Japan can just ship these abandoned bicycles along with the regular dumping of old automobiles to the poorer countries next time. I don't understand why this is an issue now when it was never an issue in case of used automobiles till date.

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Posted in: What is the worst experience you have had with an airline? See in context

Tokyo, Narita to Mumbai, India via Bangkok, Thailand trip - The flight was desparately trying to take of by speeding up on the runway. However the engine were not able to generate the throttle power for take off. The pilot gave up by the time the flight reached the end of the runway, took a u turn and parked the flight and only then announced to passengers that there was a "minor" technical snag which needs to be attended to. On board this flight we could feel the speeding jerks constantly as the flight was speeding up on the runway. This was the worst experience I ever had till date.

Now for the real reason for desparate attempt to take off from Narita. Narita charges exhorbitant parking(stacking) charges by the hour. So even if there is a techincal snag identified before the take off the airline prefers to get out of Narita somehow and attend to the technical snag when they reach a cheaper destination.

Today I owe it to this airline for still being alive to comment here. The risks that are taken to cut on operational costs.

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Posted in: Toshiba crisis shines light on Japan's corporate culture See in context

Inability to adapt to changes in global business environment, inability to take quick decisions, herd mentality, lack of proper leadership, aging and dying population, gender bias and the list goes on and on and on.

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Posted in: Which do you think is Japan's most attractive city? See in context


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Posted in: What do you think about the growing controversy over "fake news" circulating online via Google or Facebook, and efforts by the internet giants to weed out hoaxes and misinformation? See in context

I think this debate will die a natural death with no logical conclusion.

Information flowing through the internet just cannot be controlled at global scale. To me, internet has always been a place where you get to read what you want to believe.

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Posted in: On Nov 9, tens of millions of Americans will awaken to the realization that someone they loathe will be the 45th president of the United States due to the bitter political divide in the country. How c See in context

The harsh truth about any democracy is that people always deserve the leaders they choose.

None of the current candidates have the leadership qualities and charisma of some of their predecessor Presidents. Present candidates don't even come close to Obama's oratory skills, leadership skills and knowledge about global politics. From the preliminary debates it was more about personal bickering rather than debate on US stand on various policies. Thats certainly not a healthy sign for any nation.

There is bound to be chaos in US irrespective of the election results. In other words there is not much difference between US election and election in any third world democratic nation this time around. Changing times.

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Posted in: What is the best solution for reducing overtime work? See in context

Based on my past experience:

-Better planning, -Better accountability, -shorter focussed meetings, -No power harrassment, -Enforce proper balance between process orientation and solution orientation.

The above steps needs to be FIRST practised by the management(managers) so that the message trickles down to staff.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

@Strangerland: "My point was that animals live outdoors, and have never been able to overcome their limitations as individuals or small groups. We are humans, who have created huge megastructures, been to the moon, found ways to communicate nearly instantaneously with people on the other side of the planet. Saying we can't change because some animals do something that we do is ridiculous, we definitely have the power to change to become more than animals, and more than what we are now."

The problem of racism has been there for last thousands of years and you seriously hope that it will change for better in future. I admire your optimism and hallucination.

Don't tell me that building megastructures, going to the moon, advances in communication are all steps towards eliminating racism. Give me a break! Think before you fire your comments like a loose cannon here. Good luck!

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Posted in: Comedian Pikotaro astonished by viral success of 'PPAP' song See in context

This guy spent 100000 yen to shoot for this crap??!!!.....and it took him 6 hours???!!!!

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

Have you ever seen a swan using a cell phone? Have you seen a pigeon building a skyscraper? Have you seen an elephant adopt a child? Not sure whats your point with the examples above.

My point via examples initially is that racism exists everywhere. Its been there in the wild and will be there in our society forever. It is who we are and very much part of our instinct.

Many people here seem to confuse between racism and discrimination though.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

"Yes, but civilised people have made progress on this issue in case you hadn't noticed."

The issue is only dormant. Doesn't mean that it has ceased to exist.

Once the recession, jobless rate, refugee crisis takes a hit on any nation you will notice this issue raising its ugly head again and again. Something we can learn from past history.

Sparks of racism are seen even in the "civilized world". I don't need to highlight instances here I guess.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

Racism is reality of the world we live in. Only the degree varies from nation to nation.

Has anyone seen a black goose swimming amongst the swans? Has anyone seen crows living in harmony with the pigeons? Has anyone seen a baby elephant, whose mom just died, being accepted by another herd of elephants?

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Posted in: Support for 'my girl' Clinton is personal, Mrs Obama says See in context

This campaign looks so well manipulated and calculated on both sides.

For example in the past Obama had projected clear leadership and exceptional oratory skills.

Not sure what the future holds for US.

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Posted in: Ancient Japan more cosmopolitan than thought: researchers See in context

Ancient Japan more cosmopolitan than thought: researchers - otherwise this article wouldn't have been published in first place,duh.

The other day, I saw a beautiful bird near a lake at Nara looking towards Iran while having its meal. So I think even this bird has its relatives travelling frequently between Iran and Japan in search of alternate lifestyle. How cosmopolitan!!

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Posted in: Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell;' warns of breakup See in context

Historically speaking any friendship and alliance with US comes with an expiry date.

Not sure whether this holds true with Russia and China too.

The sooner the nations realize this, the better for their own good.

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Posted in: Daniel Craig still first choice for Bond, says producer See in context


Ironically all Daniel Craig Bond movies are booking heavy loss.

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Posted in: Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell;' warns of breakup See in context

So now we have a new Circus troupe coming up in Phillipines in addition to North Korea.

Wonder what Duterte has in mind.

Is he gifted by nature to be what he is or is there a bigger scheme in play here?

Is he trying to woo China,Russia by making drastic statements against US?

How is it different to be used by China and Russia instead of US?

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Posted in: By 2030, there will be no full-time employees, report speculates See in context

I have also read that as per a research the most deserving candidates resume will get a maximum attention of 7 seconds by then.

Average resume will bet 2 to 3 seconds attention. Thats how bad its going to be due to huge jobless rate.

Selection would be biased towards pure on field experience(demand) rather than qualifications(supply).

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