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Posted in: Restaurant operator Skylark to end 24-hour operations by April See in context

No more bumming at Gusto in the late hours.

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Posted in: Warm winter bad news for Japan's ski resorts See in context

Come to Iwate. We're getting better snow than even Hokkaido. Again, as the article says not as previous years but still. I've been riding powder all season. You'll need to work to find those japow secret stash (skins/Splitboard/ski) and hike a bit but well worth it.

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Posted in: Chinese-style makeup expresses the inner strength and confidence of a person and it feels new here. I think the concept of a 'cool woman' is becoming widespread in Japan nowadays. See in context

So Japanese women are discovering what looking like a grown up, "adult" woman is, rather than like a kawaiii 10 years old girl? Mind blowing.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

Mori said the system follows appropriate procedures under Japanese law, stressing that every culture is different.

Wait. So The Rising Wasabi was actually right when they were joking about "torture being part of our culture"?

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Posted in: Japan asks Interpol to issue red notice for Ghosn's wife See in context

France should issue a warrant arrest for Saikawa and pass it to the Interpol.

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend found guilty of forcing 8-year-old daughter to take cold bath See in context

A slap on their wrist and being told to not do it again. History might repeat itself within just over year. "Fair" criminal justice system I will never understand.

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Posted in: Japan to strengthen border checks, review bail conditions after Ghosn's escape See in context

Japan's justice system allows investigating the facts while it ensures the individual basic human rights at the same time," Mori told reporters

Buahahaha! Keep telling yourself lies to the point one day you believe those lies to be the truth.

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Posted in: More convenience store operators eye shorter hours, closures for holidays See in context

That's like choosing to work in the Hospitality industry to them complain of having to work during the holidays.

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending the Christmas-New Year period in Japan? See in context

Love spending Christmas day, New Year's Eve and New Year's day in Japan... Up in Hokkaido's awesome powder snow on my snowboard.

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

Going to get grass (for the three Kings camels) to put it all in a shoes box and under the bed before going to sleep. To waking up, looking under the bed and finding that the three Kings left me a Christmas present (on January 6th). I remember been so happy and excited to do the whole thing. Good times.

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Posted in: China, South Korea look to improve ties with Beijing summit See in context

Man, Xi really can't deny Winnie the Pooh. I mean, look at that photo.

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Posted in: Family of 4 living in car arrested for six-month spate of burglaries in Saitama See in context

And I bet they still have to pay premium installments to shakai hoken, taxes and pension on zero salaries.

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Posted in: Putin calls Japan-U.S. security alliance a threat See in context

Anyone who allies that dictator (fat rocket-man) is a threat.

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Posted in: 3 junior high school boys to be sent to prosecutors over classmate’s suicide See in context

Wish the system would punish these thugs but they won't get much more than a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: 'Little Miss Period' tackles Japan's menstruation taboos with a punch See in context

That mascot looks so kimochiwarui. If I was young(er?) just by looking at that mascot I know I really wouldn't want to hear what they're gonna talk about.

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Posted in: Microsoft unveils Xbox Series X as console war heats up See in context

Consoles face a potential threat from the advent of cloud gaming

Ha! No, they don't. You will never find a pre-owned game on a streaming device and the cloud depends on how fast your internet is (and hope much data).

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Posted in: Man sentenced to 28 years over 2006 random killing of woman See in context

So he will do it again after he finishes his current sentence and another innocent life will be wasted. To then, giving him another sentence when all could have been prevented in the first place.

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Posted in: Most people in Japan know acronym LGBT but understanding limited: survey See in context

Why the need to call "them" anything other than by their name?

Totally agree to that.

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Posted in: Most people in Japan know acronym LGBT but understanding limited: survey See in context

Would be so much easier to simply call them "gay" rather than LGBTQR2D2+++++.

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Posted in: S Korea wants 'rising sun flag of hatred' banned at Olympics See in context

Hashtag #getoveritalready.

Or just don't come to the Olympics.

Where's the hatred towards the one country that's got nukes pointed at them? Where's the hatred towards starving their "fellow" Koreans and imprisoning them for life for simply listening to Girls Generation or watching an episode of Sky High? I thought people in Japan were baby crying adults coz many think that Japan was just a victim of USA (like I actually heard people saying "but Japan did nothing wrong"). But man! Little I knew how much more of a baby crying nation S. Korea is.

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Posted in: High school student 'forced' to quit school sues Kumamoto Prefecture for a single yen See in context

Wish the best for him. They need to stand up for themselves and fight back. Otherwise, these same students will be the same sararimen working 156 hours of overtime a month in Dentsu. Yes, the two cases are totally related because this is where it starts.

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Posted in: Court commutes Peruvian’s death sentence to life See in context

Executions in Japan are by hanging

That would be perfectly fit for the terrible crimes he committed.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

claiming school staff often cannot take a long summer break as they need to participate in training or oversee students in extracurricular activities.

And that, is the big elephant in the room. Well at least some people noticed but most decided to ignore it. Instead of having the math teacher who doesn't know anything about volleyball take care of the volleyball bukatsu, have a proper volleyball coach. And a basketball coach, baseball, soccer, etc. Have the teachers focus on what their jobs really are, teaching.

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Posted in: Long hours of gaming adversely affect daily activities: survey See in context

I saw one poor soul playing games in two phone simultaneously the other day. 

Ha! That poor fella is not that dedicated, tho. Two nights ago a guy passed walking by with a tablet and two phones. I took a glimpse at what he was doing and in all three devices he was capturing Pokemon's. I'm guessing he was in his 40's or early 50's.

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Posted in: Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context

About time they rebuild this place. Love going to Harajuku and Yoyogi park. But I'd rather walk to both places all the way from Shibuya station than going through that hell of Harajuku station.

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Posted in: Boy in Japan uses his high voice to impersonate a schoolgirl in prostitution scam See in context

Funny. These perverts (the men) deserve everything they get!

Funny? A guy who's chilling at a park gets randomly assaulted and that's funny? And the "pervert" as you put it, is a 20 years old looking for sex, who's just a year away (months?) from being a minor in Japan. If looking for sex makes you a perv, everyone in this planet is a perv.

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Posted in: 'Frozen 2' cafe coming to Japanese cities with awesome character-inspired menu See in context

I need to leave Japan before that song comes here again.

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Posted in: What changes would you like to see in Japan's English education system? See in context

Cancel the whole program all together coz no matter how much they improve it, Japanese will never speak the language. That unless they see it as something that's essential or at least useful. Why is everything on TV dubbed into Japanese? The only chance most people would get to be exposed to English but that chance is wasted with reeeaaaally weird dubbed voices. Why? The amount of series and/or movies you could watch in English with closed captions (in English) it's very limited in Amazon and Hulu. That's another chance to be exposed to the language. Those are things that could be changed so people have more access to English. The education system? Ha! What a joke.

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Posted in: Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online See in context

People and their weird diets. Like ordering a burger without the bun coz "I'm on a carbs diet" but then they have a massive piece of meat patty, cheese, BBQ and everything else but no bread coz "they're on a diet". Oh and "I want a Diet Coke with that". Weirdos.

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Posted in: For theaters, rise of streaming is 'threat' they've seen before See in context

Blockbuster and Tsutaya didn't pose any threat to the cinema. Neither will Netflix or other steaming services. The two (at home or the theater) are two totally different experiences.

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