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Posted in: Ghosn's wife denounces restrictions on contacts See in context

After all this time and still, being unable to get in contact with your spouse simply because the prosecutors can't do their job properly.

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Posted in: Abe says WWII labor row is biggest issue with S Korea See in context

And Abe's statement will be used against Japan when the case goes to the WTO.

Dude, no it won't. The case was already brought to the WTO and no one cared.

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Posted in: 'No Japan' banners scrapped in Seoul district after outcry See in context

Hahaha, like husband and wife, sometimes, pain is pleasure.

If you're married and your marriage resembles anything like this, it must be a disaster.

this will go on until one of two is out of power, Moon or Abe.

Agree. Hopefully the South Korean people can see Moon for the failure of a leader he has been and opt for someone better.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting flight attendant See in context

Wow! That was fast...

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Posted in: M6.2 quake hits off Fukushima; no tsunami warning issued See in context

I felt it up here in Fuji San.

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Posted in: What are your best money saving tips when it comes to grocery shopping in Japan? See in context

Going grocery shopping with a full tummy. Otherwise...

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Posted in: Angry South Koreans accuse Japan of 'economic invasion' See in context

Meh. This is getting old. Just ignore them.

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

Like : "take me out of your "acquaintance" list on Facebook and add me to your "favorites" right now. I demand it""

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Posted in: Japan-Korea trade spat to intensify with new export limits See in context


The matter was already taken to the WTO by South Korea and diplomats from other countries said they're not interested and rather stay out of that drama.

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Posted in: 11 dead, 5,600 sent to hospitals last week due to heatwave See in context

Rest (includes cooling).

Refuel (food intake).


Follow these commands and you shall not fall victim to the dangers of heat illnesses... mostly not.

Ladies scared of the sunshine in contact with their skin? Sunblock is very efficient at that. It works way better than wrapping your entire body with Jersey pants/jacket/hat and a towel around the neck. Like those female teachers during sports days.

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Posted in: S Korean cities suspend exchange programs with Japan See in context

Man, this is sad. How much lower and pathetic can South Koreans fall? Cancelling sister cities programs, athletic games, school trips and worse, burning flags. In the end, South Korea is cutting its own legs and will end all alone, with enemies in all sides. No, rocket boy is not her ally. This is really, really sad.

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Posted in: Facing Olympic hotel shortage, Tokyo looks offshore for cruise ships See in context

And will those cabins be listed as "non smoking". Coz when your type "non smoking" on for example, the amount of hotels on your net search for Tokyo drops by half or even more.

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Posted in: What is your understanding of the expression 'cultural appropriation?' See in context

Yup! I agree with mph-1212. It's just another SJW excuse to get offended for.

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Posted in: North Korea slams Japan over its trade spat with Seoul See in context

Moon taking a stroll as friends with that dictator, who'd rather build weapons of mass destruction than feeding a nation. Who also has chemical weapons, who knows what else and keeps some of the world's worse human rights violations. But constantly tries destroy good relationships with what could be his greatest ally. Says a lot about him.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl falls to her death from 15th-floor window in Osaka See in context

I am often perplexed how posters on this web site can draw conclusions and condemn parents (who are most likely grieving) without having the benefit of all information necessary to make such judgments

That's coz those people are experts in all matters of everything that there's to be known in life and they are far better experienced than everyone else. So it's obvious they can come to conclusions without the need of any proof, evidence, fact, etc....

RIP to the little one thoughts for the family. They must be devastated.

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to combat their beliefs? See in context

Call them out for "fear mongering" and then totally ignore them. Or you could troll them a bit.

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Posted in: 50-year-old cyclist dies after being hit by car in tunnel See in context

10 or so years is good to reflect

To reflect on what? That old tunnels are too narrow and possibly difficult to see what's ahead, when the normal speed of cars is at 60 or so? That many of the roads in Japan have blind spots all over the place, higher walls than cars on corners, houses built within inches of the road, etc?

Tunnels in Japan scare the heck out of me when I'm riding my road bike. After having a close call at a tunnel on the way from Atami to Shimoda, last few ones I encountered I went to the nearest train station and on a train.

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Posted in: S Korean business owners call for boycott of Japanese goods See in context

So if they really like products from Uniqlo, they will not buy there anymore just because it's a Japanese company and they don't like Japan. Makes perfect sense... not.

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Posted in: Amazon 'Prime Day' becomes phenomenon as rivals jump in See in context

The stuff they put on "sale" during Amazon Prime Day is mostly Chinese stuff none would ever buy at any price anyways, so it's pointless. Don't know about the one on USA but that's what I see in the Japanese Amazon.

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Posted in: S Korean leader denounces Japanese comments over sanctions See in context

Our government is doing its best to resolve the issue diplomatically ... 

Doing their best to resolve the issue like... what exactly is he doing so Korea be put back in Japan's white list?

is surely not ideal for the friendship and security cooperation between the two countries

Buahahahaha! Now they talk about friendship. In the 14 years I've been in Japan I don't think I have ever heard Korea saying anything like "for the friendship" of the two nations.

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Posted in: Hot-spring resorts tackle tattoo debate ahead of Rugby World Cup See in context

Japan, are you ready for the Olympics 2020? Coz this is one of the things you should be getting ready for. After all, it was you who wanted people from all over the world to come visit.

Research about a country before you go.

I agree. Japan should have done some research about the outside world and their cultures before inviting everyone in.

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Posted in: Abe says no need to raise sales tax beyond 10% for decade See in context

If the sales tax was going to go up to 26%, does that mean that my nenkin and medical insurance will be lowered by that 26% too? Coz if not, as it is now between nenkin, national medical insurance and city/prefectural tax are kind of leaving a hole in my pocket. That combined with a 26% sales tax... I think that'd be it for me.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian West finds solution to Kimono backlash See in context

Another solution could be for people to stop being so insensitive.

I meant to say "sensitive". People should stop being so sensitive.

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Posted in: New law takes effect, banning smoking in gov't buildings, schools See in context

Garthgoyle, could you let me know where, Its great to have place where stinky nonsmokers dont go.

Starbucks... You should try it.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian West finds solution to Kimono backlash See in context

Another solution could be for people to stop being so insensitive. I know, difficult task to accomplish this decade.

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Posted in: New law takes effect, banning smoking in gov't buildings, schools See in context

Went to a new Korean restaurant around my place last night with my partner. The food taste was awesome, good prices. And we were commenting what a great atmosphere the place has. Small, simple decoration but cozy, pretty awesome and friendly service and... and the next table lit up and everything changed. In such a place (about four tables) on person lit up and the entire place reeks of that nasty smell. We finished very quick and left, possibly not going back there again. Such a shame.

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Posted in: Game console makers oppose China tariffs See in context

They said the tariff plan would be disruptive to the sector, noting that about 96 percent of video game consoles imported into the United States were made in China.

It would cause significant supply chain disruption to shift sourcing entirely to the United States or a third country, and it would increase costs -- even beyond the cost of the proposed tariffs 

You reap what you sow.

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Posted in: Mother ordered 11-year-old daughter to help strangle her father: prosecutors See in context

Hope she gets a (not suspended for five years) lifetime sentence.

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Posted in: Kardashian kimono shapewear sparks Japan debate See in context

The age of outrage and everything is offensive.

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Posted in: Man indicted for dangerous driving over high-speed crash killing 4 See in context

said he does not know how fast his car was going at the time, 

BS! Anyone driving higher than 80 on the highway know how fast they go. And over 60 on regular road even more.

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