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Posted in: Clothing ad touting Japan’s beautiful tradition features no Japanese faces See in context

Um, no. The myth of Japan's ethnic homogeneity is just that - a myth. Try telling that to all the Koreans, Chinese, and other Southeast Asians - hell, even westerners and everyone else.

No one ever says that there are only Japanese people in Japan but it definitely is the case that the vast vast vast majority of people here are 'ethnic' Japanese. That might be changing but for the moment, there's a reason why the Japanese census only asks about nationality not ethnicity.

In a country like the UK, there actually is a lot of ethnic diversity amongst people with 'British' as their nationality, so also asking ethnicity has some meaning. Japan is still a long way away from that and you just need to spend 2 minutes in almost any place in Japan to see that for yourself.

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Posted in: Airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia are under fire for their policy of moving men from seats next to unaccompanied children, causing humiliation to the passengers being moved. The airlines say the po See in context

If it were merely kids assigned seating--for some incomprehensible reason--away from their parent(s) on the same flight, it would seem to be simple enough to switch the seats to put them together. That might be inconvenient, and incompetent of the staff who assigned the seats, but not paranoid nor particularly objectionable/humiliating.

As long as it's the kid/parents being inconvenienced it's fine. I'm getting increasingly sick of being on planes where the most annoying passengers (parents with small, noisy children) are given the most preferential treatment.

I probably am just a bitter singleton though.

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Posted in: No. of police disciplined for misconduct up 23% over 2011, NPA says See in context

Police misconduct hit the headlines again this month when a police officer took a minor to a beach in Osaka, plied her with alcohol and allegedly raped her.

'Police misconduct' is a bit weak a term for this I think.

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Posted in: Alleged rape incident at Atsugi may grate on nagging defense issues See in context

The story is fishy as hell. I certainly hope that 'A' is punished if it is true as reported but the whole 'He was really drunk and I knew him to be an obnoxious drunk but decided to walk home alone with him' suggests there's more to their relationship than is reported here.

I can't imagine even the most naive of women thinking that was a good idea. Even as a male, I would stay from someone in that kind of state unless they were an actual friend.

Note that I'm not blaming the victim if there was an actual assault, it's just pretty clear that we don't have the full story here.

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Posted in: 11-month-old baby falls to death from apartment window See in context

meh... I was born walking!

Me too, strolled right out in fact!

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I agree, but it seems to me when you say AKB48 suck ( and they really, really do) you get the thumbs down as if these girls are THE most important thing to happen to Japan

Thumbs down from who? JT readers? Just look at thumbs up/down on this page. It's the supporters who are getting the thumbs from the apparent legion of rabid haters. Your previous comment probably only got voted down because people didn't notice the sarcasm.

these telento (I don't even want to call them that) what have they contributed to the music society (besides looks)?

Presuming that they have indeed contributed nothing, so what? They are entertainers, are they entertaining people? If so, then they're doing a good job.

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Posted in: Millions look skyward as rare eclipse crosses Asia See in context

No, it would be like saying 'millions of Africans' and, as in this case, it would be completely true. That non-Asian people (like me - a 'Black' - for instance) saw it doesn't mean that 'Millions of Asians' is untrue.

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Posted in: Millions look skyward as rare eclipse crosses Asia See in context

Though I might have liked to see it clearly, the natural filter of the cloud cover made it look pretty cool and mysterious.

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Is it just me, or do you also feel that something is wrong with women boxing? I do not like seeing any women getting hurt, it just makes me feel very protective...

Yeah I'm sure they need your protection and appreciate your concern..

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Posted in: Japanese beer heads cause Westerners to froth at the mouth See in context

Japanese people tend to have a more sensitive palette

This must be true, it would explain why so many of the drinks here have such weak flavouring (or is that cheapness?).

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Posted in: Big man See in context

It only turns its head

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

ROFL. I also find that French speakers are the best ones at adapting to any foreign language. We get the perfect accent so easily. You don't agree ? That's weird. It's just you can't hear your own defects.

The French? Getting the 'perfect accent so easily'? That is 'ilarious!

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Posted in: 'Avengers' smashes U.S. box office record See in context

Riffraff - yeah, I guess you're right. If theres one thing Hollywood needs, it's more comic book movies for the always ignored 12-21 man-boy demographic. Besides, I hate movies with stuff like too many words or big words, or like, y'know, stuff like a friggin story thats gay and stuff.

For one, it's obviously for the 12-31 man-boy demographic.

Second, if you're only interested in more serious flicks, please feel free to only watch those. There's something for everyone in the movie biz. Some have mass appeal, some don't but a fact is that 'story-less' films like the Avengers help to bankroll the more 'thoughtful' stuff you probably claim to enjoy.

If not for films with mass appeal like the Avengers, the movie/cinema industry would have collapsed a long time ago.

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Posted in: Pepsi Black See in context

Just what Japan needs, another weak drink!!

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Posted in: Colorful carpet See in context

Is this how it is right now?

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Posted in: Smartphone app combines fitness with Japanese dating simulation game See in context

we wonder what it would do for people in countries without an established culture of high school dating simulators.

I doubt this line will be topped for awhile!

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

Those probably already exist.

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Posted in: Namie Amuro to release compilation album in run-up to 20-year anniversary See in context

From that picture, I might have believed 'is gearing up to celebrate her 20th birthday'!

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

I can agree with that but here on those rare occasions where I do see cleavage or a low cut-top it's a lot more attention grabbing than it was back in my home country.

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

'Leg extensions' pretty much already exist in the form of leggings/tights.

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

Well, I think I will be investing in some of these! I am a teacher at a junior high school and constantly have boys staring longingly at my chest. I don't think I am showing much cleavage but the boys search for it like a lost treasure. This cover will help me feel a bit better about it and cooler in summer.

Well if they're pretty big they'll draw attention cleavage or not. I would hope that, as a teacher of young boys, you would make the effort to cover up.

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Posted in: Whatever happened to 'post-racial' America? See in context

The end result? a man whom was not motivated by race what so ever ow has to live with the permanent character assassination that was hurled his direction by the so called "anti-racist".

Yeah I suppose that as a 'Hispanic-American' you're not at all biased right?

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The 15second limit is just for the hi-speed modes (where the camera is capturing 10 times the amount of information.

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Posted in: Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting See in context

I hope this has been said already but Zimmerman being hispanic (even a 'full-on' hispanic) would not preclude him from being racist against black people. Racism isn't unique to just 'black' and 'white'.

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Posted in: 'SPEC' to be remade into U.S. TV drama See in context

Fringe. Genius check. Cops check. Unusual cases check. Criminals with special abilities check. What are we missing?

Actually watching the show by the sound of it. It's available on the net, give it a look, it's pretty good.

It seems people here are just rushing to call it a copy of (xxx) without even having watched a trailer and certainly without having seen the actual show.

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Posted in: Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting See in context

Strange and a little sad that every article about this case has to mention the race of the people involved. Yet posters go burlesque when a JT article mentions the race of a suspected criminal in Japan.

The is annoying in many cases but it's extremely relevant in this one as there's no way that a white/white or black/black crime would've generated the same national hype.

We know that in a great many of those cases the one who does not survive is painted by friends and family as a good person who needlessly lost their life.

Well that does always happen but really, what's relevant isn't Martin's personality but his actions. Did he attack Zimmerman, yes or no? The hype machine definitely needed to believe Martin was a nice, law-abiding guy but hopefully the court case will just focus on the events of the night.

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Posted in: 'SPEC' to be remade into U.S. TV drama See in context

I have watched the show and it's nothing like the X-Files. 'Unusual cases with criminals with special abilities' basically means they're hunting super-powered criminals (think X-Men, not X-Files).

And why are some of you getting hung up on Toda's 'how can they make it without us?' comment? Do you think she was being serious?

I mean, the show itself had a couple of random moments where the main characters dropped into English (mainly to swear). It was pretty clear at those points that neither of the main actors speak English.

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Posted in: 'Hoodie' jackets in focus after Florida teen's shooting See in context

Change - The first responders reported he was bleeding from the nose and head, unless you're calling the police liars.

Accusations of a cover up abound. And please don't say 'unless you're calling the police liars' as if corruption, collusion and prejudice don't exist.

What were you expecting, that the police would just leave the man without medical attention and that he'd arrive at the police station with blood streaming from his head and nose? That would make a great law suit against the police.

But then shouldn't there be blood on his clothes? Even if he got changed before the police arrived, they should still exist and would help to prove his point.

I don't think the case is clear cut and I doubt that Martin was as innocent as some reports tried to make him sound but there's a ton of apparent inconsistencies and half/untruths in Zimmerman's account.

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Posted in: 'Hoodie' jackets in focus after Florida teen's shooting See in context

I doubt hoodies have been banned anywhere. They are affordable and popular which is why you see so many people wearing them. Why not just ban jeans? Don't most thieves wear them? Seriously stupid.

Jeans aren't used to mask a thief's face in the same way that hoodies are. For that reason, wearing hoodies has been banned in some shopping centres and also some schools in the UK. And through 'anti-social behaviour orders', individuals have been banned from wearing hoodies too.

Not to mention, during the 2011 riots and the protests against the tuition fees, many of the rioters used hoodies to help mask their identities. Again, I don't think that they could've done the same thing through wearing jeans.

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Posted in: Groups criticize Japan for carrying out executions See in context

That 'many' is, at most, about 15% of the general public (85% are for it, according to stats referenced in the initial article about the executions).

'Lies, damn lies and statistics' and all that but it's a bit stronger than an unsourced viewpoint.

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