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Posted in: Family cheated out of ¥54 million by man impersonating Japanese rock star for three years See in context

Was the daughter arrested too? After all, she was part of the scam

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Posted in: Halloween revelry in Japan to take new forms during pandemic See in context

I am embarrassed Japanese people jump to foreign traditional events without thoughts. What are we?

No クリスマスケーキ for you this year.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman apologizes for remarks against LGBT rights See in context

The 79-year-old assemblyman

Time for this guy to retire and let someone with a fresher, not dinosaur mind to take over.

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Posted in: Activists protest over lawmaker's skepticism about sex crime victim claims See in context

Links, please, to these "several articles" about all the women have falsely and deliberately accused men that it is a real problem.

You've got Google's search engine at your fingertips. You could find them easily.

OK. Where are they?

Most likely jobless, trying to come up with money for lawyers or held at a koban for 3 weeks without access to a lawyer.

Yes, this is true. They say things like, "That woman accused me of raping her but I didn't".

You always paint women as innocent, angelical beings with absolutely zero malice, and men as awful vile creatures. But guess what? Women are just as human as men. Both genders are capable of good and bad.

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Posted in: Activists protest over lawmaker's skepticism about sex crime victim claims See in context

Actually, women sometimes falsely claim to be victims of sex crimes. That's why in the west you can't even compliment a woman anymore on her new haircut coz right there, bang. Sexual harassment lawsuit. I myself had a situation in my twenties where next day after consensual sex, not even alcohol involved, she felt regret (I guess) coz she went to her roommate to say that I raped her. To then (felt regret again, I guess?) say it was totally consensual. Will I get labeled as a bigot misogynist by for saying that women sometimes indeed cry wolf?

People need to grow a thicker skin.

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Posted in: Kanye West focuses on religion in first election campaign video See in context

You've got poop, doodie or poo poo. The choice is yours, アメリカ. Democracy is great.

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Posted in: Japan may ease rules on 'morning-after pill' next year: report See in context

Politicians saying that now that this is available over the counter, everyone will take it and there will not be any more babies born in Japan in 3, 2, 1...

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Posted in: 2020 has been a year of restrictions because of the coronavirus. When the virus is finally behind us, what are some of the things that you would like to do most of all? See in context

Party and dance all night long in Roppongi, wake up next morning on a sidewalk in Shibuya, snowboard all season, get my jobs back in the tourism industry, travel to Korea, US and Puerto Rico (no 14 days off quarantine) and simply meet up with friends at Yoyogi park, BBQ's and other events. Just the normal stuff.

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Posted in: All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested See in context

Is prostitution legal in Japan, yes or no? Coz one, since they charged money AND paid to the women, then this could very well fall into prostitution. And two, there was an article here in JapanToday not long ago about escort business seeking being recognized for Covid19's government help, that they are regular business like any other.

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Posted in: Father arrested over death of one-month-old daughter in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

I hope the mother goes to prison as well, for being a coward and watching it happen. Clearly she didn't care one with about the child's life either.

Aaaand clearly you weren't there to know that was what really happened. What if she was threatened too? Better give her the benefit of the doubt until further investigations.

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Posted in: Social media abuse drives girls off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: poll See in context

Agreed. This is nothing but really good. If only some less fortunate could have just walked away from social media, instead of taking their own lives.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context

They're still complaining about this!? They need to find a hobby (other than this

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Posted in: The conventional wisdom is that the coronavirus is more likely to be transmitted in closed spaces than in open areas. So are you safer being close to someone in a park than in a restaurant? See in context

Maybe. In theory you'd be safer chilling at an open space like the beach, getting some well deserved vitamin D (sunshine) and killing the virus with sunlight. But then you go with a group of people and someone brings some Doritos and everyone grabs some all from the same bag. And the same with other snacks. And then it's not that safer. So it all depends how you do it, I think.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

OMG, finally! Next, we can move to erase other offensive words like "male, female, man and woman." And while we're at it, let's also change the words "human" and "mankind," as they're signs of misogyny since they both contain the sexist word "man" and might offend those less resilient female... Sorry. Those less resilient "fems" and neutral genders.

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Posted in: Worried by pandemic, unmarried Japanese couples want legal protection See in context

Can a person have 2 last names?

I do and it makes buying an airplane ticket at a Japanese travel agency more complicated than it should be. How? You may find the answer at your nearest EdoMura.

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Posted in: Worried by pandemic, unmarried Japanese couples want legal protection See in context

Brilliant screen name, by the way.

Thanks. Glad you like it.

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Posted in: Worried by pandemic, unmarried Japanese couples want legal protection See in context

If these people are given the same rights as married couples, then so should homosexual couples.

Different topic as the title of the article is a bit misleading.

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Posted in: Nintendo's Switch faces French claim of 'planned obsolescence' See in context

The Switch is going to be left far behind once the Xbox series X and PS5 are in full swing 

Nah, it won't. Very true that Nintendo's system is way underpowered compared to the other two rivals. But their target audience are people looking to play the same old franchises like Animal Crossing, Zelda, Metroid and Mario games, and potability (3DS and DS were there only things keeping them afloat when PS4 was in full swing).

They had this law suit coming a long time ago. Their joystick fails way too quick and way too often. After years in the market they should have been able to fix this but nope. Japan, US and other countries should follow suit.

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Posted in: Hollywood action movie clips spotted in China airforce video See in context

Any links?

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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

Trump may be a child when it comes to talk on public and the way he downplayed the whole virus situation is just awful. First blaming Europe, followed claiming victory over the virus right at the beginning of it hitting the US, claiming he's got a scientist mind, suggesting injecting disinfectant into the bloodstream, promoting not wearing a mask, holding massive rallies with zero social distancing. Man, so much.

But when he stated that the virus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan and everyone thought he was just rambling his idiocy, turns out the guy might have been into something. Coz there's actually a Wuhan virus laboratory and they admitted to have been testing with Corona viruses (not Covid19) so who knows? The opening of the movie "28 Days Later" comes into mind.

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Posted in: Aum founder's 2nd daughter to receive his remains, Tokyo court rules See in context

due to concerns that followers may worship Asahara's remains once they are released.

They're dang right about that. You bet they'd worship his remains as if he was their departed god and waiting for his return.

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Posted in: Abductees' kin urge new gov't to make progress with N Korea on issue See in context

Even if they current government was to try, in the end, it's up to the North Korean regime let go those people (assuming they're alive and wanting to return to Japan) and they couldn't care any less in making peace, not even with South Korea. So really it doesn't matter what promises politicians make their hands are tied.

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash over cause of wildfires as blazes become election issue See in context

Last year was Australia, followed by the driest (lack of snow) winter so far and not just regional but globally. And now California's skies are the image of what an Apocalypse would look like. And these events have all happened in under 12 months. The signs for global warming or at least global climate change are there and denying it, is simply dang stupid.

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Posted in: Suga wants to cut cell phone charges in Japan by around 40% See in context

I paid 30,000 for a sim-free Galaxy, plus 3500円/month for 10GB and 60min of talk with Au's signal. Not a bad deal. Get out of the three main networks and go for an MVNO.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl he met on TikTok See in context

Curious how a 10 years old kid is dating a 34 y/o guy for three months and her parents don't know anything?

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Posted in: Mulan movie boycott calls grow over scenes filmed in Xinjiang See in context

Let's boycott "made in China" said absolutely no one ever in response to the tons of violations by China against mother nature, human rights, military overtaking regions and expanding, lame Tik Tok videos, etc.. But an actor shows his/her political views and lo and behold, THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS, we need to show them now!

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Posted in: Mother arrested after daughters, aged 6 and 3, die in overheated car while she goes drinking See in context

DUI could be added to her sentence since she drove after a night of bar hopping.

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Posted in: Disney's all-Asian 'Mulan' makes historic small-screen debut See in context

I recommend everyone skip this film due to Chinese star Yifei Liu's vocal support of 

People shouldn't care for the actors political views. If the movie's good, then it's good and people will watch it coz it's good. And if it's not, then it's not and people will skip it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping woman in station; says he’ll only talk to female police officers See in context

because it makes time spent with a gay person to be some kind of punishment, which sounds rather transphobic to me.

I know, man. Nowadays for way too many people anything they see or hear is racist, misogyny, homophobic, sexually and religiously extremely offensive. Even when my comment above refers to this one specific case of this perv wanting to talk only to a woman lawyer (only punishment for him coz he's a perv), some might see this as an attack against the gay community.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping woman in station; says he’ll only talk to female police officers See in context

They should assign him the gayest male lawyer they could possibly find.

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