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Posted in: New wave of price hikes, tax-related rule changes await Japan in October See in context

No mention that the ever popular (in my household at least) Happoshu will end up at the same price as the real thing.

Talk about taking a hit!!


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Posted in: U.S. exploring potential Space Force hotline with China, U.S. commander says See in context

To the dismay, dissatisfaction and disappointment of the American arms hawkers, war will not happen.

Thank you, "quercetum".

With that assurance I will sleep well tonight.


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Posted in: Russia's Black Sea Fleet commander among 34 killed in missile strike in Crimea, Ukraine claims See in context

If true it would seem that Ukrainian forces have very good intel.

If they knew who was in the building, they probably know who died.

This is a big contrast to the intelligence briefings that are taking place at the Kremlin.

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Posted in: U.S. exploring potential Space Force hotline with China, U.S. commander says See in context

The consequences of any major conflict extending into earth orbit are catastrophic.

Many satellites are dual use and could be used by militaries to communicate, surveil and control almost all types of land , sea and air based forces.

The destruction of even one surveillance/communication satellite would very quickly lead to an escalation of destruction by both sides.

Both combatants would seek to eliminate all of the satellites that could be used against them

The debris (both micro and macro) would spread across the stationary and orbiting satellite fields like ricocheting billiard balls , colliding and creating more debris.

Something like a runaway chain reaction.

In ground based warefare many munnitions like mines, unexploded artillery and cluster bombs remain after the conflict and take years or decades to clean up. ( IE, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia an quite a few African nations)

Space debis would be there for ever.

The satellite location fileds would be useless for ever.

A perimeter of debris could also mean that no spacecraft (manned or unmanned) could leave earth for ever.

This not a science fiction scenario, but a well researched and accepted conclusion.


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Posted in: 2 dead, 3 injured after steel beams fall at Tokyo construction site See in context

Re William Blake.

Why on earth was a simple verified statistic downthumbed?

Not convenient?


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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet; record-tying 5 women appointed ministers See in context

tapping a record-tying five women

Gotta love that bit of spin.


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Posted in: Japan broadcasters issue rare apologies for past silence over J-pop agency sex abuse See in context

Now that we know that every branch of the media (except a few brave magazines) decided not to report this huge story, I have a sneeky suspicion that their might be one or two other issues that they have chosen to avoid.

I could be mistaken though.


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Posted in: Australian lawmakers to urge release of Julian Assange during U.S. visit See in context

He posted names and other personal information putting sources and agents lives at risk. And dumb enough to think that was ok.

Big claim (and false) .

Back it up with a name or source that was at risk.

Assange posted the video of the illegal killing of a Reuters cameraman and people who came to aid him.

This a video that the Pentagon and the US government said did not exist.

Wasn't so hard for Chelsea Manning to find.


And that is why he must be punished.

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Posted in: Rented electric scooters vanish from Paris streets See in context

after voters overwhelmingly elected to remove them in an April referendum -- albeit on a tiny turnout of 7.5 percent.


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Posted in: 'It hurts my heart': Japan's Kanto massacre, 100 years on See in context

"We don't have enough evidence to pinpoint the blame for the first rumours on the state," Hasegawa said,

We don't have enough evidence, but we will go with that line anyway.


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Posted in: 3 U.S. Marines killed, 20 injured in an aircraft crash in Australia during a training exercise See in context

BertieWoosterToday 07:58 pm JST


The "widow maker!"


The true test of an aircraft's capability is its combat record. After the Pentagon fixed the problems that caused the crashes during development, the Osprey went into combat, where its record has proved to be remarkably safe. The Osprey has logged more than 100,000 flight hours in some of the most inhospitable conditions imaginable with a safety record that's actually considered the safest among Marine Corps rotorcraft.


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Posted in: Ohtani to keep playing, his future and impending free agency murky after elbow ligament injury See in context

should have done more and shown true LEADERSHIP and should not have allowed him to get to this point!

And Otani has NO SAY in this?

He could well have said, "I want to play."

A pretty focused guy by all accounts.

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Posted in: 'Golda' director Guy Nattiv seeks to soften, deepen memory of Golda Meir See in context

“Golda,” starring Helen Mirren: t

I have to say I have seen Helen Mirren look a little better.

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Posted in: Police seize 20 blades from home of suspects in Sapporo beheading See in context

This is a classic situation where the police leak dribbles of information/evidence to solidify their prosecution case.

Blade? As Mr Kipling says, we all probably have 20 "blades" laying around.


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Posted in: Hacker group attacks Japan nuclear websites over Fukushima water release plan See in context

Tritium is known to be less harmful than other radioactive materials, such as cesium and strontium.

Also much less harmful than many other substances that are released in much higher volumes all around the world that nobody seems to know or care about.

Not so, Mr Kipling.


That is why I am very careful about how much alcohol I drink.

Wouldn't want to pollute my brian (too much).


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Posted in: First test images from Euclid space telescope unveiled See in context

Numbers are a funny thing. We can write them down, but that doesn't mean we can visualize them.

I agree but.....

In the series "Cosmos", Carl Sagan stood on a beach with a hand full of sand.

He said, "There are 10,000 grains of sand in my hand. There are more stars in the universe than all of the sand on all of the beaches on Earth".

Pretty good effort at a visualization, don't you think?

RE: And 25 percent is believed to be dark matter, thought to bind the universe together and make up around 80 percent of its mass.

We can't see or detect 80% of the mass of the universe. WOW!!!!!


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Posted in: Japan protests to S Korea over military drill on disputed islands See in context

This is a case of Give a little. Receive a lot.

If Japan were to seed these islands to Korea it would cement a truer friendship between the two countries.

That is worth a lot!


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Posted in: South Korean market tests seafood to dispel Fukushima radiation fears See in context

This article raises more questions than it answers.

How on earth is a fishmonger in a fish market going to accurately test for radioactive contamination in the fish?

Oh. I see,. They have a PLAN "market officials pointed radiation detectors at fresh fish and seafood as they made random tests at 10 stalls,"

And if they happen to find contamination in locally caught seafood, what will the reaction be?


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Posted in: Putin, Xi to attend virtual summit hosted by India's Modi See in context

Belarus will sign a memorandum of obligations which will lead to its membership later.

One wonders what those obligations actually are?


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Posted in: Ohtani regains sole MLB home run lead in Angels' win over White Sox See in context

The catchers face says it all.

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Posted in: Putin vows to crush 'armed mutiny' after Wagner mercenaries seize southern Russian city See in context

A nation with nuclear weapons stationed all over the place.

A nation collapsing.

A nation with the most educated leaving.

A nation on the brink of civil war.

The Checkens are watching.

This is not a situation to smirk about.

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Posted in: Harley-Davidson to launch electric motorcycles in Japan around 2024 See in context

Harley Davidson were making their future plans to be an expansinon in the growing Chinese market.

They were a real status symbol there on par with Ferrari (don't laugh).

The Electric motorcycle was specifically designed (a bit smaller than usual with a fairly short range) for that market.

Then a guy with yellow hair became president, said a few things that the Chinese didn't like, passed an few laws and decrees that they Really didn't like ( removed privilege postage rates etc) and American stand out products became a big No No in China. Harley were THE BIG STAND OUT American product.

Sales went down the drain along with the Electric bike.

Only to be resuscitated later in Japan.

Best of Luck.

They will need it.


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Posted in: Japan to regulate smartphone app stores to end Apple-Google duopoly See in context

MatJune 17 07:31 am JST

Government has no place regulating private companies.

Yep. Before you know it they will want to regulate medicines, aircraft maintenance, bridge and infrastructure engineering quality and all sorts of other stuff that should be left to the good old reliable free market.

NO WAY!!!!!!


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Posted in: Japan seeks regional tourism shake-up as demand exposes staff shortages See in context

hospitality and food services industries were three times more concerned about staffing than manufacturing firms were.

And then.

wages in the hotel sector have fallen.

I think I might have stumbled across the cause of this little problem.

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Posted in: Bus carrying wedding guests in Australian wine region crashes, killing 10 and injuring 25 See in context

Yes, you are invited too, now come on, have also some nice sips of vintage wine on this exceptional wonderful day which is like a fairytale.

No quite with you Sven.

Are you saying that the passengers drank wine and caused the accident?

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Posted in: Japan's fertility rate drops for 7th straight year in 2022 See in context

The decrease is believed to have been exacerbated by people delaying having a child due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

NOTE: is believed to have been.

A definitive cause ( or causes) has not been established for the birthrate fall here in Japan.

It is a world wide trend in industrially developed countris and NO COUNTRY has managed to reverse this trend.

There might be indigenous cause here, but then again there might not be.

We just don't know why. Lots of guesses though.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils plan to tackle birthrate crisis See in context

Show me an industrially developed country that has solved the falling birth rate problem by increasing spending (on anything from free diapers, male maternity leave, free education etc).

Better still, just show me an industrially developed country that has solved the falling birth rate problem.

Immigration fills a void but it is not solving the falling birth rate problem.

We can't even find an across the board consensus on the cause of the problem.

Lots of opinions though.


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Posted in: Huge price hike for Japan Rail Pass triggers huge drop in foreign travelers who’ll buy it See in context

Re kurisupisuToday 06:53 pm JST

Japan is distant from almost any other country apart from China and Korea.

Getting here is expensive and time consuming and tiring

San Francisco to London. 10 hours 20 minutes 248, 300 yen return

San Francisco to Tokyo. 10 hours 45 min 180,00 yen return

London is 25 minutes closer but a LOT more expensive.

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Posted in: Man fatally shot in Tokyo coffee shop; one of 2 suspects turns himself in See in context

Hi Garypen

RE: There must be some kinda extra compensation, I would imagine.

Not the way it works.

It is very easy to borrow more than you can pay back from the wrong (front) company.

When you are debt to a mobster, you are the collateral , so you are his.

Women are sold into prostitution and men do what they are told. Or else.

And as the recent case of the fraudsters in the Philippines shows, it is not just the debtor, but the whole family is dragged in.

Go shoot the guy or else!

Err.. Ok

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Posted in: Japan eyes revamping tax-free shopping rule to stem illicit resales See in context

According to the Finance Ministry, it is usually difficult to collect the tax from such travelers because they often do not have the money to make the payment when they are departing the country.

Err... Credit card?

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