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Posted in: Abe to attend Sochi Olympics despite boycott calls See in context

Shinzo Abe has some sketchy cronies, for sure--but Vladmir Putin ensures certain *extinction by deviating from the norm...for all the Russian people doing questionable things--it ain't North Korea. Or China. People use indoor plumbing and there's a healthy amount of dissent despite the regime.

Everybody wants to check out what obscene money can purchase, so for a few weeks things will be brisk.

Edward SnowBOARDen.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' pay tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli See in context

Yeah, even the discerning mothers of China know better than to...no they don't, because Disney stuff is more easier to counterfeit and copy than Ghibli films...depth, storytelling and imagination aren't strongsuits of most animations out there...most of it's garbage.

Miyazaki has set a towering standard that'll stand for generations in Japan and beyond.

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Posted in: Brazil acts to combat exorbitant World Cup prices See in context

...well, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!??...everybody* is stealing money left-and-right...the times are desperate and Brazil May never see another money-grab this lifetime again. Why not? If nobody visited (impossible) for WC then the luxury prostitutes and VIP lounges will be a short windfall for locals.

Sepp Blatter? Good-for-nothing poliTRICKcians calling for fair-pricing? Send them to China and see how they love tge summer samba there!!!...good luck finding a guitar you can tune--or anybody who can dance!!!

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Posted in: Retired cop kills moviegoer for texting in Florida theater See in context

...as Adam Carolla says, 'Florida or Germany?'....meanwhile, more Chinese 'netizens' are secretly watching AKB live DVDs and eyes a way to somehow connect gun control issues to their stupid, short selves.

The Yanks and their guns, nothing like the good ol' matinee to bust a cap' with a senile old John Wayne/Charles Bronson complex.

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Posted in: Abe to attend Sochi Olympics despite boycott calls See in context

...these mindless pro-Chinese trolls are just miffed because nobody in the human race really gives a....and calls for a boycott, of course, come from a similarly divided lobbies of LGBT communities.

Any good Japanese delegation, you know you're going to receive some decent, high quality omiyage--not just poor quality, bootleg DVDs...

Abe's quite a provocative guy, I think all the anonymous Chinese premier definitely fete his full head of hair and his towering 180cm figure. Yeah, Putin and him are gonna play some good golf!

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Posted in: China slams 'troublemaker' Abe after Africa visit See in context

...I have to stifle my laughter when 'long-established' and 'China' are used concurrently, when I speak to my contemporaries in Africa--it's obvious who they trust and prefer doing business with...if you want a good job*, honesty and quality you DON'T go with the Chinese.

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