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GarlicJoe comments

Posted in: Crown Princess Kiko tests positive for COVID See in context

Despite probably the sixth booster shot, finally catched COVID for first time after 3 years.

I‘m with her in my thoughts…

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Posted in: Japan, China defense officers resume exchange after COVID hiatus See in context

There is absolutely nothing you cannot blame COVID for, especially here in Japan.

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Posted in: Smart girls don’t marry? Japan rushes to erase stigma for women in science See in context

When I think of all those Japanese people and colleagues with whom I worked together and experienced their mindset, I can totally agree with this article

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant prepares to release diluted radioactive water into sea See in context

Can this small pipe, reaching into the sea, really carry the same or more amount of treated water than what is still occurring due to cooling of the reactors?

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Posted in: Yen weakening may prove debilitating blow to Japan See in context

Swings and roundabouts.....

Those with exceedingly generous trust funds in UK pounds are not complaining about 181 yen to the pound!

At least one thing you do not have to complain about as a UK person these days

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Posted in: Kurobe Dam begins water discharge event See in context

Infrastructure is something where the Japanese are really good in

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Posted in: Yen weakening may prove debilitating blow to Japan See in context

This list shows that Japan is not that big exporter of goods/services to the world as it is always said:


Imports to Japan are slightly higher than the exports.

So, is it really the case that Japan profits from a rapidly depreciating Yen? I cannot imagine…

Maybe this is just another excuse for year long failed monetary policy experiment and poor variety of alternatives left.

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Posted in: Incident with knives causes commotion on Tokyo Yamanote line train See in context

What kind of article is this?

2 people got somehow injured by someone.

1 foreigner was sitting in the train with two wrapped knives he uses for work

Nobody has seen anything happening

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Posted in: Ghosn files $1 billion lawsuit in Lebanon against Nissan over his imprisonment in Japan See in context

By running away to Lebanon, he has no credibility whatsoever. He should have manned up and fought in court.

what you‘re saying is totally nonsense. You seem to have no idea at all. Being a foreigner puts you in this country already in the position of the culprit. Just try it out in daily life, e.g. with a car/ bike accident. You will see that police immediately has the guilty party regardless of real facts. That’s why it is really helpful to have a dash cam. I know several cases where this has happened, especially for foreign women.

I also remember this racial profiling by the Tokyo police in 2021, because only foreigners could catch a covid 19 disease and did not behave accordingly.

This is how working foreigners are treated in a country which loses every year 700,000 citizens and is depending on external work force like no other.

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Posted in: Top executive quits Nissan in new leadership turmoil See in context

You've got to have a deathwish to want to take an executive job at Nissan as a foreigner. They're hand in hand with yakuza, controlling the police and justice system and capable of inventing charges against any gaijin there - foreigners are indeed in great danger. Renault would do a lot of good by bankrupting the company and firing all the "old-boy" Japanese executives there, starting up with a clean slate, in my honest opinnion.

Basically right.

Renault does not need to do anything. Just separate from Nissan and let them go. The rest will be done by market and time.

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Posted in: Top executive quits Nissan in new leadership turmoil See in context

What a shabby and contaminated company and brand Nissan is.

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Posted in: Police in Sapporo looking for serial urinal grate thief See in context

This is one of those stories where you have to save the article as PDF as a reminder of Japanese specialties

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Posted in: Japan seeks over 30% of female executives in key firms by 2030 See in context

The Norwegian state fund first has to announce not willing to buy anymore Japanese company assets and shares due to non-existence of women in executive boards. Only after that Japanese government considers to change something. Money rules

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Posted in: Kishida fires his eldest son as executive secretary See in context

Interesting which family related entanglements and old boy networks seem to be common here.

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Posted in: Toyota discloses improper crash tests at Daihatsu subsidiary See in context

How to become biggest car manufacturer?

Put all your efforts in producing some trash at lowest cost without any quality claim to third world countries.

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Posted in: North Korean hackers stole $721 million in cryptocurrency from Japan: Nikkei See in context

As long people, including the commentators here („I thought blockchain is secure…“), do not understand how technology works, this will happen

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Posted in: Toyota: Data on more than 2 million vehicles in Japan were at risk in decade-long breach See in context

Almost every two months there are cybersecurity data leaks and breaches being reported about Toyota or its suppliers.

It’s actually a shame. Maybe Toyota should leave those „new“ stuff aside and focus on mechanical vehicles with combustion engines.

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Posted in: Japan's seafood imports from Russia hit record ¥155 bil in 2022 See in context

What does Joe say on that? Or is this just the deal for yet another US military base in Japan?

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Posted in: Riot police member apparently kills himself at prime minister’s residence See in context

Very dangerous environment around Japanese former and active prime ministers.

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Posted in: Mefeego Pack approved as 1st abortion pill in Japan See in context

Garlic,why would a Japanese woman,want children with an unemotional Japanese man,who cannot fulfill his own emotions,and cannot be there emotional for her and her child

Does not answer any of my questions.

but, yeah I know what you’re talking about

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Posted in: Mefeego Pack approved as 1st abortion pill in Japan See in context

Two questions:

Why only so late while western countries have this already since decades?

Why now while Japan is facing steepest decline in population?

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Posted in: ANA posts 1st net profit in 3 years on Japan's relaxed border control See in context

Crazy that an airline can make small profits with such skyrocketed prices

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Posted in: Japanese company: 'High probability' lander crashed on moon See in context

Interesting that it is mentioned nowhere that the lander was actually built in Germany.

Ispace is in the end only a service provider which still has to prove it’s capabilities.

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Posted in: New Toyota chief Sato to embark on EV push as automaker plays catch-up See in context

after reading only the headline: the EV is not the „thing“ that matters. It is automated driving and digitalized car.

what has Toyota to show on that?

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Posted in: Companies hold in-person welcome ceremonies for new employees See in context

Reminds me to some pictures from Soviet Union age. Live like a bird in the cage

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Posted in: Japanese man detained in China is employee of drugmaker Astellas See in context

I don't know why any foreign companies continue to do business with China when there are so many Asian countries that are flourishing and are far more trustworthy and biggest point of all less of a headache.

Maybe it’s because China is the second biggest economy after the US and Japan is an export oriented country to compensate low domestic growth?

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Posted in: Japanese man detained in China is employee of drugmaker Astellas See in context

Maybe the accusations are just true? Could happen…

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Posted in: Japan plans new COVID-19 vaccine rollout from May for elderly See in context

I assume this something for which some people are wishfully waiting and they seem it as an obligation to be a good citizens getting a shot regularly without believe in any effect

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

Skilled people want to work in skilled jobs with skilled salaries while living in a skilled society with skilled rules

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