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Posted in: Manufacturers fear summer meltdown due to power cuts See in context

believe me temp will be very high this year and the public + corportes will beg the government to restart the reactors.

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Posted in: Wendy's Japan President Ernest Higa will be the special guest on the Japan Today podcast this week. Do you have any questions for him? See in context

wendys in singapore really sucks. can it be improved to japanese standard?

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Posted in: Japan faces 'extinction' in 1,000 years, researchers say See in context

only japan faces a dark future not the world.

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Posted in: Thai man arrested for trafficking women to Japan for prostitution See in context

what is so new about this? thai pros are everywhere in japan. how do u think they get there?

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Posted in: UK study to probe if curry spice can fight cancer See in context

ok let me get this straight turmeric is not a curry spice. its a spice

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Posted in: Report: 3 JPMorgan executives to resign See in context

good i hope the weasel pops this time

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Posted in: Bass player Donald 'Duck' Dunn dies in Tokyo See in context

y right geoff whats the point of ur comment?

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Posted in: Saudi double agent had British passport See in context

lol the americans are looking like idiots by the way. i mean the government ofcourse. first they foiled the plot. nobody believed them. so they mentioned a CIA mole. still nobody believes them. now they say it was a saudi/british mole lol. i cant wait to find out what more changes coming. u think al qaeda is so stupid to let in a british mole?

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Posted in: Micron in talks to take over Elpida See in context

im shorting micron shares. whoever touches elpida is doomed

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Posted in: Olympus posts Y48.99 bil annual loss See in context

basically will take bthem 12 years to cover this loss.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

so they are going to be horny with a titty hard on all summer lol. who ever wears it cant even talk about it.

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Posted in: White girl fronting Japanese rock band actually a Swedish boy See in context

nobody would talk about a black trans singer

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Posted in: Man arrested over 6 hit-and-runs in Osaka after smoking legal herbs See in context


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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

totally stupid idea only japanese can think of. no wonder this country is going down the drain

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Posted in: Al-Qaida bomber was CIA informant See in context

ya right CIA after the fact when nobody believed the plot here comes the informant. which people still dont believe

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Posted in: Marubeni in talks to buy U.S. grain giant Gavilon See in context

i can already see it first TPP then franken crops in japan

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Posted in: Interpol says organized gangs behind internet crime boom See in context

those are just the ones u found out!

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Posted in: Golden Week road traffic deaths lowest since 1970 See in context

who cares? no previous data to compare with anyways

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Posted in: Lady Gaga arrives in Japan for 3 concerts See in context

shes going to be in trouble as soon as she hits indonesia

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Posted in: Woman bites off bag snatcher's finger in Sapporo See in context

way to go lady!

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Posted in: Prosecutors appeal Ozawa's acquittal to Tokyo High Court See in context

whats the point? he is the kingmaker. must be the americans

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Posted in: Lucky tea See in context

another BS gimmick

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Posted in: Thai jailed for anti-royalty texts dies See in context

this is why royalty should be done with worldwide. its an outdated system. they live on taxpayer money and do nothing but entertain and party

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Posted in: S Korea cracks down on human flesh capsules from China See in context

wouldnt be surprised if most pills were fake too

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to visit Britain for Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee See in context

thats their only purpose entertainment and parties.

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Posted in: 9 Hokkaido students hospitalized with alcohol poisoning See in context

sounds like they mixed alcohol with hand sterilizer

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Posted in: bills 'best breakfast in the world' restaurant opens in Omotesando/Harajuku See in context

way overated. watch guy on the foodnetwork he'll show u where to get real breakfast. and its definately not in japan or down under

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Calpis history See in context

lousy ad doesnt make me want to drink calpis a little more.

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Posted in: Two-timing Shun Shioya reportedly proposed to one of his celebrity girlfriends See in context

the girls are the dumb ones being a celebrity they were 2 timed. the dude actually got away

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Posted in: Lady Gaga teacup fetches Y6.011 mil in Japan auction See in context

gaga is doing all this for just publicity. she's not even a proper role model.

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