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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

I buy myself chocolates anytime I want.

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Posted in: Olympics minister apologizes for saying he was 'really disappointed' over Ikee's leukemia See in context

Either he should quit (if he has any dignity) or Abe ask for his resignation. This dinosaur is disgusting.

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

Another year passes and that's another year that goes by without them being unable to getting laid. Must be sad joining this march two years in a row.

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Posted in: Japanese swimming star Ikee diagnosed with leukemia See in context

It's sad to think that the sport she loves and is so good at could be the cause of this horrible disease

And so cold be Lawson' s karage, sodas, juice, food, pretty much anything we come in contact with. I've been a swimmer my whole life and so far I've got no cancer.

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Posted in: Japanese swimming star Ikee diagnosed with leukemia See in context

Man, I wish her the best of luck. Hope she comes to a full recovery.

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Posted in: Watches worth ¥43 million stolen from Kumamoto store See in context

Dang, a ¥43,000,000 watch. I'm good with my ¥8,000 one (also probably the most I've ever spent on a wrist watch).

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Posted in: Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report See in context

Nissan is working as a tool of Japanese prosecutors,

Could also be the other way around. "Japanese prosecutors" are working as a tool of "Nissan." Hard to tell which is it.

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Posted in: S Korean assembly speaker says apology needed from Japanese emperor See in context

Let the poor guy retire without involving in any of these politics. Because that's what the whole thing, just politics... and hate. Also, get over it already.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for extortion in sugar daddy case See in context

Now she's trying to play victim.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of 15-year-old girl at her house See in context

He'd be facing 5-10 years in prison where I come from. It's very likely his punishment will be less than half of that in japan.

All he has to do is change his family registry, last name, move to a different prefecture and he'll be free to start a new life, get a job and no-one would know what he did in the past. Just like that elementary school teacher who sexually molested or assaulted one of his elementary school students (can't remember exactly what he did).

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Posted in: What causes someone to become a stalker? See in context


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Posted in: Workspaces centered on women on the rise in #MeToo movement See in context

Sounds like a millennials thing.

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Posted in: Nintendo's quarterly profit rises on hit Switch games See in context

Ditching switch for the upcoming PS5

Or you could keep them both and play both at home and on the go. Plus Smash Bros, man. Best game to play at home with friends and booze.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged by lawmakers to take action against S Korea See in context

Man, if only Japan and South Korea put bs to the side and acted as allies. They're both free countries and could... SHOULD stand up to the bullie and dictators China and North Korea.

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Posted in: Japan's 10-day Golden Week holiday stirs concern among investors See in context

I wouldn't be surprised if the ATM services aren't available during those ten days either.

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Posted in: Chinese trainee arrested over abandoning baby for fear of deportation See in context

How about mentioning the company she was working for? The poor woman gave birth at her home. If at least if she had had any kind of support she could have heard of the hatches where you can leave your baby for adoption, instead of leaving him at a private residence.

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

But, when a country allows sound trucks, filled with stupidly dressed people, screaming out hate for Korean people, what are people supposed to think.

You're totally right about that but that's only half the truth. Just as these idiots go around their black vans around Tokyo and Azabu spreading that hatred, you will also see an amount of cops around the streets watching these goons and making sure they don't go bananas on anyone. As well as counter marches of people walking alongside the road on the opposite side, telling them to get their racist behinds back to their room. There was also the J-courts siding to the North Korean school against harassment from those Japanese right-wing nuts. Even some politicians would stand up to them like, and this is insanely ironic, former mayor of Osaka, Toru Hashimoto.

None of that, the stuff that actually matters, action, ever makes it to the Korean news. But a politician visits a shrine or yes I know, say something stupid (foot in the mouth syndrome), lo and behold, Japan needs to pay for their crimes.

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

The tittle should read "S Korea to boost world awareness on being eternally butthurt"

Seriously, just drop it already. Teach your history but freaking start worrying about the freaking present and how to improve it. And addressing problems like I don't know, maybe awareness on the spy cameras pervs are putting everywhere, discrimination that women still face at the workplace, sexual assaults in your olympic teams, etc. But then again, that would be trying to do something that could they could actually fix or at least improve.

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Posted in: French Olympic probe raises questions about Dentsu See in context

Hey, Dentsu is back on the crime section. What a surprise... not. I wonder what has been done since that young woman jumped to her death.

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Posted in: Japan's curb on porn magazines in convenience stores helps fight 'degrading' sex work See in context

to clean up their image ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and next year's Tokyo Olympics.

Hurry! Let's try looking good before everyone gets in here. 

That aside, this is a good move, tho. Porn magazines don't have a place at convenience stores, specifically right next to every single ATM.

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Posted in: Sony says Aibo robot dog will soon be able to remotely monitor family members See in context

Black Mirrors kind of stuff right there.

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Posted in: Man arrested for rape 11 days after release from prison for same offense See in context

He was given a second chance but threw it away to once again commit that terrible crime. Life sentence or cutting off his weapon. I'm curious to know how long was his previous sentence in jail.

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Posted in: Man charged with girlfriend’s murder claims she ‘consented to be killed’ See in context

Ueda’s lawyer argued that Ueda’s case is, in fact, “consensual homicide” because the victim said she wanted to die and did not resist as the defendant strangled her.

Man, must be tough being able to going to bed every night and looking at themselves in the mirror for lawyers.

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Posted in: Many boats likely from N Korea left neglected on Sea of Japan coast See in context

Send the bill to North Korea.

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Posted in: Woman robbed of ¥400,000 while walking home See in context

Why do you say that? Why do you stereotype her behavior because of her age?

It is not acceptable to stereotype people's behavior based on their gender, race, or religion. Why is it okay for age?

Sigh, pc people will turn any argument into a discrimination issue.

If you knew anything about Japan, you'd know people here, specially older people, hoard cash at home. Which is why scammers can get so much cash out of them. It's not an age discrimination issue, it's a fact.

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Posted in: Woman robbed of ¥400,000 while walking home See in context

If she normally carries that much cash around for no reason, then losing ¥400,000 for her would be like would be what it would be for me losing ¥1,000; she can always withdraw another 400,000 from the atm. Which considering she's 62 she probably stashes all her money at home.

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

Yup! None of the Toshiba corrupts, nor the people responsible for all thr biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl ever saw any jail time. Same with proven rapists and proven (by witnesses, confessing and evidence) murderers. But a foreigner is suspected of not reporting his salary and let's keep him in jail without proof and without access for his family to see him for an undefined time. And let's treat him worse than real criminals (that I mentioned above).

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Posted in: Crushing workload at schools is causing more Japanese teachers to suffer chronic depression See in context

A 100% their (teachers) fault. They're so proud of "we Japanese don't use any of the 40 paid holidays we legally have. Every year I have the same argument with my Japanese (teachers) co-workers and every year they tell me that I should do the same as them (not taking any of my paid holidays).

I used to pity them coz they have massive workloads but not anymore. Coz they are so proud of "not taking any paid leave" and always try make me feel bad for taking my legally paid holidays to go and enjoy life. Which really doesn't work coz I always tell them all I had such a great time and show them videos of all my awesome lines in the backcountry in Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Heavy snow strands 2,000 travelers at airport in Hokkaido See in context

I've been riding those 20cm on my snowboard all day up here in Hokkaido. Sooooo much snow these past two days. Not too convenient for people at Chitose, tho. At least they have tons of good restaurants there.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

Well, he's right. Not just the nation but the entire human race would collapse if everyone was homosexual. But just because some people are, doesn't mean everyone would follow. Some find other races or colors attractive, some like slender or chubbier and some others prefer their same sex. Different people, different preferences. It's really not that difficult to understand.

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