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Posted in: Plant-based meat alternatives are trying to exit culture wars – an impossible task? See in context

In some cases, conservatives have attached even more meaning to plant-based meat substitutes. Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson, for example, produced a documentary in 2022 featuring the Raw Egg Nationalist, a prominent far-right influencer, who said that Impossible, Beyond and other plant-based companies are part of a “soy globalist” conspiracy to criminalize meat consumption and weaken citizens through poisoned food. The Raw Egg Nationalist also wrote in 2022 that plant-based meat substitutes and eggs are “perverted” products pushed by elites to bring civilization to “the brink of madness.”

It is hard to argue with that (logic?).

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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

Some of the most vaxed in the world and they just keep on getting COVID.

Tora, the reason that they just keep getting COVID is that the vaccine does not prevent infection.

It reduces the fatality and severity of the symptoms.

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Posted in: Extreme climate hit Japan, elsewhere in Asia hard in 2023: U.N See in context

In waters around Japan, significant drops in the catches of saury and Japanese common squid, for example, have been observed lately, while the northward shift of yellowtail and Japanese Spanish mackerel has been observed.

This is true. However if you talk to a fisher up here (Sanruku coast) they will tell you that the places where the fish are caught is not a constant.

Every few years (10 or so) the currents and varying oceanic temperatures push the fish so far out that it is not economical for coastal fishers to go after them.

That being said the depth sounder on my boat read 30 degrees C this year for about 3 weeks.

If this is the new norm, it will mean that fuel costs will make it too expensive to catch so species and hopefully that will result in a rebound of stocks. I am trying to be positive about this, but...........


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Posted in: Quake-hit Noto businesses at risk of losing many foreign interns See in context

We often see claims that the "trainees" are cheap laborers.

Yes, there are many problems with underpayment, deductions and so on.

These problems are not restricted to just trainees or just Japan.

I would like to clarify the situation of the Indonesian and Burmese fishers working on the tuna boats in my area (Tohoku). This is concerning a research paper that I am doing. I have spoken to a dozen or more of these guys and I can speak Indonesian so they felt quite relaxed in telling me their situation. With the Burmese I spoke English.

Compared to situation in their home countries, they (100%) consider working in Japan to be very good.

The ships are much cleaner and much much safer. (with all safety equipment up to date and operational)

Their wages are good (in yen terms they receive the same as a Japanese would).

The food is very good and on many vessels there is an Indonesian cook who prepares halal dishes.

Their contracts (including insurance and time at sea) are strictly adhered to. Here the government agencies and local fisheries co-ops oversea the employment systems locally.

There is a reasonable system for lodging complaints , but the guys i spoke to had none. I suspect that they would keep quiet anyway to avoid being laid off.

If they complete a contract they are repatriated to their home countries and almost guaranteed employment with the employer paying the transport to and from Japan. In this case their are out of the clutches of an agent or money lender and are dealing directly with their employer.

Some of them worked in Japan before the Covid close down and suffered severe hardships in their own countries due to unemployment there.

None reported a serious injury on their vessel.

Non said that they had money troubles with their Japanese employers, however they all had problems with money lenders and even government officials (who wanted a cut) in their own countries.

All said that they will be back next season.


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Posted in: Quake-hit Noto businesses at risk of losing many foreign interns See in context

But some have also chosen to leave Japan because they could not get responses from their employers about when their operations would resume, she said.

How can they be expected to stay if they have no income?

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

Ah.... but someone is sure to take a photo of the black screen and post it.

Then every one will want to do that.

Can't win either way. LOL

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Posted in: Japan's moon lander wasn't built to survive a weekslong lunar night; it's still going after 3 See in context

RE: CaptDingleheimer

Why does it use such a crappy camera?

That so called crappy camera is operating under conditions that it was not designed for, i.e. Temperatures can fall to minus 170 degrees Celsius (minus 274 degrees Fahrenheit) during a lunar night, and rise to around 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit) during a lunar day.

Also "JAXA said on the social media platform X that SLIM's key functions are still working despite repeated harsh cycles of temperature changes. The agency said it plans to closely monitor the lander's deterioration."

Which would indicate that there is a lot to be learnt about equipment durability and functional range from this mission. Very far from being a failure, so thanks for the photos and all the effort JAXA.


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Posted in: Japanese 'sugar baby' gets 9 years for scamming men out of ¥155 mil See in context

Nine Years!!!!

The inconsistencies in sentences in Japan is staggering.

I am not condoning her crimes. but she was a nobody so they threw the book at her.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 7 missing after 2 MSDF helicopters crash in Pacific during night training See in context

Some information on the SH 60K helicopter.



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Posted in: 63 doctors, dentists sue Google for keeping reviews they say are unfair See in context

One big problem is the your competition ( and every one that they can round up) can post false negative reviews.

Just as you ( and every one that you can round up) can post false positive reviews.

And Google has no review of these reviews.

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Posted in: Clouds gather over Osaka World Expo See in context

hopes that Expo 2025 will unite the world

So, they will invite the Russians and Ukrainians, the Palestinians and Israelis, the Houthis and Saudis, the US Republicans and Democrats and so on.

Sounds like Woodstock.

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Posted in: Starbucks releases special sparkly tumbler in Japan to support diversity See in context

Make a buck anyway you see the chance, Starbucks!

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter negotiating guilty plea: New York Times See in context

Mizuhara sent "at least $4.5 million in wire transfers" from Ohtani's bank account to a bookmaker, according to ESPN.

A question.

If the money is stolen, is the bookie in possession of stolen goods and does he/she have to return said stolen goods?


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Posted in: 600 melons stolen from greenhouses before harvest in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Police are urging fruit growers to take stronger crime prevention measures, such as installing security cameras and lights that turn on when sensors detect intruders.

That, and as I have suggested before, Get a noisy dog!

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Posted in: Ohtani goes deep for 3rd time in 5 games and hits pair of doubles for Dodgers in 4-2 win over Twins See in context

Give the Twins three Ohtanis (worth $46 million/year in payroll) to even the sides, and then see who wins this matchup.

I imagine there a few teams out there that would love three Otainis.

Problem is............

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Posted in: Chinese sci-fi fans divided over Netflix's '3 Body Problem' See in context

Have just finished the book and I have to say that the things that made it interesting for me and familiar to Chinese readers are the locations, characters and character interactions.

I have only seen the trailer for the Netflix's series, but have to agree that "Westernizing" the story will surely take something away.

RE; Spearheaded by the team behind megahit series Game of Thrones, it transfers most of the action to the United Kingdom and changes the nationalities and genders of some of the key characters.

RE; "Many commenters questioned the motive behind the decision to keep the villain Chinese while the heroes are mostly played by Westerners."

RE; "For 3 Body devotees, though, the scene is key to understanding the motivations of the series' antagonist.

If this is the case, it would completely alter the tone of the book."

From the trailer I expect this to be another case where a well know "Tittle" is taken and turned into a ghost of the original.

Think, Will Smith's I Robot or the terrible Apple version of Asimov's Foundation Trilogy.

RE; Other fans have warmed to the faster and simpler plot, which they say makes the work more accessible and appealing to the general public.

I guess this mean dumbed down. Which is surprising because GOT was enthralling because of the complex, interwoven plot.

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Posted in: Happy ABBA-versary! Fans mark 50 years since 'Waterloo' took the world by storm See in context

Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Seems like a lot of JT folks can't

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Posted in: LDP questions ex-PM Mori behind scenes over political funds scandal See in context

If any Japanese politician can legitimately say, "I can't remember.", it is Mori.

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Posted in: TEPCO submits plan to load nuclear fuel in idled reactor See in context

wallaceToday 09:44 am JST

Japan will able to reduce it imports of oil.

Oil is not used for power generation except for a small amount in an emergency. Coal and gas.

Would it reduce the monthly bills of TEPCO customers?

Firing up the idle reactors will not reduce oil imports or monthly bills.

However, it will allow Japan wriggle room in dealing with Putin's Russia.

Daily, I drive past the Shiogama thermal plant. it is supplied with Russian gas that is piped down the west coast of Japan from Sakhalin. That pipeline supplies plants in Hokkaido, Tohoku and then branches off to Kansai.

If Vlad wants to he can make things very difficult or expensive for Japan, That is NOT GOOD.


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Posted in: 'Scolded' braless passenger wants meeting with Delta Air Lines boss See in context

But, the agent said, if she put a jacket over her t-shirt, she would be allowed to continue her journey.

She was given a choice.

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Posted in: 3 of 4 suspects charged in Russia concert hall attack admit guilt during court hearing See in context

Russian authorities arrested four suspected attackers on Saturday,

I am quite surprised that after such intense use of firepower during the attack the "alleged" perpetrators gave up with out a fight.

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Posted in: Global sea level has jumped due to El Nino and climate change: NASA See in context

yeah, i heard the same story for almost 10-20 years, and guess what, surprisingly nothing happen at all

So, Mark, you would have no qualms about buy a beachfront condo in Florida?


Go for it, mate. There are bargains to be had.

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Posted in: Japan’s exports rise nearly 8% in February on strong shipments of cars and machinery See in context

The photo looks like exports of used cars.

There are two older BMWs and a Volvo there too.

That is a large ship so I wonder where the destination is?

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

My guess is that the gambling site used AI to identify people who were (consistently) winning.

Then find some way to eliminate them, leaving only very moderate winners and losers with access to the site.


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Posted in: EU announces $8 billion aid package for Egypt as concerns mount over migration See in context

How come I don't see this type of assistance being offered by other players in the region?

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Posted in: Nissan, Honda to explore partnership in electric vehicles See in context

"Even though they were very fierce rivals historically, it makes more sense for Nissan to get together with a Japanese company like Honda, rather than having these cultural wars with an alliance partner like Renault" of France, he said.

Yep, Renault might have pulled Nissan out of the frying pan, but then dumped them into the fire.

Wonder what they will call the alliance, Honsan, Nisda,, Nisonda?

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

I can't find any information on this.

Simply, what is US Steel's position?

Is this a friendly acquisition?

The company, which is the world’s fourth largest steel producer, launched a website with supportive statements from Larry Summers, the former treasury secretary, and Pat Toomey, a Republican and former senator from Pennsylvania.


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Posted in: Japanese high court rules same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional See in context

ChibakunToday 08:18 pm JST

What benefits are they missing out on?

tax concessions.


property ownership.



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Posted in: Japanese high court rules same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional See in context

Japanese high court rules same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

Another court ruling that the government will simply ignore.

Along with the continual rulings that electoral boundaries (as they stand ) are unconstitutional.


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Posted in: Man arrested for pouring urine on pachinko machine in Sendai See in context


Sendai makes the news!!!!

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