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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

I´m sixty... and I do walk pretty connected since i´m into stock buying and real time tickers n stats. I think you just develop and extra sense of your surroundings, and it works pretty well in 95% of the situations. I´d been crash by people walking even without any gadget in their hands. Is like saying that only drunk people get into car accidents.

Another idea that plays on my mind, shared by many travelers, is that if you start living in a dangerous city, you develop a sixth sense of the people and things surrounding you. Things happening on your back or sides make you react or at least keep your radar ON. Have you had this kind of experience and feeling?

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Posted in: Facebook shakes up engineering teams in mobile move See in context

The most awful thing is happening to Google and Facebook: they are pretty lazy! Not one of them is really trying to build a new OS and its own proper ecosystem as Apple did.. and they hace the economical and tech resources required for that, and more important: they can grab a gigantic crowdsourcing fanbase to do the work.

When Google "did" Android, they just took some patchwork from Linux and even Microsoft technologies (all manufacturers of Android phones pay Microsoft a royaly for its chunk of tech/ies on that OS). Facebook, having played the stock market with a smarter bank group, revived the tech bubble shadow, and went as a victim of its own creation, due to a poor minded CEO. Yes he did get tons of money, but almost destroyed FB.

NO, FB is playing a more important card for its survival: it has to come up with a phone or a phone technology, (hard or soft) that will cope with the almost billion users it has. If it does not, it wont be able to make the big turn at all.

Meantime, Microsoft, playing in all teams (including Apple where it put $ long time ago) is gaining energy, so it may become a big winner on all this Apple vs Samsung vs Google/Android thing.

Let' s play ball!!!!!!!

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Posted in: U.S. sues Apple, publishers over e-book prices See in context

This is the new APPLE, MORE gATES lIKE!

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Posted in: Apple out to kill widespread Macintosh virus See in context

It{ s a pity that Apple itself did not advise or tip the costumer base since they could send an automatoc messg as thery do w/upgrades! Apple is changing!

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Posted in: Dreams Come True singer Miwa Yoshida marries man almost 20 years younger See in context

She has giving so much hapiness to others, and I am quite happy to know she has someone again! Life is Great!

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Posted in: What's wrong with Japanese education? See in context

Wow! thanks to all! This discussion had us teachers awake last night... I linked this web page to a virtual educators group I belong, (with another hundred teachers from 3 continents) and this topic instantly became an all night subject.


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Posted in: Olympus promises to go after execs involved in covering up losses See in context

I bow to Mr Takayama Shuichi. The whole affair was so wrong on the hands of so many executives. World corruption data shows 80% of the people lives in corrupted countries. Those governament and private sector offcials never bow. That is the difference.

Mr Takayama does this not for himself, but for his family name (sons, cousins, father, granpas, grand grand grandpas) and also for the sake of a great company like Olympus that went abused. I´m an Olympus fan and hate those rotten guys, but Mr takayama is not one of them , as I see it. His apologize make us stronger and confident.

Life is for one generation. A good name stays forever.

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Posted in: Anime Festival See in context

To Mike Connor... here are some Perfect Cell cosplayers:

This in Paris: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAqMlDy00V0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hprWOGmDpUQ&feature=related

This in the US: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtH-Fm6HcbM&feature=related

This in Italy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKeXPgyLxxI&feature=related

You know.... DragonBZ is still in the air! even for all timers like me... he he!

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Posted in: Virus that hit embassy computers designed to send data to servers in China See in context

This happens only because (a)unprotected computers (b)smarter "penetrators" (c)kids having fun= they see the trees not just the forest. (d) bad security. During 2005, two under 15 kids and a 18 yrs old disrupted 400.000 computers in the US. (read: http://bit.ly/tgbrzL) and made us$58k. There was a Michael Calce who crashed yahoo, dell, ebay, amazon, etrade, CNN at 15. Last week kid found a way to have Ipads and Ipods use SIRI (The voice command bought by Apple from a military provider in the US).

Even the Pentagon, a victim, recruits and has contests to hire kids for national security. Read this FORBES article "Pentagon Seeks High School Hackers" : http://onforb.es/vinPA5 .

So please, do not say kids in any country are unable to do horrible thinks to your data. The question is... how can banks, gov ts and Web 2.0 still say online transactions are safe and tell your data is safe. Worse, If any interested party wants to destroy communications, steal data, etc... the world is a free way. Anytime a transgression happens, the state or company speakers (remember the Sony case?) say that a very complex and prepared gang did it.. and some times is just the mom n pop beloved kid while playing in his room. Just avoid having your real data on Facebook and the Net.... and do not buy online w/o being really careful.

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Posted in: Why do tourists continue to stay away from Japan, despite the fact that there are many places of interest far away from the crisis-affected areas? What should Japanese tourism officials do to promote See in context

Wounds take some time to heel... Japan will always be a nice place to visit, but we are not as stronger as nippon people on predicting a better time to come and the need for being a "social" instead of an "individual".

We love Japan... Cool Japan..... GAMBARE HIHON.... GAMBARE NIHON!

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