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I really can't understand what they celebrate??? for what aim they are sitting there with so "expressive" smile... may be they grieve about smith.? but about what?! I think that when people grieve about smith. it is not shown for every body or they hope that when Russians see their sad faces they will give back Kuril Islands at once?! I also surprised why they can't accept that this territories are Russian for sure... there are a lot of, just great amount of arguments of Russian legal ownership... it makes me to think that Japanese are stupid like donkey...

have a fun celebration!

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( This gives me some hope that the Russians are not completely opposed to negotiating a settlement . Of course concessions will have to be made by the Japanese side, and there is no way that they are going to get everything the gentlemen pictured above are hoping for. Still some agreement along the lines of the three treaties I mention above should be within reach if Mr Abe is seriously ready to negotiate.)

in the begining of my observing the problem I aslo really have hoped and belived that it is possible to find mutually beneficial solution in disputes between Russia and Japan... but while i was serfing internet I stumbled upon one notye like this: "Yesterday, on February 7, the Japanese citizens celebrated national holiday called The Day of Northern Territories which is related to Russian-Japanese territorial dispute over The Kuril Islands.

It’s worth mentioning that every year the celebration of the holiday is accompanied with the protest actions of the Japanese national activists demanding to return the islands. This year is not the exception.

Several weeks before the celebration they have created special website and started transmitting their videos via internet, calling everybody to join them and support the Japanese government by lightning the real candles in the center of their city or virtual at special website. This action was called “The Lights of Northern Territories” and took place on February 6, on the eve of the national holiday." by Steve Williams 1975 which makes me think different.... so in that way I'm sure that Japan pursues another aims anything but negotiating....

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chucky3176, I agree with you... I can not imagine how they will have a good mind to return them?! it is imposible reaally... they just should accept reality as it is...

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Konsta, defenetly good idea))))) but acording to mentality of japans... Think that offer of joinly develop is just a trick to firstly just get any access to the island and than, after some decades they will got all islands, won't they?????)))))

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