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Posted in: Russian triathlete is 1st DQ from Tokyo Olympics for doping See in context

Ha! But if course he has to be Russian.

Just ban Russia from the games if you wanna teach then a lesson.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

Racists are killing, Blacks, Latins, Asians, Indigenous and LGBTIQ people.. 

Where's that? Specifically, where are they killing homosexuals?

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

Common-sense-not-being-offended-by-everything lives matter.

Also, I stand with tooheysnew.

White heterosexual male lives matter !

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Posted in: 19-year-old suspect in murder of sex worker at hotel to be sent to family court See in context

He deserves life in prison . Sadly, he's still a "minor." "Unable to tell right from wrong." And will be walking walking among us in a few years and no one will know what he did because at the time the crime, he was a "minor."

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Posted in: Gov't to boost hospital capacity to treat more COVID patients See in context

Empty words from a politician.

Didn't do it during the several emergencies but now right before elections, they say the will. Ha!

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context

Because he might do something stupid like, climb over the balcony railing.

What if the parents (or single parent) are home taking a shower or cooking and the kid decides to do the same thing? Could still happen.

It's really sad what happened to this kid. But at 11 y/o kids are be able to do a few things by themselves. Like either walking alone or taking the train to school (and back home), playing outside with their friends or even staying home alone for some time.

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context

An 11 year old should not be at home alone.

Why not?

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Posted in: There has been no change even after the law to promote efforts to prevent school bullying was established in 2013 after my son's suicide. See in context

Doesn't matter how many laws are passed. Kids are mean and bullying will always be present. One thing people could do, is teaching kids and adults on how to deal with bullies and peer pressure.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 35 kgs of rice from supermarket See in context

Throw the entire book plus a few more kilograms at them.

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Posted in: Even though the way people work is diversifying, Japan's social welfare system still ties people to being company employees, and has not caught up with present-day realities. I think we need a safety net that can catch everyone in Japan, by doing things like making small business owners eligible for workers' accident and employment insurance. See in context

I paid 13 years into the unemployment insurance "benefi" until March 2019. At that time I became a "freelance" mountain guide and tsuyaku annai and then Covid hit exactly a year later. I gaman suru with a part-time job I got from mid 2020 till February 2021. Then in April 2021 I tried applying for three unemployment insurance coz I really needed it this time but I'm not eligible because say the time of applying, I haven't been working at the same place for more than a year. Even though I've paid 13 years into the system.

Oh and of course my taxes/nenkin/med insurance are the highest I've ever paid in the 15 years I've been in Japan. Going to the city hall didn't help much, even though my 2020 yearly income was the lowest before that year, and this year is even lower.

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Posted in: Farmer referred to prosecutors for killing protected crane See in context

Karma dictates the farmer will come back as an air gun pellet

If you're not vegan, karma dictates you come back as food stock.

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Posted in: Boosting middle class incomes a key policy for Kishida See in context

Get rid of the Haken sha-in system, punish black-kigyo accordingly and have them follow labor laws. Then he talk about boosting the middle class.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

Must be nice to pay low taxes. This year I'm making less than 2 hyaku man and my taxes (city tax, nenkin, med. insurance) are 34% of that less then 2 hyaku man income.

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Posted in: Japanese abductees' families urge Kishida to resolve issue with N Korea See in context

Can't resolve this. There's nothing a Japanese PM can do.

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Posted in: Japan's state of emergency lifted as COVID infections decline See in context

The government will continue for about a month to ask restaurants and other dining establishments to close by 8 p.m. but those taking sufficient anti-virus steps can operate until 9 p.m.

So... we're still in State of Emergency. Hooray... sigh.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing 3-year-old girl playing video game See in context

You either did the crime or did not. “I don't remember" equals "I'm guilty."

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested after body of newborn baby found in toilet at home See in context

until authorities take real decisions to prevent that?

It's impossible for authorities (or anyone else) to preventing these things from happening. You could have great sex education and still have teen pregnancies. As for the crimes, as long as there are humans in the planet, events like this will happen.

You can't always put all the hate on authorities and government and expect them to solve everything for you. That's not their job. It's everyone's job. For example, one person that could have done a better job to prevent this something was the teen's father. For nine months he didn't know his daughter was pregnant? Really?

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency nationwide See in context

OMG, yaaas! Finally, I can have some nihonshu. Yes, yes. I could get some at the supermarket or liquor store but I feel stupid drinking nihonshu at home.

Lifting of the emergency doesn't mean we are 100% free,”

Might be tough, tho, telling that to the regular Taro and Megumi san that need to told by the government we're still in the middle of a pandemic.

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

Ha! Yes! Almost complete control.

Heck! Sometimes I'm talking about something I've never searched before on the web and suddenly, I start getting ads or news article on my feed about that very specific topic. Proof that Facebook, Google and IG are listening.

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Posted in: China's Xi warns of 'grim' situation with Taiwan See in context

China is being more aggressive with Taiwan because it perceives (correctly) that the Biden administration is weak.

muricans trying to be relevant by explaining everything in the world revolves around their political views.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to his death from 9th floor balcony in Sapporo See in context

i’d be suing the apartment builder and local government building inspectorate for millions

make them change

It's impossible to put the blame on the architects of the building. Unless the windows are completely sealed, kids small can always find ways through.

The window is only 80cm high from the floor and the kid was 4 y/o, big enough to climb over a big TV on a stand.

Sad accident.

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Posted in: Woman arrested on 2nd charge of abandoning infant’s body at home 3 years ago See in context

Twice, people living with her didn't notice she was pregnant for nine freaking months? Seriously? And Japanese Asian women, for the most part, are skinnier so the baby bumps are very noticeable.

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Posted in: Women's entry in LDP leader race may not boost empowerment See in context

Dang. Koike really compared the going extinct dinosaurs and Japan to the Taliban? That's gotta hurt.

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Posted in: PM hopefuls seek summit with N Korea on abduction issue See in context

I mean NK must answer for the consequence, including lying then.

Maybe. They're already paying the price with tons of sanctions. And now going through famine, again.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn boy flushed down toilet See in context

Jail her and then deport her!

Why? What crime did she commit other than abandoning a body?

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested after leaving smartphone in girls changing room See in context

Man, I hate Soranews. Did it happen this year, 3 years ago? When and where?

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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn boy flushed down toilet See in context

Perhaps the media can wait a bit till authorities confirm the body was a stillborn or not? But nope. Sensationalism is the way to report stuff.

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Posted in: PM hopefuls seek summit with N Korea on abduction issue See in context

Trump's card (5 years ago): Let's build a wall.

Moon's card: Japan bad. Look what they did (about a century ago).

Every Japan's PM card: bring out the Yokotas

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Posted in: PM hopefuls seek summit with N Korea on abduction issue See in context

Hooray! It's that time of the year again, to get the abductees' families out and parade them all around town.

We need to create an environment for talks with North Korea by exchanging views with the United States, China, South Korea and Russia and making sure we are headed in the same direction," said Kono

Well, at least he didn't exactly say "let's make it "sexy." Though more likely the same meaning.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese dramas for studying Japanese See in context

Now I'm using the comments section in Mercari to learn Japanese. People are always so polite there. Probably not the most ordinary way to learn a language but I don't know. Works for me. This week I bought some items from ジモティ and the Japanese I learned from Mercari helped me a lot when interacting with the sellers.

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