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China is just pissed that America ignored them insofar as their fake claim to the islands that China made.

Fascinating that China calls America's move as hostile and yet they think they can just make some islands in the open sea and claim all the area around them as their own.

In any event I am not overly concerned because the last thing China wants is war, with anybody connected to the west and China is not nearly as advanced as many believe, while they know a bit one can safely assume that most of it was stolen from other counties.

An example that proves this is China's first passenger jet, sure some of it is home made but most of the important stuff is from America.

China better be careful because a little birdy in my head says that if push comes to shove a country like Russia would side with the west.

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Posted in: Japan shows off naval power as U.S. signals wider engagement in western Pacific See in context

Think of it another way, while its generally acknowledged that many a conservative will agree with putting money into our military its also fair to say that the majority of folks on the left do not support this.

Back in the great wars there was still a left and right and always will be, thing is, back then the left was not as rigid in their views as they are today, back then we worked together and won the good fight.

Freedom is the goal here people, all the other crap is a result of people having the choice to choose good or bad or right from wrong.

The way the world is today a country can not just simply choose to not be prepared because of some perceived moral superiority, especially if they are able to be.

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