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Posted in: Softbank Mobile's 'Oto-san' dog to release DVD See in context

Wow!:. What is happening to this world!? I think I should do something like, that, like make a diary of my day... then sell it. Awesome!:. NOT!

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Posted in: 17-yr-old girl held for threatening massacre in Internet message See in context

Joke?! Pure stupidity more like. I just dont know what this society (everyone) is doing to the younger generation that makes them so depressed, or think that they should "Joke". She should be prosecuted. Sutpid! Stupid! Stupid!

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Posted in: Ibaraki woman arrested for drowning 13-day-old son in bathtub See in context

Post partum depression is serious, as you can see from this case. My God! It is also sad; she probably wasn't informed about options of adoption and similar information. But it is still sad

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That is an awesome idea! I like it. First Class here in come!

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Posted in: Unsuspecting passenger returns cannabis after sniffer dog test botched at Narita See in context

142gms!! I think that this story is both funny and stupid. I absolutely agree with Eric USA states! "Hear Hear!"

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Posted in: U.S. parole board denies clemency for man condemned to die for killing Japanese student See in context

No sympathy for the murderer. Lethal injection is the way to go, I think. He admitted, and he dies. Justice at its best. Why isn't is always like this? >>Sigh<<

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