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GaroJ comments

Posted in: Water break See in context

It's a 'murder of crows' and an 'unkindness of ravens'. Both birds get a bad rap.

The crows that hang around the trees in the Hama Rikyu gardens near Shiodome were fantastic. 'Majestic' is right (but 'spooky' is not wrong..).

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Posted in: 17 crows, 1 pigeon found dead on Yokohama street See in context

A murder of crows?

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Posted in: Normal behavior in Japan, taboo abroad See in context

Also, the backwards peace sign in England doesn't seem to be that huge of a deal anymore, my husband did it all the time, as a lot of black American men tend to do and no one seemed to be offended. Maybe they chuckled a bit on the inside, but no looks of shock.

If it's an obvious/known foreigner and the context was understood, I might not react to it either. It's hardly an instant cause of offence but it is something visitors/immigrants should be aware of.

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Posted in: Normal behavior in Japan, taboo abroad See in context

I think this list should include the hissing sound most Japanese men make when thinking or pondering something.

I hear that just as much from women and it is massively annoying.

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Posted in: 42 injured after bus falls off road onto train tracks in Oita See in context

On the news programme I watched (which was on TBS), they showed some passengers saying that the driver was screaming about the brakes. Unless they were all lying to cover up for him for some reason, there was an actual problem with the brakes. In addition to that, they were on a slope heading towards a t-junction, hardly the kind of boring stretch of road you'd usually associate with dozing off.

I'm surprised there's no image to go with this article. News cameras were on the scene fairly quickly it seemed.

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Posted in: Privacy please? See in context

I'm okay with this article. It's not the same type of boring 'newbie discovers..' and it's something that foreigners actually should be aware of before coming here.

Personally, when it comes to work, I keep almost everything truly personal completely private, especially medical issues, as I know that pretty much no-one there can be trusted to keep anything to themselves. It's gets quite aggravating sometimes how... 'talkative' some of them are.

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Posted in: Why do moviegoers in English-speaking countries tend to avoid foreign movies with subtitles, while in Japan, for example, it’s just the opposite? See in context

When was the last foreign language blockbuster 'Zen student'? For England and the US at least, foreign movies definitely remain a minority interest, even if their popularity has grown. And I say that as someone who has no problem at all with watching subbed French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, whatever, movies.

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Posted in: Kawasaki fun See in context

I don't think there's anything wrong with Christmas costumes at Halloween. Isn't it the North Americans that led the way in making Halloween about all costumes rather than those specifically Halloween-themed? I prefer the more on-theme costumes in principle but this kind of thing is fun either way.

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

glidingneedles: Even if Psy was the most popular artist in Korea, he may still turn out to be a 'one-hit-wonder' in the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

Regarding the whole looks thing. I've met multiple fit and attractive women here with foreign husbands/boyfriends. The whole 'it's only the ugly women who with them' nonsense is the kind of typical misplaced Japanese pride/xenophobia that people on this site usually complain about.

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

The 'problem' with Japan is that Korean stuff isn't so new or special to them. It doesn't have the novelty factor in Japan that it does in other markets,

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Posted in: Foreign employee named Lawson working at Lawson See in context

Sorry, I meant 'how many obvious foreigners'..

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Posted in: Foreign employee named Lawson working at Lawson See in context

He was probably hired because of his name. There's no way it's just a chance thing. I mean, how obvious foreigners (i.e. black, white or obviously non-Japanese Asians) do you usually see working in convenience stores.

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Posted in: AKB48 give smart look to men's suit maker in ad campaign See in context

Surely it's Haruka Kojima.

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Posted in: 9 types of guys who shouldn’t even bother showing up at 'gokon' parties See in context

Shouldn't 'ugly' guys be on this list?

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Posted in: Inspiring or inconsiderate? Foreigner plays guitar for train passengers stranded by typhoon See in context

Everybody needs to lighten up. He played and sang a song on a train that was stuck. Life can be a little more fun if people could appreciate a little spontaneity from time to time.

I'm sure everyone agrees with this in principle but that doesn't mean it applies to this situation.

This guy was probably just trying to promote himself and thanks to the massive amount of views on the video, he probably has.

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Posted in: Disney film to show how 'Mary Poppins' flew from book to screen See in context

Colin Farrell.. Emma Thompson's father...

The film must be heavy on flashbacks for that to work.

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Posted in: Apple maps disaster may solve China-Japan islands dispute See in context

The writer was just making a joke. Maybe not a very funny one but hardly worthy of the outpouring seen here.

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Posted in: Man mauled after jumping into tiger pit at New York's Bronx Zoo See in context

The staff had been prepared to use deadly force if necessary, zoo director Jim Breheny told a televised news conference.

On the man I hope.

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Posted in: Should websites remove the anti-Islam video that is fueling anti-U.S. protests in the Muslim world? See in context

Why should it be removed? Especially now, why should it be removed? It's its very existence that those crazy people were using as an excuse for their behaviour. I doubt many, or any, of them have actually watched it so what difference would removing it make?

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Posted in: I plan to create 500,000 new jobs within my first 100 days of becoming prime minister. See in context

They'll just double up (or worse) on guardmen and other jobs where people are basically paid to stand around.

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Posted in: Why the Japanese have no problem asking about your marital status See in context

I've had some experiences similar to papasmurf's. If they ask you a personal question, ask it back and then see where the conversation goes. I find that a lot of the Japanese people I've met (at least the ones around my own age (28) or a little older) usually have something interesting to say about their marital status, especially the unmarried females so it's not a bad conversation starter.

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Posted in: Hear me See in context

The lady looks like she's enjoying her day out of the rest home...

Way to jump to conclusions!

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in aspiring adult film actresses; 6,000 said to debut each year See in context

I doubt she would've said she was happy with the career change if that were the case.

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in aspiring adult film actresses; 6,000 said to debut each year See in context

Once you do PORN, no decent Japanese TV station, etc..will ever employ you.

I know of at least one porn star who later went to star in a children's TV show (in a costume that showed off her cleavage no less). (Carefully) look up Nao Oikawa to see who I mean. It's not impossible and there's no guarantee that a TV station would hire someone in any case.

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Posted in: Water restrictions go into effect in Kanto region See in context

So will people stop watering the cement in front of their houses?

They'll just do it with a little less water

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Posted in: Spain’s La Tomatina Festival coming to Tokyo this weekend See in context

Even the website doesn't detail the location and it looks like the application deadline has passed. I would've liked to watch it at least but it seems they're trying to make it all exclusive.

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Posted in: JAL, British Airways start codesharing on London-Tokyo route See in context

I do hope they're 'aligning' to BA rather than JAL.

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Posted in: Details of Roppongi slaying emerge, but raise new questions See in context

Roppongi, says the tabloid, has become even more dangerous than sleazy Kabukicho. Hey, Gov Ishihara, Nikkan Gendai suggests—before you pitch hosting the 2020 Olympics, how about cleaning up your city?

Yeah, I'm sure London, Rio, Istanbul and Madrid have no issues with violent crime.

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda 'graduates' from AKB48 after 4-day sendoff See in context

She wasn't even the oldest member.

Oshima, who just won that election is older than her and even she's not the oldest member.

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