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Gate Satoru comments

Posted in: Apple customers report devices crashing on iOS 9 update See in context

I'm surprised people still haven't learnt any lesson when installing a new iOS. When Apple released a new iOS software, always wait for the third or forth update. If you installed iOS 5.0, obviously this kind of problem will happen, but if you installed iOS 5.1.1, you will get a very stable iOS.

You have to be an Apple noob to install iOS 9.0 instead of waiting for 9.1 or 9.2.

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Posted in: Bangkok airport denies security slip for ex-police chief See in context

As a former exchange student in Thailand, I'll be honest about this. Thailand's carry-on security check point is weak and it hasn't improved. I accidental carried a USB inside my pocket. At the check-point, they saw a metal belt-bucket, and they assume the alarm goes off because of that. Very weak security in Thailand. It would appear that hasn't changed.

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Posted in: Rival Koreas united in anger at lack of Abe apology See in context

Where are the Zaitokukai when you need them?

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Posted in: Children become latest victims of Thai violence See in context

"I didn’t expect my kids to be brilliant. I just wanted them to be good people and to be able to get by in this society,” he added. "But this society, right now, is very cruel. Very, very cruel."

You can always consider moving to Japan. The society here might not be the best but I can assure there are no grenades here

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Posted in: Thai PM rejects protesters' demand to step down See in context

I used to be an exchange student in Thailand, and I never forget nor will I ever forgive them for banning me from returning to Japan with that Airport closed down thing.

Seeing this and comparing with Abe's issues, I have to say I'm proud to be Japanese and I'm proud of Japan.

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Posted in: Bieber brings cheer in typhoon-hit Philippines See in context

Bieber brings cheer in typhoon-hit Philippines. If he doesn't behave himself, he would bring boo to Philippines.

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Posted in: Abe depicted as Charlie Chaplin character in protest over state secret bill See in context

What is he trying to keep a secret? Pushing that bill so hard really makes me wonder. Just so you know, I can't trust a government that keep secrets from people.

One more thing, Thailand got a huge protesting problem because of one controversial bill. I really hope the same thing won't be happening because Abe is now walking on the same conflicting road.

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