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Posted in: Do you think Japan has apologized enough for its colonial past concerning South Korea? See in context

Actions speak more than words.

Japan, as much foot in the mouth its politicians have, have been a pacifist nation this entire time. North Korea, China and Russia on the other side...

So no. Japan doesn't need to apologize.

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Posted in: South Korea to restore Japan's trade status to improve ties See in context

To get Japan and Korea closer together, it is Japan that the US needs to bend, not Korea

It's not about who needs to bend who. It's about accepting the fact that Japan and Korea are best buddies now, fighting side by side against the enemies in the north. Which by the way, I heard they're recruiting.

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Posted in: If you currently live in Japan, do you think you will, or would like to spend the rest of your life here? See in context

I love Japan and after 17 years here, I'm on my way out. I just can't do it anymore. 2021 and 2022 were awful years for me and made me take a decision.

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Posted in: Japan marks 28 years since Aum cult's Tokyo subway sarin attack See in context

28 years later and people keep joining these doomsdays cults. Happy science dates back to the time Aum was a thing, both hitting on each other. JW, moonies, Baby Garden's still a thing in Korea, etc.

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Posted in: In U.S., 'tip fatigue' raises questions about sacrosanct habit See in context

as it often makes up the bulk of the waiter's salary.

But, but, but if we (the employer) raise the waiters wages to at least the legal minimum per hour of those non waiters jobs, "we'll have to raise all the prices on the menu..."

Tipping culture is it is done in US is the worst. It's nothing but brainwasing and entitlement.

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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

Premium Friday, anyone? Coz this is what this is. Just another Premium Friday.

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Posted in: Ex-head of inn with bacteria in water exceeding limit dies in apparent suicide See in context

Let me guess, you walk around all day in a kimono, geta, and wear 2 swords, with your hair tied in a "man-bun" too.

Yup. People thinking Japanese do these things "for honor" watch too much American Ninja and samurai movies.

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Posted in: Ex-head of inn with bacteria in water exceeding limit dies in apparent suicide See in context

Ha! Coward!

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Posted in: 90% in Japan feel discrimination against disabled exists: survey See in context

Quite a few train stations in Japan still rely on good ol’ stairs to go from platform A to platform B, with no elevators for the ones who cannot use stairs.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 still to wear masks in Japan despite eased COVID rules: survey See in context

You can choose to wear it or not. So long Starbucks and other businesses don't tell me to wear one to buy something, while everyone else sitting and talking without wearing them.

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Posted in: When the new mask guidelines kick in, what should you expect? See in context

Expect that almost everyone will keep using them for quite a while.

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Posted in: Disaster to destination: Fukushima woos tourists with snow See in context

Tohoku is amazing for snow sports and quite many locations to go backcountry skiing. But the language barrier is there and getting to those locations is not easy. Even accessing the ski resorts is not great and close to zero "after the slopes" activities.

They might have better luck advertising Fukushima to the locals, rather than to international travelers looking for the whole japow cultural experience.

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Posted in: Apple introduces new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus See in context

Unbelievable value Best phone on the market.

Not even close to best value. My Galaxy a30 costed less than 30,000円 brand new 3.5 years ago and the battery still lasts two days.

That I would call a best value phone.

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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

I agree with Yubaru above. This was meant for their Japanese customer bit didn't want to sound too direct so they used 外国instead.

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Posted in: S Korea to announce measures to settle wartime labor rift with Japan See in context

Some simple facts regarding this case:

Number one, time you just get over it. Yes, you've been brainwashed your whole life into believing Japan bad. But the war ended close to a century ago.

Number two, Japan and Korea are allies now.

And number three, far right nationalists shed a tear every time good news like this come out, but everyone else happy.

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Posted in: For the Japanese, it is extremely difficult to know when to take off their masks, as it is at least partly a matter of etiquette. See in context

It's not a Japanese thing, it's an Asian thing (Japan, Korea & China). Be ready to keep seeing people wearing them more than pre-covid even after kafunsho season.

The Jgov will have to issue an ordinance to not wear masks or face fines.

This ain't North Korea. We have freedom.

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Posted in: In your experience, which city’s taxi drivers are among the best and the worst in the world? See in context

Manila Airport taxi drivers are the best and most honest people in the planet...

Ha! Just kidding. Bunch of scammers is what they are. That said, They get the they get worst I've seen title.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to take every step to resolve N Korea abduction issue See in context

Ha! That picture tells exactly what Kishida really thinks about the matter at hand.

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Posted in: Inn apologizes for changing communal bathwater only twice a year See in context

Toothless laws with toothless inspection.

My understanding of the law has been lax. I was complacent in thinking that legionella bacteria was just an ordinary germ

In the age of the Internet? Sure...

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka jailed for drug possession See in context

Showing regret for his actions won't help. Jail him for a while but also give him the rehab help he needs. Otherwise, he'll be back to the bottom of being a drug addict.

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Posted in: When you drink coffee or tea in Japan, do you prefer the chains like Starbucks, Tully’s, Doutor, etc, or do you prefer the traditional “kissaten?” See in context

Whichever is a non smoking one. I leave the moment I sense the tiniest cigarettes reeking smell.

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Posted in: Shoplifting suspect jumps to his death from apartment balcony while police inside See in context

Getting arrested in Japan is not what you imagine where you come from. A charge like that could put him in prison for a very long time and ruin his life.

I doubt it. The most he could have got was a criminal record after saying he was sorry. Even some murderers and rapist get away with suspended sentences.

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Posted in: What are some things that, no matter how long you have lived in Japan, you still haven't gotten used to? See in context

Packages of three slices of shoku pan and close to ZERO insulation in Japanese apartments.

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Posted in: Game on: Sony re-enters VR headset fray See in context

PC gamers vs console gamers. The saying goes console gamers would rather chill on a sofa than having to set up a whole gaming desk, keyboard and mouse.

With that in mind, why would companies expect console gamers to spend an extra $500+, just so they can get out of the comfort of the comfort of their couch?

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Posted in: Is it OK to split the bill on a date in Japan? Survey asks what women and men of different ages think See in context

I usually go first to the register, pay my part and wait in there for them girls to pay for her part.

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Posted in: Smartphone addiction: How big a problem is it for you or anyone you know? See in context

I'm addicted af to internet. Between computer online gaming and hot shower/bath & bed smartphone browsing, I probably clock 5 to 7 hours online daily.

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Posted in: S Korean victims of Japan forced labor accuse Seoul of rushing compensation See in context

So after such a long time, the governments come to a solution but people still complain that "they rushed the compensation."

The South Korean government unveiled a plan last month to compensate the victims through its own public foundation - instead of using funds from Japanese companies, sparking an outcry from some victims and their families.

So... they don't want compensation. What they really want is retribution.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy confident Japan will ban LGBTQ discrimination See in context

How about the right of a transwoman to use facilities meant for women?

Transwomen are not women. So no, they shouldn't be allowed to use facilities meant for women, specifically if they still have male's genitalia. It's the equivalent of allowing straight men using facilities meant for women.

There is a reason why facilities are divided for the two different genders.

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Posted in: What are some of the things you like most about living in Japan? See in context

Clean toilets, conbini services, online shopping (no porch pirates), CYCLING, skiing & snowboarding is still very affordable, trains accessible almost everywhere and driving is so easy (tho the racist process of getting the license is awful).

Oh and yes, onsen.

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Posted in: People tend to make light of bullying. Sending the message that bullying could constitute a crime can serve as a deterrent. See in context

Crime or not, anyone below the age of 20 can't go to jail.

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