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Garrincha comments

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"When Coca-Cola Japan President Daniel Sayre meets people for the first time and they hear what his job is, he gets all sorts of interesting comments."

Do they ask why Coke is monopolizing groundwater supplies in Africa and India and engaging in anti-union activities in Colombia and Guatemala?

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Strange - the writer describes herself on her website as "literally shameless" and that she "left (her) shame by the roadside."

So why is she writing an article about feeling shame on the train?

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Posted in: UK announces one-time tax on bankers' bonuses See in context

...and...if they don't like it, then let them p*ss off to Switzerland.

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Posted in: UK announces one-time tax on bankers' bonuses See in context

Thumbcatch - It's because these bonuses were earned on bumper profits that were a direct result of the government bailouts. All that free and easy money sloshing around - and all those companies desparate to get their hands on it - meant investment banks could clean up in the post-crisis wreckage, even thought they had a big hand in causing the crisis in the first place!

And the fact that one or two of their competitors had gone down the toilet? Well, that just helped them grab a bigger slice of the cake.

That's why it's a 'windfall' tax - and entirely justified in my opinion.

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Posted in: Can anyone suggest a solution to the U.S. bases issue in Okinawa? See in context

whatsgoinon at 01:52 PM JST - 18th November - Changing political parties in japan does not make it legal to decide to change a legal and binding agreement such as this one.

Actually, in international law there is the concept of an "odious debt", whereby a new regime refuses to pay debts incurred by previous (usually oppressive) regime. The US must deal with the fact that the Japanese people have chosen a different path from 50-odd years of LDP rule, and that the old certainties of the alliance are no longer valid.

The DPJ tore up the agreement for the Yamba Dam when they came to power - judging it a colossal piece of LDP-pork and therefore not in Japan's best interests - so why not apply the same critical eye to the LDP's agreement on US bases?

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Posted in: Is there more to controversial art of Trevor Brown than meets the eye? See in context

CB Liddell thinks these images - which look like saucy Donald McGill postcards for anime geeks - are art, yet thinks Ai Wei Wei displays a 'lack of imagination'.

Metropolis - time to find a new art critic.

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Posted in: 150,000 chickens perish as Ibaraki poultry farm goes up in flames See in context

Fowl play?

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