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Posted in: Gov't urges Tokyo host, hostess clubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes See in context

Guidelines for nightclubs include providing customers with enough space with good ventilation and avoiding speaking loudly,

Just shut the clubs down. Anyone who's been to ANY club in Japan know that the above "guidelines" are impossible at any of the night clubs in the country.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Mandating that I have to wear a seatbelt while driving is a violation of my human rights AND my freedom. Also prohibiting me from smoking on an airplane is another and bigger violation of my human rights... All the same as wearing a mask during a pandemic. I bet this question was raised by those in that third world country were the virus is just a hoax and a conspiracy by the government to take people's freedom away for the purpose of no one could make sense.

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Posted in: What are some of the most interesting radio programs in Japan? See in context

What are some of the most interesting radio programs in Japan?

Said no one ever :D

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Posted in: What are some questions you have been asked at a job interview either in Japan or abroad, that you felt were inappropriate? See in context

At Coco Juku's interview (that one with a blue background and white letters):

Interviewer: Do you like Japanese women?

Me: I like women, if that's what you're asking me (maybe she was asking me if I'm gay, I thought).

Interviewer: No, no. I want to know if you like Japanese women. Because we have some attractive Japanese female instructors and maybe we can team you up with one of them and you could make a girlfriend.

Me: ...

Didn't know what to say so I said "cool" and passed on that topic.

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Posted in: U.S. records 34,700 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday; highest one-day total since April See in context

Memorial Day weekend parties with store owners banning anyone from wearing masks at their stores. Groups protesting their "so unfair" lockdowns and "unjustified" requirements to wear masks "my body, my choice." Followed by their "right" to protest for BLM and their "right" to vandalize, loot and riot all across the country. Hope it was all worth it, 'murica.

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Posted in: Gov't to promote staggered holidays to curb congestion, virus spread See in context

You need to change the entire working culture to change this. Also as the government, enforce labor laws. If they just urge the result will be the same, everyone traveling only during obon, Dec 27-Jan 3rd, golden week.

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Posted in: Abductee supporters march at Diet; demand repatriations from N Korea See in context

Mmm. Though times. The North just said a few days ago that their next move might be military action against their enemy, South Korea, as they're pissed about the leaflet balloons flying across the border.

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Posted in: Lower house passes 2nd extra budget for virus package, totaling ¥31.91 tril See in context

This should be picture of the month.

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Posted in: NHK removes video on U.S. protests after online outrage about depiction of African Americans See in context

If you're black and born in US, unless your parents are from Nigeria, Egypt or some other African country, then you're not African American. You're simply, American.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl falls to death from high-rise apartment See in context

He should be arrested and sent to prison,

No, he shouldn't be arrested. If anything, he should get the mental help they will need for the ordeal they must be going thru.

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Posted in: Have you ever been stopped by Japanese police, and if so, what for? See in context

Several times they stopped me while walking thru Takeshita Dori, the train station, from work to the train station or simply sitting on a bench to pad me down like if I was passing thru security at the airport or a dance club. At all times I refused while they insisted coz "we're cops." I still refused but had to show them what I had in my pockets (wallet and phone). Another time I went to the koban to report a hit-and-run and after I gave them the plate number of the car that hit me, they proceeded to scan my finger prints but didn't even make an effort to find that driver.

That said, not all the times I needed help from the cops was confronted with nonsense. The time I found a lady about to pass out on the street, we worked together on her while the ambulance arrived. Or the time i stopped a young Japanese guy from chocking his girlfriend in Shimokita station, they came directly to grab him and gave me "domo arigatou."

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Posted in: Do you think the closure of a bookstore or a newspaper's print version is a sad thing? See in context

A printed newspapers firm, I couldn't give a hoot. A bookstore on the other side. That'd make me very sad if it was to close. A Facebook album will never ever be able to replace a well and professionally made, printed wedding photo album. Same goes for snowboarding, ski, bikes, travel and Cosmopolitan magazines. Yes, I read Cosmopolitan ^_^

Not just magazines, tho. I have a Kindle with tons of e-books but I still love going to a good bookstore for language and cooking books, maps, calendars, stationary, story books for kids and lots of other stuff they sell at bookstores.

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Posted in: Man held for free train ride halfway across Japan for virus cash handout See in context

I don't get it. Why did he travel that far for the money, when the municipality would send the application form to your registered address? Maybe he went to check his previous address mailbox?

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Posted in: Tokyo likely to skip one-year Olympic countdown events See in context

I hope they do happen next year. I hope we can put all this behind and celebrate with the games.

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Posted in: Australian officials move to block Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney due to COVID-19 threat See in context

If anything positive that could come from the riots, it’s that COVID-19 is a farce, none of those rioters and looters practiced safe distancing and they’re all fine, so that’s the cure, let these people protest, they’ll all be fine our rioters and looters are.

Give it a week or two.

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Posted in: Australian officials move to block Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney due to COVID-19 threat See in context

Really, really bad timing to joining protests at the moment. Just saw a meme that reads "Everyone: Soooo, we're not doing Covid19 anymore?"

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Posted in: Unrest is spreading in many U.S. cities over police brutality. What can be done to ease tensions and improve law enforcement in multiracial communities? See in context

You could start by stopping the looting and vandalism. Followed by doing your "peaceful" protests in a way and somewhere that doesn't affect others. Like I don't know, maybe somewhere not the highway? And if indeed people need to use the highway for "peaceful" protest, then they could use a lane or two and give way to vehicles in other lanes. It's called live and let live. But nope. In 'murica it's all about me, me, me and screw anyone who's not me.

You could also opt to not going to the protests and staying home. Wonder what ever happened with that virus thing. Won't be surprised when the infections go to 3 million by the end of June.

You know racial profiling is pretty bad back there when a white cop arrests a doctor minding his own businesses at his home, simply because he's black. But then, in videos I've seen of people looting this week there are two or three white people. EVERYONE else looting are black people. They're making it really difficult not to racial profiling them.

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Posted in: No imminent plan for another state of emergency for Tokyo, Fukuoka: minister See in context

Let’s cut to the chase shall we. When can we go clubbing again?

Safely? Probably sometime on 2021.

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Posted in: S Korean lawmaker-elect denies wrongdoing over 'comfort women' funds See in context

Time to pay for all the hatred and damage this organizations have done. I can only hope the general Korean population can finally realize that these organizations and people protesting in front of the embassy "for the sex slaves," couldn't give two hoops about these women. They all have their secret agendas and interests.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor seeks to back anti-hate laws with criminal punishment See in context

Furthermore, 40% of respondents claimed they had experienced housing discrimination.

Back in March I was looking for a new apartment. From the seven places I was interested, four of them refused me when the real estate agent mentioned that the wife is this nationality and the husband is this other nationality. Didn't matter that we have jobs, speak Japanese and everything else was in order. And the fact that the real estate agent had to mention this every time was even more frustrating. Also last year when I was looking for a parking spot so I can buy my car, they said "our clients don't like foreigners, we can't help you" even though they haven't even seen any of my documents. Oh well, their loss.

So yeah, housing discrimination is real.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor seeks to back anti-hate laws with criminal punishment See in context

I got confused. The article starts with hate speech not eventually is talking about US bases in Japan.

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Posted in: Has the coronavirus made you rethink what's important in your life? See in context

No but 3/11 had already done that for me. Ever since I've been doing the most I could.

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Posted in: What do you think are some effective measures to deal with cyber-bullying? See in context

Set account to private and only have close friends in your account. Block and ignore d!¢ks.

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Posted in: Tokyo to reopen gyms in next phase of post-emergency road map See in context

Phases 1 and 2 in just one week. At this pace, phase 3 will be done in less than three full weeks. Just open everything already and go straight back to normal. What's the worst thing that could happen?

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for sexually molesting woman during examination See in context

Didn't he previously said that "she was his type" when questioned by the police back in March? Now he says they they were in a relationship.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for throwing concrete blocks from bridge onto expressway See in context

You never heard things like this happening before.

That's coz there wasn't any internet around.

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Posted in: 2 love hotels reprimanded for denying room to gay couple See in context

Slap them with a monetary fine. A reprimand won't work as well.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji to be closed to all climbers in summer due to pandemic See in context

The reason they're closing might be because the huts will be closed. Staying at the huts would be suicidal, specially for the workers. One infected person sleeping inside those tiny enclosed shelters would spread the virus like fire. And with no huts to take shelter in the middle of a lightning storm or extreme cold and wet conditions (I've being in both) would be extremely dangerous too. While this will hurt the local businesses in the mountain, I'd rather stay alive and come back next year.

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Posted in: Japan looks set to follow other nations with a coronavirus-induced rise in divorces See in context

Sounds like they all married the wrong person or simply weren't ready for marriage.

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